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Lying Mii-kun, Broken Maa-chan Volume 1 is Complete

Volume 1: The Backdrop of Happiness is Misfortune   Probably not continuing. Comment section is going to break me at this rate.

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The Bomb Fell One Day

By Furuhashi Hideyuki     Perhaps the end is something that drops by so abruptly on the most mundane of days. The self-proclaimed newest-type bomb that fell that day reminded me so much of the girl I liked in high … Continue reading

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Battlefield:Masurawo is Completed

As stated in the title, the translation for Battlefield:Masurawo is completed, and you can read it here: Battlefield: Masurawo This is a story I personally love, and it has finally been completed more than ten years since its publication. I … Continue reading

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O-Ri-Ga-Mi Volume 2 has been Translated (To no Applause)

O-Ri-Ga-Mi Volume 2 (Circa 2004) This one’s more of a volume for Iori. Suzuran isn’t really the main character of the series, if you were wondering. She’s more of the entry point. This is not a harem, and there is … Continue reading

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Merry Christmas

Here’s a present you definitely didn’t ask for and probably don’t want O-Ri-Ga-Mi Volume 1 I won’t say I hate this series, but what I really want to translate is Battlefield Masurawo. It’s just, there are too many things in … Continue reading

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Another Pointless Update

Whelp… so much for that. My next project’s probably going to be Scramble Wizards by Suebashi Ken by the way. It’s a 7 volume series from 2008 that is, once again, either the progenitor or an early example of a bunch … Continue reading

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