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Dragoon 102: The Effects of Healing Magic and the Dogfight

  After Rudel healed her sprain with healing magic, Enora could no longer look into his face. It went without saying; Rudel had seen such a deplorable side of her. But she still had time left on her surveillance duty, … Continue reading

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Dragoon 101: Formation Flying and Healing Magic

  Mystith and Sakuya had temporarily returned from the north sea, and the large load of pent seasers that carried back left Luxheidt, who had subbed in for surveillance duty, in mute amazement. “You brought back quite a bit.” ‘Amazing, … Continue reading

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Dragoon 100: The Head of the Platoon and Formation Flying

  Left to watch over Rudel, Enora would be alone with him until Cattleya returned from giving her report. Even when it was a man and woman together, and they were by a lake in a forest, a place with … Continue reading

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Dragoon 99: The Search Party and the Head of the Platoon

  Cattleya had been called to a meeting room in the palace under Lilim’s orders. At this point, Lilim had been put in charge of a company. That led to her becoming Cattleya’s direct superior. “What is it, senpai? I’m … Continue reading

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Dragoon 98: Running Away and the Search Party

  “Sakuya ran away.” His shoulders slumped, Rudel returned to the lodging house and muttered that truth to his peers. Right after he woke up, he had made for the cave Sakuya lived, but it was already an empty husk. … Continue reading

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Dragoon 97: The Evaluation and Running Away

  ‘Rudel Arses… Evaluation: D-Rank’ As he looked at the document indicating his evaluation, Rudel’s expression was serious. Sakuya was also out on the training grounds, but her wings and tail unfit for her large build were folded in. Perhaps … Continue reading

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