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TL: I’m open to innovative translation ideas for Magic Tools and Magic Stones. They’re terms commonly found in games, and translated to different things in English, i.e. Magic Stones is the kanji translated to FF’s magicite, and Magic Items is what translates to DmC’s Devil Arms. What I’ve used is simply the literal translations, and those are a mouthful. Rare metal as well.


The Bahnseim Kingdom

The country that rose to replace the 【Sentras Kingdom】 that once dominated the continent.
After Sentras’ fall, the land was split into a flood of new smaller countries.
Bahnseim expanded itself through invading surrounding countries, and it is currently the largest country at the heart of the continent.
The capital city of Bahnseim is 【Centralle】.


The Walt House

A provincial noble house residing in the Bahnseim Kingdom: the country in the very center of the continent.
Located in Bahnseim’s south-eastern remote regions, it began its development roughly two hundred and fifty years before the start of Sevens.
A proficient household that rose from knight to count status within eight generations.
It has its own peculiar prerequisites for finding brides for the House.
As lords over land, their Weihs territory is quite vast, and their influence is quite a high one within the country. They excel in military might, and their personal army is said to be the strongest force in the Bahnseim Kingdom.



A Bahnseimian town stationed to the east of Centralle.
It is governed by the Rodornia Baron House, and is the province closest to Centralle.
It used to be an important point for communication, but with the construction of a number of new roads, that trend has fallen to decline.
With an inheriting of leadership, the town’s political objectives have undergone a complete change, giving birth to a more lively settlement.
It is generous towards adventurers, and a town many new ones hold in high esteem.
On the other hand, it’s a town adventurers of higher rank usually find to be quite unsatisfying.



A peculiar city known as the City of Scholars.
It was not originally affiliated with Bahnseim, but it has surrendered to their rule. As a unique region, there is no presiding feudal lord.
An organization called the Academy holds authority, and it is there that the objectives of the city are decided.
It is a region enriched with libraries and lessons, so students and adventurers hoping to gain knowledge often frequent it. But there is a strong trend for those adventurers to be looked down upon. The Guild present in the city is treated as a sub-organization of the Academy.


Adventurer Guild

A guild that manages the energy resource known as Magic Stones.
The reason it is known as the Adventurer Guild is because it also manages the ones who carry out collection of these stones; Adventurers.
A branch exists in all lands, but that isn’t to say it’s a massive organization.
Most existing Guilds function independently, and they only share a common means of operation.
It is for that reason that each branch appears to display its own characteristics.
Requests are also issued by town, and each one has its own share of peculiar requests. Dalien usually puts up recruitment ads for city expansion and construction, Arumsaas to help the academy collect precious reagents… etc.
In general, Adventurers are ruffians, and those who can’t find their place in society. Of course, youngsters who leave their villages just to become them, and other such people exist, even in a continent where kings and nobles hold authority.
The home of those sorts is usually seen as the free city of Beim.


Magic Stones

Stones that can be extracted from the insides of monsters.
They are red in color, and craftsmen can throw them into hearths to create thermal energy. They can also be used as ingredients in the production of Magic Tools.
At present, there are Magic Tools powered by Magic Stones coming onto the market, so their importance is on the rise.



An enemy of humankind that seems to appear from nothing.
There are many different types, but what sets them apart from normal lifeforms is the presence of Magic Stones in their bodies.
Strangely enough, they can live on for long periods while barely consuming any food.



Existing in various places, they are strange dimensions that are made up of winding, maze-like passages.
They are the den of monsters, and they exist in multiple floors.
The contents of treasure found in them is said to come from the humans that were lured in, and became food for the Labyrinth. If one dies within it, their body will be devoured by its walls.
It occasionally throws up the equipment of dead adventurers. In the deepest room of the deepest floor, there exists a treasure known as Rare Metal.
While they all come about similarly, each Labyrinth can take a variety of forms. Sometimes monsters that lord over a whole floor are present, and sometime, there is only such a beast in its innermost chamber.  The sorts of monsters that come out, and the treasures that can be excavated also differ.
If you leave it alone long enough, a Labyrinth will spit up a large mass of monsters, and disappear entirely.
Similarly, if one takes out the treasure in the deepest chamber, the Labyrinth will be cleared, and it will return to being the site it was before.
If one is entered moderately, and the monsters are defeated in moderation, a Labyrinth will not run out of control. Because of that, there are numerous cities that have taken to managing them, and reaping huge profits off that enterprise. If such a town fails, the expanded labyrinth may spit up tens of hundreds of thousands of monsters to the outside world. It’s not an easy task to manage them.
When outside a Labyrinth, monsters generally try to attack places numerous in humans.
Cities seen as representatives of Labyrinth management are Beim, and Arumsaas.
Beim’s Labyrinth in particular is said to have exceeded one hundred floors in depth.



Skills are special abilities that manifest, one per person.
They mainly demonstrate things such as body strengthening, magic strengthening, the ability to see places far away, and other abilities in an analogous structure to what can be accomplished through magic.
To create a Skill, the body must adapt itself to the resultant ability. Because of that, once a Skill had come to be, another one will never form.
They are usually divided into Vanguard, Rearguard, and Support.
Vanguard Skills are active ones specialized for use in battle, and Rearguard are usually magics that work at a distance. Support Skills are good for passively aiding the function of a whole.


Jewel / Gem

An item to record the Skills of its wielder; a type of Magic Tool.
Unless the wielder has it as they manifest the Third Stage of their Skill, nothing will be recorded. Even if it is, what’s recorded is only the first stage. To use the remaining two, one must know how it works, its names, and other such requirements.
There were a number of houses that passed these Skill records down through the ages, but their usage instantly fell into a decline before the convenience of Magic Tools.
The scarcity of individuals to ever reach the Third Stage in their lives is another reason for this decline. In those cases, it was largely pointless for such a tool to be passed down at all.
The reason the Walt House’s blue gem continued changing hands was because all the Skills it recorded were highly convenient ones, and because when Magic Tools first entered the stage, the gem was still the easier of the two to use. The fact that every single House Head to hold it awoke to the Third Stage of their Skills is quite a rare case indeed.

A Jewel is the completed form of a gem.
What’s recorded is not just the Skills, but the wielders themselves. Due to that, it becomes possible for old wielders to teach new ones their Skills. But due to the fact that the wills of these wielders is also put to record, it isn’t so easy to learn what it holds within. It sucks the Mana of its owner, and it can become quite troublesome if its past users were of the talkative sort.
As Lyle Walt once phrased it: ‘a Cursed Artifact’.


Magic Tool

An item made from rare metal: a magic-emitting compound that can be found at the basis of Labyrinths.
Weapons, armor and accessories are the norm, but Guild Cards are yet another form of Magic Tool.
Magic Tools have Skills engraved into them, and use the Mana of their wielder as a medium to actualize those Skills in reality.
But the Skills they are able to reproduce at present are limited, and the technology to create Magic Tools able to display effects on par to a Third Stage Skill has yet to be developed.
It’s often that standard body enhancements, or damage output elevations, or defensive Skills are engraved onto them.
While they are certainly convenient, the art of carving Skills onto rare metal is a difficult one indeed. That is why the price of buying one is in another dimension from what you’d expect to pay for a normal weapon.
Having a Magic Tool can even be seen as a sort of status symbol.


Coupled Carriage

A system made of several carriages connected to each other, and pulled by six to eight horses.
While they make it possible to transport large amounts of travelers and goods, they require well-maintained roads, and magic tools for the horses. And of course, the carriages to guarantee a comfortable ride… add on the guards to that, and the cost handed down to the consumer comes out as quite a hefty fee.
But as it shortens the required time, and promises safety, there are quite a number of customers who use the service.

7 Responses to Sevens Setting

  1. Coupled Carriage sounds like a system of railless cars of a train. Engineers and SF writers speculate that it can be in use in post apocalypse setting if people remember the knowhow, since it require good roads, and some sort of standardized carriages. Rail road would certainly be great to have, but normal modern-level good road is enough.

    Although the horses probbably stronger than modern Earth horses.


  2. question… i know that this page is like, settings for the story, but is there possible a more elaborated page that also tells about the monsters, special monsters and stuff which they encountered in the story?
    for example, something that tells about tressy, or more about dungeons.


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