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Wishing Happiness unto an Idiot Sister By: Amakawa Hitsuji “Brother, I’m going to meet Lord Chrono tomorrow! What do I have to do to grasp his heart? Please teach me!” “… I see.” Desperately making her wide eyes glimmer as she looked at me in … Continue reading

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This is a Certified Announcement

About the Reckless Girl who Kept Challenging a Reborn Man like me By Kohigashi Nora has been novelized by Hero Bunko (The same publisher that picked up Seven…th)! Preorder it on Amazon today! I know I will Illustrations by Kazuharu … Continue reading

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And so She Dreams of Another World By Kohigashi Nora “Are you unharmed!? Holy maiden!?” Felling the giant dragon, the hero approaches me. Within the dim cave illuminated only by the light of his torch, the hero breaks the restraints on my arms and legs, affording … Continue reading

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Maria from Hell!

(TL: 15+ Don’t let your kids watch it. Not my proudest translation.) By Fujinohara Akihira On that day, I, Marianne Phull Reheath died. It was complete and utter death. That guillotine thing did its thing and I died. Ah, … Continue reading

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Mary-san Comes on Foot 8

Day 19: With Mary-san “…!” Every time someone wearing white enters the corner of my eye, I turn all my attention and find myself disappointed. Yet again, I continue urging on the bike. I’ve already repeated that more times than … Continue reading

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Mary-san Comes on Foot 7

Day 18: Mary-san’s Call   “What’s up, Mary? It’s rare to hear from you at this hour.” Having finished up dinner, I was lazily lying around, lionizing the epitome of a slovenly lifestyle. As I speak to the girl across … Continue reading

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