Battlefield Masurawo

By Hayashi  Tomoaki
Illustrated by Ueda Yumehito




9 Responses to Battlefield Masurawo

  1. Hello says:

    May I request a character page for this novel? There’s so much going on in each chapter and the list of names just keeps growing.


  2. Sarnik says:

    Oh man, this is a blast to the past. It’s been so many years since I read the manga for this.

    Will you be translating the sequel works too? Reisen and UnUtopial World?


    • Yoraikun says:

      I don’t really know. While I like them well enough, this and O-Ri-Ga-Mi (the prequel) are some of the least popular works I have ever translated and barely anyone is reading them. I’m not monetized so I’m not losing money here, it’s just depressing.

      The only work less popular was the Forgetful Detective series, and at least that one I could justify with the genre difference


      • Sarnik says:

        I can definitely understand that. I think the problem is that you’re translating it now, as opposed to translating it when the manga was being scanlated.

        Unless an anime or sequel manga is made for this, I can’t see Western interest for this series coming back.


      • Blast says:

        I don’t know about UnUtopial World (to be fair I didn’t even knew about both it and Reisen till a few minutes ago), but if you translate Reisen could you go all out and also do Violence☆Magical! since it seem to be related O-ri-ga-mi, Reisen and SJM.

        Thank you for the hard work.


  3. Nameless says:

    Can I recommend a wn name legend to be picked up? Cos current translator is lagging behind by 2k+ chapters and is busy in real and playing game and say that they can’t find enough time to translate more than one chapter and can only upload the chapter when it’s done and by the time they catch up will be like 10 years+ or more or maybe will give up on translating the wn some days?


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  5. zenzendameda says:

    Thanks a lot for translating this! I love the stories like this one and Mismarca where the character has no superpowers, just bluffs. Kind of like when the beginning of Chronicles of Amber felt like the best part.


  6. Common Nighthawk says:

    I did not recognise this story until I looked up the plot summary on Novel Updates after seeing it on this site. Looking forward to reading it, I’ve only ever read the manga.


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