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Art by Gahoku, I take no claim

Art by Gahoku, I take no claim

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1,639 Responses to Inlitify Home

  1. Hey. Thanks. Hope you’re breathin’.

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    • Oh geez, looking at that post now, I hope it wasn’t misinterpreted as offensive!

      I meant be all low-key in saying that I truly appreciate all the work you’ve done in the past, and even if you don’t end up translating stuff again, I know that you have a fanbase for you yourself out of our gratitude because I see people posting about you or your work periodically (for example in the comment section of the really hilarious novel within the past month and mentioning your blogging name in a different chapter), and so letting us know you are alive (but not translating) would be good if you could do that periodically for us fans be-a-cu-ase we fans fan-love your breathin’ you.

      Keep at the breathin’, please!

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      • Oh geez oh geez, my eye completely skimmed past the Recent Updates link on your home page all the way to the Comment section. On my cell phone, your home page has an image followed by two columns, and the top of each column is the title of a novel, so my prefrontal cortex assumed that the entire list was simply links to individual novels and allowed my eyes to blur for a minute or something.

        But I didn’t even notice THAT until I’d started typing the first version of this reply, which mentioned my other d’oh discovery that the Project link in your menu leads to a page of updates, I suddenly wondered what the heck was on your home page anyway if the updates weren’t there as I’ve seen on many other sites.

        So, um, d’oh, and I’m leaving the flattery up anyway. Glad to see you were breathing as recently as just under a fortnight ago!


  2. Pels says:

    heyy, the featured picture is from “Shield hero” right?
    nice art btw

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  3. HandsomeJack says:

    Would you pick up Ascendance of a Bookworm?


  4. namelessguy301 says:

    can you pick Absolute Duo ? its been more to years since the last update on that light novel


  5. Exia237 says:

    Why only 1 banner in your website that normal?


  6. Legion says:

    Have u been watching Shield bro adaptation?


      • Crow says:

        what do you think of it so far? of course its ” only ” a Anime, but I think it really sad that they left out the Spirit in the beginning which leads him to Rapthalia, but still all early episodes have really sadden me and brought memories back when you were translating it… such a wonderful and sad Novel


  7. Exia237 says:

    Yoraikun, would you like to translate this novel?


    • Yoraikun says:

      I currently have an ongoing project, but is it good?


      • Exia237 says:

        i think this novel enjoyable
        MC not OP from start, but gradually getting stronger
        also MC have mental disease(like always sacrifice himself) and his harem members have headache about it
        characters beside MC are likeable and not trash

        maybe u can try reading few chapters, but i think u should translate this


  8. wi dzi says:

    Any plans of translating spearbro? Really appreciate the shieldbro translations though.


  9. DarknessWolf says:


  10. webside7 says:

    are you ever gonna finish shield hero side story


  11. gtnz ajr says:

    Can you pick up Light novel series called Tsuyokute New saga ?


  12. Mio says:

    Regarding Shield Hero, there are blank pages where the chapters should be a few chapters before 190. Namely, the ones by Reyak which have no content whatsoever.


  13. gtnz ajr says:

    can you pick up this novel


  14. rayquest64 says:

    Yo yoraikun. I don’t comment often but I just wanted to thank you. I know it’s kinda weird but your my favor translator. Been reading your stuff since shield bro even when all the others slowly died out you kept the faith. Take care of yourself. Oh and thanks for the Lazy King it’s one of my favors of all time … read the whole thing three times. From over here … be easy.


  15. maidmaidmaid says:

    Can you consider picking this up :


  16. abyssumirent says:

    Man you are doing a great job of picking up these cool but old novels i have a recommendation for trinity blodd great novel but sadly official translation was never finished i fear that i will die without seeing the end so will would be awesome if someone like you could pick up the mantle


  17. tota says:

    Hi. Love your work. We are your loyal fans so please if you can let us know you’re ok and/or need a break. Nothing but bad feelings pop up when our TL gods go silent.


  18. otaku3112 says:

    Even tho I immensely enjoyed all the short stories TLed on this site, I hv remiss in my showing my gratefulness. Thank u, Yoraikun 4 all the wonderful shorts… gems, all of them.

    From a grateful reader.

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  19. SaMu says:

    Sir. I would like to say that your translations have given me many many hours of joy and laughter, sometimes feels and fluffies too. I hope that you are doing well and that life is treating you better than it usually would. God bless you, always


  20. DarknessWolf says:

    Need more music i guess.


  21. Baranok says:

    You doing alright Yorai?


  22. Ashwani Ahlawat says:



  23. cropathfinder says:

    any chance you guys will take up “me , her and balistic weapons (antique)” again? Since AH did maybe 3 chapters poorly and abandoned it


  24. DarknessWolf says:

    A good manga to read i guess.
    Doubutsu no Kuni


  25. DarknessWolf says:


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