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Art by Gahoku, I take no claim

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1,686 Responses to Inlitify Home

  1. exd890 says:

    Hello yoraikun just doing a visit down my memory lane since I was re-reading Sevens LN translation of Bakapervert and decided to see if you are still translating. anyways good luck and have fun wherever you are doing right now!

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  2. myuu7 says:

    man. it’s been so long. how is everyone?

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  3. kronogames01 says:

    @raikun56 I attempted (many times) to make changes to one of the chapters ( but my phone was automatically converting some white space characters and breaking things.

    I reverted the changes but left a note about what I tried to change in the last revision before I reverted to the final revision you published. The changes are small so maybe it’s not worth your time revisiting if you are busy.


    • kronogames01 says:

      Pretty sure #nbsp or whatever it was showing are non breaking soaces and apparently my phone wants to convert them to spaces. I believe you used these to add space between some lines because other additional whitespace is automatically trimmed by WordPress.

      I may have messed up other chapters containing these whitespace characters unintentionally (hopefully not…) sorry. I will be more careful as i continue.


  4. kronogames01 says:

    Not sure if you have considered adding dark mode to this site but I found a link that explains how you can add it. Here is the link if you are interested.


  5. Diogenes says:

    I’m not sure if you unsubscribed this site from your email listing or used a different email that you abandoned so I’m not sure you’ll even see this. However, I wanted to say thank you.

    I remember reading your translations of shield hero when I was a freshman in high school. Now, I’m a graduating senior at college and reading your almost daily translations on my commute to school are some of my fondest memories. You were a part of my adolescence with translating series like Sevens, Lazy King, and Dragoon. Your tastes were impeccable. You and the other translators you worked with brought me into the web novel/ light novel world and got me to sites like Skythewood, Sousetsuka, Rainbowturtle, and so many more. Once again, thank you and I’m sorry it ended this way. I hope you’re doing alright.

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  6. Sebastian Dzallias (@dzallias) says:

    Hi man, I just wanted to drop by and say thank you for your work translating Sevens. Back in my early high school days, it was one of the few things that I truly enjoyed, and I still appreciate it to this day.

    By the way, how are you doing these days? Are you still translating light novels?


  7. gandalf8 says:

    Just saw the announcement that J-Novel Club is releasing the official EN translation for the Sevens (or Seventh) light novels. Thanks to your translation for the webnovel, I was introduced to one of my favourite webnovel series, so I’m just absolutely delighted that I’ll finally be able to read the light novel versions and support the official release. I’ve been wishing for an official translation for the LN’s for years, and was hoping for J-Novel club to pick this one as this series seems right up their alley, and I’m so glad its finally coming true.

    I’d given up hope for it to ever get picked up officially, but probably the popularity of Mishima sensei’s other series, “Trapped in a Dating Sim: The World of Otome Games is Tough for Mobs” may have helped in this regard (especially after its relatively good anime adaptation), so I’m very happy right now. I’ll probably do a re-read of the webnovels with your translations in preparation for the LN releases, especially since I’ve heard the LN’s added some new stuff and new characters into the story. Hopefully this series can finally get more attention from more people, and I’d absolutely love it if it one day leads to it getting an anime adaptation also.

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  8. Ye old shieldbro fan says:

    I wonder what happen to yoraikun, no other translator can match him in quality and upload time. Good old times.


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