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A college student who really should be doing something more productive with his time. Also, he can read a bit of Japanese.

Sevens: The Winning Horse

The Winning Horse … A village a little ways from the main road was astir from early in the morning. The adults holed themselves in their homes with their farming tools, praying that nothing would happen. The scene a young … Continue reading

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Sevens: Cute Celes, Lovable Lyle

Cute Celes, Lovable Lyle Attacked by the men who had become beast, we lined their dead bodies by the side of the road. Unable to leave them be, it was determined we were to incinerate them.  We couldn’t conduct a … Continue reading

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Sevens: Brides of the Walt House

Brides of the Walt House. Waking up in the mansion of the Walt House, I looked over my own room. The room I had once been confined had been home to mountains of books. Right, that they were once there … Continue reading

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Sevens: Return

Return … As Lyle’s main camp began its advance, Cartaffs had moved as well. They shared a border, and that land had always been one with plenty of skirmishes to speak of. When it came to invasion, Bahnseim showed a … Continue reading

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Sevens: Common Sense

Common Sense … Miranda looked down over the lines of soldiers from the moving fortress. On the stage that had been prepared stood Lyle in his armor. On top of his various gestures, Eva was putting on a musical accompaniment … Continue reading

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Sevens: Moving Fortress

Moving Fortress “I definitely did say it. That just like your large Porter, it would be nice if we had one we could spend the night in. I did say it, but… let’s learn some self-restraint, Damien.” The allied forces … Continue reading

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