Name : Yoraikun 163.1 Beta
Race : Renho
Gender : Male (Most Likely Straight)
Titles: Worse than Garbage | Translator | White Demon | Translation Whore
Current Projects : O-Ri-Ga-Mi, Battlefield: Masurawo

Hello. I translate stuff.

You can bring up projects you want me to pick up, but honestly, and let me be real here, I’ve probably read whatever you’re trying to suggest already. There’s also the fact that most series recommended already have active translators, and they’re brought to be because someone’s unsatisfied with the progress. That is not one of the situations where I will take up a project or anything.

There’s also that, you know. That. They desire to take up a project and complete it on your own. It gives quite a feeling of satisfaction. There are plenty of great novels out there that no one knows about overseas, so sending them across is quite a good feel.

If you want to make an image for the header, or front page of this website, then I will likely put it up if it is passable by my biased aesthetic sense.


404 Responses to About

  1. Maria Ger says:

    Just dropped to say Happy Valentine’s day Yorai-Kun, thanks for the hard work translating stuff! ^_^

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  2. Lily White says:

    Hello Yoraikun,

    Thank you very much for translating all those web novel. I am wondering do you have any interest in translate either of these two web novel:




    • Yoraikun says:

      Could you tell me what you like about each? I’ve read the authors’ synopsis.


      • Lily White says:

        As for the first one “その無限の先へ” this web novel interest me the most is that authors’ synopsis make it look like tragedy type of web novel, but it is more of a comedy web novel. Main character go to the dungeon because he want to become a adventure to have a better life. The part I like the most is the weird people that he meet and join him. There lot of weird people in this novel like gender bender, three panda, a masochist, crazy scientist, etc. As the story go along the more weird people main character meet.

        “棺の魔王” is more of a dark fantasy type web novel. I think lately there have too much those overpower harem type web novel. This novel setting is more of medieval European fantasy. In this world the hero use the power he had in the wrong way. The development of the story is interesting and the characters design is pretty good too.

        I think the way I share my opinion are done poorly. It is better you go read it by yourself to decide.

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  3. Wobwob says:

    I really enjoyed TNY, thank you so much throughout my journey of reading. It was my first ever WN, and you made it great, thank you once again ;).


  4. destinytranslaions says:

    Dear Mr Yorai, i wish to have a private conversation with you as I wish to seek some advice on hosting a wordpress for translating web novels if you would willing to instruct me. My contact email is flare8217@gmail.com


  5. udin-san says:

    Just dropped by to say thank you for the translations!



  6. Smellymayo says:

    Had a question about the second on the might pick up list,
    “When I tried Being a ‘Hypocrite’ for real, Alot of People thanked me, I ended up Dissolving a Giant Criminal Organization, and Before I Knew it, I had Saved Seven Billion Lives.” Tried looking up a synopsis online and couldn’t find anything. Could you write a synopsis or a link to one?


  7. alexlguna says:

    I would like to ask if I could translate your work into Spanish, honestly I liked the novel and also although I read it with the help of the automatic translator I felt the effort and work with which it was translated, and I would like to share this great novel with other people , This would be the first translation I made and I would like you to let me work, here is my site, it is small but it will grow over time.
    Page: https://http6217.wordpress.com
    Email: jhonalex010304@gmail.com


    • Yoraikun says:

      Yes, feel free. I don’t mind if anyone uses my work to translate to another language, but do mind that I don’t actually have permission from the original translator, so my permission doesn’t do much in itself.


  8. Kiriko says:

    Hey Yoracchi! You probably don’t remember me, but I used to work on KnW. Since NetBlazer’s paid domain site went down, two of the chapters you TLed, 168 and 174, also disappeared. I’ve been getting a decent number of comments from people wanting to reread the series, so I decided to just repost the two chapters on my blog if it’s alright with you. Just wanted to give you a heads up.


  9. Leonard says:

    The new gate manga,i really love it but its so sad that the update is only once every 1-2 months


  10. paledragon says:

    I really like your translations, so I would hope that you would accept donations or even put ads.
    Well, your site’s traffic would’ve given you thousands of dollars just with ads, but, meh.
    Thank you for the translations ^_^


  11. grifttail says:

    Excuse me but I’d like to translate two of your one shots which are “the probability I can kill my without being found out” and “a game to make him fall” I’ll translating them in Arabic if you don’t mind


  12. spot96 says:

    Mr Yoraikun I was wondering if you would be willing to pickup Tsuyokute New Saga as far as I know it is dropped which in my opinion would be a shame if it stayed that way. Thank You for listening.


  13. Littleangele says:

    Hi~ I know your FAQ told us to knock ourselves out if we want to translate to another language. Still I like asking redundant questions (and pass it off as being polite). I would like to translate “A Game To Make Him Fall” and “The Probability I Can Kill My Wife Without Being Found Out” into French if you don’t mind. I plan on posting them on https://littleangelesworld.wordpress.com :)
    (By the way, thanks for your translations. The stories are really lovely!)


  14. Tadano Hitohito says:

    No way, worse than trash? Worse then Takayuki Furuichi? Most likely straight?
    So your weak to trap?
    Well,anyway, Thanks for the food.
    I mean, Thanks for the translation.
    P.s, by the way, why are you still beta? Get an upgrade already.


  15. circle wing says:

    Hi yoraikun! im from circlewingshousetsu. i would like to invite you to our project as a proofreader. Would you be so kind to have a conversation with me for this project? $
    Do contact me, circlewingshousetsu@gmail.com


  16. Cloudhie says:

    Hi, I’ve read some of your translation story (the short one) and I really love it. Now I am wondering if I could use your work and translate it into Bahasa? (I am Indonesian). I wish to share it with the people in my country which can’t read English. I’ll put all the credit, including yours. Anyway, thank you for all the hard works. You are awesome! 😆


  17. Lorry says:

    Hello, I was wondering how you learned to read Japanese novels. Did it take you a long time to get the hang of reading Kanji?

    I’m good at reading manga, mainly since there’s furigana, but in novels, most kanji are without, so it makes it a lot harder for me to read. I started a Novel recently and I haven’t made it past the first page, haha. I constantly have to look up Kanji and piece them together to understand the meaning, since with Kanji there’s always more than one meaning. I guess the hardest part would be phrases only Japanese people would understand.
    Haha, I kinda rambled on.

    Have a good day


    • Yoraikun says:

      I originally just learned how to speak Japanese from immersion (though I had basic reading skills), and just kept reading novels. I already knew most expressions and such, and as I read novels with a dictionary in hand, as I went on, I started needing the dictionary less and less. I still need to reference one on occasion. You can search by radical. Again, my ability to read Japanese mostly stemmed from my ability to speak it, which was forged in Japanese classes, and three years of a kid spent learning left from right in a foreign landscape.


  18. JB says:

    Are all your banners submitted by readers? I like some of them and started wondering if there are more somewhere.


  19. Elteef says:

    Hallo.. Im indonesian
    I already read your translate story a game to make him fall and the probability i can kill my wife without being found out.
    And i like that story above ^^ hehe
    Could you give me your permit to re translate it into my native language, please?
    I can’t find your email, so i commen here :D
    Thanks you..


  20. jawbrie says:

    Hello. Are you still translating Dragoon or is it dropped? Asking for a friend who might be interested in picking it up. :D


  21. Hey Yoraikun. I have added all of your novel chapter releases at Full Novels: fullnovelsDOTcom

    Can you check if I missed any of the chapters? And can you please add new chapters there whenever you post them? They are one of the biggest community of readers who are definitely interested in your translations!


  22. Toan Tran says:

    hey i just read sevens and i love it, so can you translate sevens gaiden


  23. Toan Tran says:

    and the chapter Intermission: Erhart 3. i think it was deleted or you did not translate (sorry my bad english) i am vietnamese . thank you for translate sevens


  24. Akai Sora says:

    Hi Yoraikun! Can I have your permission to re-translate “That One Time the Essay a Child Wrote over Summer Break was Way too Fantasy” and the sequel into Indonesian?


  25. Draconix Nicolas says:

    Do you have any interest in translating the Densetsu series (Himeiden, etc.) by NisiOisiN? Granted, I much rather read more of Okitegami Kyouko… so maybe afterward?


  26. Ken Francis Tan says:

    Hi Yorai-Kun, I just came by to say thanks for the works that you have done. And would like to ask if you can pick up the The World Of Otome Game Is Tough For Mobs since the one who translates it just recently dropped the LN, it is also one of the works from the author of Sevens and Dragoon.


  27. Zharov Stepan says:

    maybe its strange , but can you pick up Ore to Kanojo no Pandora Box ?


  28. darkkingt says:

    you may pick up light novel called Inou-Battle wa Nichijou-kei no Naka de ? its been a
    months sinse the last update . and you are translated Boku wa Yappari Kizukanai arent you ? and that both title have the same author , so i was thought maybe you would pick up that light novel ?
    p.s sorry for my bad english


  29. Mio says:

    Yo. Just wanted to let you know that a few chapters before 190 of Shield Hero are empty, in particular the ones by Reyak.


  30. Kur0_Oni says:

    Thank you for all your hard work! I enjoyed your translations with Tate no Yuusha & Sevens.

    Liked by 1 person

  31. Thank you Yoraikun, your translation of Shield Hero was my childhood. I’m not certain, but it seems like you’ve stopped translating, or at the least taken an extended break, so I just wanted to wish you well. Best of luck in your future endeavors, whatever they may be.


  32. heyyowww says:

    Hi Yoraikun, I hope you are well.
    I do not know if you are going to read this but thank you for all the translations you did. I was an avid reader during the ShieldBro days and it helped me a lot during some pretty hard times :)
    I have not visited this website for two years now (Finished college, New job and new house) and decided to drop this comment.
    Thank you so much for all the work you did during all these years and I wish you all the best!!

    Liked by 1 person

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