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Dragoon 155: Dragon and Wyvern

As the demonized Askewell blew him away, Rudel cut the inside of his mouth. Dripping blood, he looked at the beast making towards him as he stood. “Now this is troublesome.” He was blown away to where imperial soldiers were … Continue reading

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Dragoon 154: Last Boss

    Another battlefield. There a separate detachment of the Gaia Empire—their supposed main body was locked in a staring contest with the Dragoon Brigade. The first to arrive at the battlefield, Oldart’s dragoons flew to intimidate the unmoving enemy … Continue reading

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Dragoon 153: Demon King

    Standing at a high point of the fort, Rudel saw Sakuya off to the horizon. Slicing up an ogre climbing up the wall towards him, he muttered. “Live on, Chlust.” Sakuya was loaded with the knights and soldiers … Continue reading

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Dragoon 152: Fina’s Counterattack

    At the dragoon brigade headquarters, preparations to sortie were underway. Contrary to his usual insincerity, the Captain Oldart was issuing orders with a serious face. Readied for takeoff, the dragons stood in file, the forms of their partner … Continue reading

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Dragoon 151: The Other Reincarnation

  The Arses House manor. Many armed knights and soldiers crowded into the stretch from the gate to the front door. In the noisy state, preparations were underway to intercept the Gaia Empire encroaching on the national border. While the … Continue reading

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Dragoon 150: Comrade

  After entrusting the defenders with a message to Luecke and Eunius, Aleist had come to the gate to slip out of the palace. Concealing himself in the pillar of a shadow near the gate, he kept a close watch … Continue reading

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