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The Memorandum of Okitegami Kyouko Chapter 2: Let me Introduce Myself, Kyouko-san

  1 “I have taken custody of your one million yen. If you ever want to see it again, prepare a hundred million yen.” If you ever receive a phone call like that, you’d surely think it was a prank … Continue reading

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The Memorandum of Okitegami Kyouko Chapter 1: Pleasure to Meet You, Kyouko-san

1 “Don’t move! There’s a thief among us!” Lab head Emii’s yell resounded though the laboratory… In contrast to that honey-comb-like name, the voice rung out in a heavy bass. “No one’s taking a step out of this room.” His … Continue reading

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Dragoon 147: The Country or the People

  The palace of the Kingdom of Courtois was driven to react to the activity shown by the Gaia Empire. While the matter with Celestia had them in a hurry about awarding medals, in order to deal with the sudden … Continue reading

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Dragoon 146: Friends and

  “And. I’m. Saying. Why didn’t he invite me!?” His ash blonde hair swept back, the tan skinned Eunius Diade had some ale in his system, making him more quarrelsome than usual. “Don’t drag me into this! In the first … Continue reading

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Extra: Songstress Epilogue

  From where a destroyed castle town spread out, Cleo looked over her surroundings. The earthen dolls ceased function, rattling as they began to crumble apart. Once the sun had fully shown itself, their movements grew strange, and just like … Continue reading

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Extra: Songstress 13

  Magma taken on the shape of man, a winged monster gave chase through the dark sky. Receiving winds so strong the magic barrier couldn’t suppress them, Rudel looked behind him. “Sakuya, it’s about time. Begin ascent!” Rudel’s plan was … Continue reading

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