Official Character Bios: The Ancestors

Ancestors of the Walt House


【The First Generation】
Basil Walt
Age (Appearance): 30
Gender: Male

Ruffled brown hair.
Violet colored eyes.
A male that would give any onlooker the impression of a barbaric ruffian at but a single glance.

Occasionally the pelt of a beast he killed himself over his head.
Both his arms and legs were covered in metal protective gear.
A breast protector on his torso. Over that, he often draped a coat made of fur-like substance.

Weapon of Choice:
A large sword one might rather call an unrefined lump of iron.

With the feral mindset one would assume from his appearance, the father of the provincial Walt House. Of Knight Status.
Wishing to rise in status for the prospects of marriage to his first love, he realized that promotion was practically impossible as an Imperial Noble, and volunteered for the Pioneering Corps.
Cutting open the paths to cruel and savage lands, he is spoken of as the splendid progenitor of the House.
He hated our delicate protagonist, and rained jeers on him at the start.
He was as bad at thinking as his appearance might suggest, and lived on by instinct. For that sake, his son recognized the sharpness of his senses and intuitions, if nothing else.
His first love broken, he announced the Walt Family Precepts at a drinking bout to avoid further talks of marriage. The man alone was the only one oblivious to the fact that they were actually treated as real precepts henceforth.
Easily killing a land dragon through beheading, he was a strong man by nature.

Full Over: Raise all abilities from ten to twenty percent.
Limit Burst: Display abilities past a body’s physical limits. It also incorporates a healing factor.
Full Burst: Ability strengthening and healing several times over one’s innate abilities. Its downside being that to create such effects, it constantly stored Mana into itself. Its effect didn’t last for too long, either. The First could use it around once per month. Even Lyle needed a few weeks of rest in between uses at the start.

As the Head:
For both the Walt House, and provincial nobles in general, he is the individual that formed the base. His Skill also left an overly proficient strengthening force for leaders to come, so in that sense as well, he left the basis for their Skills.


Amanda Walt
Age: ???
Gender: Female

Her brown hair was tied to one side.
Her body was large, and she was a woman suitable for heroics on a battlefield.
Her standard expression was always quite severe, making others think she was in a constant state of anger.

She wore and changed through standard clothing of women of her time, but usually hung an apron from her waist down.

Weapon of Choice:
A Glaive.

A woman the Forxuz House found for the sake of Basil, who didn’t want to marry.
A woman of valor to an extent that even her husband feared, and the person who decided the direction of the Walt House.
Her place of origin was quite a cold one, perhaps. Regardless, whatever she made had quite a seasoned flavor.
Having cleared the Walt House’s bride-finding Precepts, she was quite a proficient one. The villagers respected her, referring to her as ‘Boss,’ and while her expression was in a constant state of severity, she showed quite a kind side to her son and grandson.
Hated their wives and mothers in law, though.

As a Wife:
If looked at from the side, their relationship was quite a gloomy one, but the couple themselves enjoyed it quite a bit.
Amanda believed the only one capable of taking a woman such as herself as a wife, was a man like Basil.
She became quite irritated whenever he brought up his first love.





【The Second Generation】
Crassel Walt
Age (Appearance): 30
Gender: Male

His long and gray hair was tied up behind.
He had piercing blue eyes, and his skin was healthily tanned.

He was often seen in the clothing of a hunter.

Weapon of Choice:
Bows, daggers, and the like.

Having inherited the land and title Basil Walt left behind, the Second Generation Head.
Relatively plain, and not talked about often. One of the reasons for his lack of known history was because Sleigh died in battle, and therefore, Max did not get to hear the specifics of what sort of man his grandfather was.
He had an eldest son called Dewey, but the child was killed by a monster on a rainy day. The monster in question was a rabbit with a horn adorning its head. This is one of the larger reasons the first three generations developed a considerable hatred for rabbits.
It wasn’t just his attire, the man himself was a hunter at heart. His bow was taken up due to its efficiency; though as a child, he first picked it up to protect his father’s back.

As the Head:
He organized the fields and village his predecessor let expand all over the place. He created an environment much easier to live in, but it took quite some time for anyone to actually realize that fact.
With a reliable plan in place, he comfortably left the territory to his son Sleigh.
But he was one more focused on physical labor, and not too good at reading between the political lines. Stubborn on his insistence of the bow’s practicality, he neglected the sword altogether. That obstinacy of his gave his son many a complaint about the elderly.
That aside, he was the man who built up the basis the Walt House used to expand and develop itself.

All: Lets others make use of your Skills.
Field: Lets any number of people in a designated area make use of your Skills.
Select: Avoids enemies, and allows your allies alone to use Skills. The reverse is also possible.

※While these are Skills to allow others Skill use, it allows one to know the placement of units as a byproduct of that. For that sake, it creates something like a sixth sense in a sphere around the body, eliminating any blind spots.
While its intended purpose is amazing, the side effect is relatively convenient as well.


Mynerinne Walt
Age: ???
Gender: Female

Deep green hair, straight and long.
The color of her eyes was also green, and they drooped a little.

Just as with Basil’s wife, she wore whatever was trendy at the time.
Though she did not wear an apron.

Weapon of Choice:
Metallic rings that expanded from fitting in the palm of one’s hand, to two hands width.
With her Skill, she could cause them to rotate at high speeds, and throw them at will.
They returned just fine.

Crassel’s wife.
When Crassel himself was distraught over having passed a proper marriageable age, the Forxuz House introduced her to him.
A woman who often got into petty arguments with Amanda over trifling things like the seasoning of food.
Possessing a Skill, she used a battle technique of expanding and rotating metallic disc projectiles. Because of that, the battles between her and her mother in law were usually settled based on how Amanda chose to close the distance between them.
While their battles, great enough to send any surrounding innocents flying, carried out time and again, the frequency decreased considerably after Dewey died.
She was a little stubborn, but she loved Crassel’s kindness. Like Amanda, she hated all wives and mothers in laws to marry in henceforth. It was said that when she made a trip back home, she was praised for having become considerably stronger after marrying into the Walt House; a fact she found mildly depressing.





【The Third Generation】
Sleigh Walt
Age (Appearance): 30
Gender: Male

He was a delicate-featured man with blonde hair that grew to his shoulders.

Unlike his grandparents and parents, he wore clothing appropriate for his status.
A robe that went to around his hips, and under that, a dress shirt, pants and boots.

Weapon of Choice:
A one-handed sword

The Third Generation who abided the Second’s plan to develop the territory,
and the first Walt to ever die in battle.
The Bahnseim Kingdom kept instigating war with surrounding countries, and the times were also rough ones, so he had to dispatch troops a number of times.
He was fundamentally care-free, longing not for battle, but for books.
But his thought process was more flexible than the First and Second Generation Heads, and he had a way of adlibbing his way through most things.

As the Head:
For the Walt House that had problems with its relations to neighboring territories, Sleigh was the first to stress socializing with other territories, and those he served under.
He smiled on a regular basis, but his skill with the sword was sharp, and he performed well on the battlefield.
The expanded territory, and surrounding relations. He lived through a time plagued by harsh war.
He was called the, ‘Righteous General’ who attacked the enemy army to save the young king of Bahnseim, but in all actuality, on top of punching that king into the distance, he used his Skill to give him nightmares at night. An individual leagues away from being called righteous.
The head whose story has been passed down the most, yet the individual’s actual self seems to have been lost in it.

Mind: A Skill close to hypnotism. It demands quite a bit of ability from the user. What it makes a target see is closer to suggestion than physical reproduction.
Control: A Skill to manipulate its target to your will.
Dream: A Skill to showcase illusions.


Passette Walt
Age: ???
Gender: Female

Brown, bob-cut hair.
The shape of her eyes quite standard.
Of pale skin, and blue eyes.

She wore dresses that were never too flashy.

Weapon of Choice:
Iron ball and chain.

Sleigh’s wife.
As Crassel searched her out, and proceeded talks for marriage, it was mostly an arranged marriage.
It was also a political marriage, but the couple got along favorably.
Originally, she wanted to have more boys after Max, who would later become the Fourth Generation Head, but with Sleigh’s succession and dispatches, and finally his death in battle, they had few children.
She didn’t hold the Bahnseimian royal line in very high regards.
After losing Sleigh, she put her efforts towards helping the Fourth. Relying on connections to assemble vassals, and other such acts.
She tried to support the Walt House once it climbed up to Baronhood as well, but always trying to carry on with her old ways, she got into fights with Max’s wife.
At the very end, she returned to the house she had lived in with Sleigh where she spent the rest of her days.
Things she hates: wives and mother-in-laws.





【The Fourth Generation】
Max Walt
Age (Appearance): 30
Gender: Male

Blue hair parted in a three to seven ratio. He wore garb that gave off a high-class feel, while remaining comfortable to the wearer. With glasses. He was quite tall.

Weapon of Choice:
Dual wielded daggers

The head of the Walt House promoted to Baron Status by the achievements of the Third Generation Head.
His favorite thing: savings.
Rising in power, he was the first Walt to set foot into the upper echelon of society. At the time, from Baronet to Baron… vassalled to vassaler, his reception from the surroundings, and his lack of know-how forced him to overcome a hellish period.
In the world to come, he received a high evaluation for his work in domestic affairs, but the truth was that if he didn’t do that, the Walt House likely would’ve collapsed, so he had no choice but to pour power into domestic matters.

As the Head:
With Bahnseim enjoying a break in war, came a period where leaders were focused on rule, and his lack of military badges complimented his image as a civil officer.
Of course, fitting of the Walt House, he was a reliable entity on the battlefield.
Because of the Walt House Precepts, his marriage was delayed, and the royal house kindly offered a bride to him.
The age difference between him and his wife put them close to father and child, yet still, he remained a hen-pecked husband.
The troubled man who formed the base for the Walt House beyond baronhood.

Speed: Stably raises you and your companion’s movement speed.
Up ‘n Down: Raises you and your comrades’ speed, while dropping the opponent’s.
Full Drive: Increases you and other comrades’ movement and thought processing speed by a large margin.


Bridget Walt
Age: ???
Gender: Female

She looked like a short, and lovable young girl.
With red hair tied into twin tails, and a white dress most of the time.
Forever flat.

Weapon of Choice:
Bracelets (Magic Amplifiers)

Max’s wife. She hailed of viscount imperial noble lineage, but of a fallen family. However, in regards to magic, she was still of viscount pedigree, with a considerable output.
The reason the royal line pushed her onto Max was due to a past grudge against her House. She was pushed onto the remote Walt House to remove a troublemaker. She hated the king of the time.

As a Wife:
Despite a difference in age, she got Max under her heels, bringing the Walt House up to be worthy of its baron status.
With her harsh personality, she was feared, but she was fundamentally sweet on her son Fredricks. The reason being he was an only child.
Originally, the plan was to give him some siblings once Fredricks had matured. At the time, she was busy with building the Walt House’s base, and she had not the time to raise another child. But meeting an attack from the surroundings that feared the enlarged Walt House, she suffered an injury that prevented her from birthing children henceforth.
With her drawback, she considered suggesting mistresses to Max, but instead said he was, ‘already too old, so he doesn’t need another lover’. The couple got along quite well after that one.





【The Fifth Generation】
Fredricks Walt
Age (Appearance): 30
Gender: Male

Of small build, he kept his green hair tied up behind.
With eyes half open, he took quite an uninterested attitude towards any and everything.
Taking much after his mother, he was quite finely featured.

With a rise in status, he wore suits and garments that gave off a high-class feel to them.

Weapon of Choice:
A galiant blade (TL: whip sword, snake sword, call it what you will).

Fifth Generation head of the provincial noble Walt House.
Adding to his wife, he had four mistresses, and his children surpassed thirty. Because of that, he was often looked upon as the most lustful of the Walt House.
As he didn’t have many achievements on an internal or military front, he had a universally low evaluation. An evaluation that came from the Fourth excelling in domestic affairs, and the Sixth excelling in military exploits.
The Third dying in battle, leaving the Fourth the only heir, and yet again he was an only child. Even if he weren’t a feudal lord, he had inherited a state of affairs quite harsh for the family.
As a last-ditch resort, he resigned himself to rid the family of a complicated power struggle as he surrounded himself with mistresses and mass-produced children like chess pieces.
For that sake, he always thought of himself as, ‘less than the beasts,’ and continued taking a distanced attitude to his children.

As the Head:
Attacked by lords of the same country of Bahnseim, his countermeasures were severe, and his relations with surrounding feudal lords was the absolute worst.
It was the Fifth who continued fighting the knights and soldiers of other houses dressed as bandits, and real bandits as well.
Unconsciously wishing for a loving household like the one his parents raised him in, he reached out for cute animals.

Map: Lets you take in and see the surrounding terrain as a map.
Dimension: Lets you perceive the surroundings as a three-dimensional map.
Map Model: Lets you see a wide range as a real-time map.


Chloe Walt
Age: ???
Gender: Female

A brown bob-cut that extended to her shoulders.
Her eyes drooped, and she had kind-looking features.
She was slender, but of high stature.

Weapon of Choice:

Fredricks’ arranged marriage partner.
They had met a number of times, and had known of each other from an early age. Not hailing from a land near the Walt House, she was a daughter of a territory to the far east.
She got to know the Walts through Bridget’s connections at the capital, and accepted the talks for marriage.

As a Wife:
She knew why Fredricks took on mistresses and distanced himself from his children. Because she knew, she decided to take on most of the problems within the household, getting the other four mistresses to obey her through pure ability.
Busy with numerous matters, she regretted how she erred in the education of her eldest son Fiennes.
Chloe’s final daughter was Milleia.





【The Sixth Generation】
Fiennes Walt
Age (Appearance): 30
Gender: Male

A wild-looking red-haired man with all his hair swept back.
His hair flows straight into his beard like a lion’s mane.
His well-muscled build was the largest among the heads of history

Weapon of Choice:

The Sixth Head of the Walt House.
With his courageous nature, he contributed greatly to expanding Walt Territory.
His inheritance of the groundwork laid down by the Fifth Generation played a large role, but the man had a wit to him that allowed him to safely expand the territory’s scale and greatly lift up his status.
At a young age, he rebelled against his father and ran away from home, but returning later, he chose the path of a feudal lord for himself.

As the Head:
While he performed magnificently in managing his land and in war, his household situation was terrible.
Just because Fredricks kept mistresses, he came under the impression he had to as well, inviting them in without a word to his wife, and laying the field for much carnage.
There were times he rushed to the battlefield just because he didn’t want to go home.
When it came to taking on and taking prisoner the heroes of foreign lands, his achievements were the greatest in the nation’s history.
In the Jewel, he was something of an older brother to Lyle.
He doted on Milleia, his younger sister born to the same mother.

Search: A skill used to find the location of enemies.
Spec: A skill that allows one to obtain further information on the enemies and traps located by Search.
Real Spec: A skill to gain detailed information on the present state of an enemy or trap that updates in real time.


Daisy Walt
Age: ???
Gender: Female

A noble madam of blond hair and blue eyes.
Her hair was straight and long. Her eyes gently drooped.
The impression she gave off was that of a truly gentle elder sister.

Weapon of Choice:

The well-to-do daughter of an imperial noble.
The pitiful wife who married for love under Fiennes’ passionate proposal, only to fly into a rage when the man brought in mistresses soon after their marriage.
Not only was her idealized married life shattered into pieces, the two mistresses held equal rank to her, and they wouldn’t afford her a moment of rest.
Her attitude towards Fiennes took a radical turn.
In her arguments with Fiennes, there were times she would bring in a sword, chasing him around with a true intent to skewer him.

As a Wife:
It never came to bloodshed.
Either the Sixth would barely manage to make it out by the skin of his teeth, or the Fifth would follow through for him.
An individual whose love was said to be heavy.
However, if she was alone, there was a high probability she would have properly supported Fiennes and become a splendid wife.
With her skill, she could produce snakes of black flame, and easily driven to madness by jealousy, she was a woman who left many a problem and burn mark behind.

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      First Generation (;゜Д゜) : “T-that’s look… not happening, I think? It’s not, right?”
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      Third Generation :(;゛゜’ω゜’) “Stahp! … Stop…”
      Fourth Generation AWA((゜゜дд゜゜ ))WAWA!! : “Aha, ahahahah!”
      Fifth Generation (;゜д゜) : “Oy, stop it, you fools!”
      Sixth Generation (;><) : “I-I’m not scared or anything!”
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    Hmmm… So crassel’s wife used weapon chakrams… I honestly didn’t expect that.


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    Seriously why did no one learn from the hell their father went through and pick someone docile
    Note the fifth does not even begin to count their is something broken in that guys head


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      Lyle: “What do you do if your wife comes to you fidgeting with a reddened face, you ask?”

      “Well isn’t that obvious!? You run the hell away! If that doesn’t work, then you pray for a brighter tomorrow! Use kids or work as an excuse to refuse that woman! Listen here, I only have one day of rest. One f*cking day…”

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