This is my first time with Gagaga Bunko. ‘A protagonist who plays the evil part for the hero of justice’ was an idea that was already thought up for the character of a certain other series. But while I thought over it, the concept expanded, and with numerous rejections from my presiding editor, as I kept turning it over, the shape of the main story continued to change. It was originally supposed to be a comedy, but by the time I noticed it, I had taken the active hard route.
This work has been through such changes, but now that I look at it completed, I get the feeling I managed to turn out just the sort of thing I personally like. In that sense, I’m exceedingly satisfied as an author that I managed to write this piece. By the way, ‘Gaimoon’s Song’ goes up to three verses.
While I’m putting it last, to my editor Ebashi-sama, the illustrator Oguchi-sama,  the editing department of Gagaga Bunko, and everyone who engaged in the production of this book, you have my sincerest gratitude. When no one could ever call this a well-selling work, forget hitting the brakes, you pressed the accel and gave me a push on the back, I really am thankful.
Well then, I pray we’ll all be able to meet again.

The first Hero show I ever saw in real time was Gridman, this is Ooizumi Takashi


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3 Responses to Postscript

  1. EroWarrior says:

    Cant wait for the rest!


  2. Dirchesdan says:

    Thanks for the chapters and the novel~! I have to say, this is honestly one of the few novels which have moved me to tears. Yoraikun’s novels are a big part of it!


  3. Anonymous Fairy says:

    Heya! Are you still planning to translate the rest of this series? Just curious since according to NU is has been a while since an update.


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