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Intermission: Lord of the Imperial Library

Clara Bulmer. While being one of Lyle’s mistresses, she was found in the imperial capital’s library much more often than in the inner palace mansion prepared for her. The reason being that she was zealously recording all the events that … Continue reading

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Intermission: Life in Beim

A little while after Lyle’s party had arrived in Beim. As he returned from finishing a request, Lyle opened up his memo pad. Written on the paper were his comrades’ names and dates. And what he had done with them … Continue reading

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Intermission: Erhart 1

Erhart was in Lorphys’ royal palace. The sun high in shy sky, the one across the small round table in the courtyard was a woman with long, violet hair, a certain Princess Annerinne. (Don’t screw with me. Don’t screw with … Continue reading

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Intermission: The Last Day of the Empire

Monica burned the sight of the blazing capital into her eyes. From the roof of the palace, she looked over the scene. “Five hundred years… we held out five hundred years, Lyle-sama.” Five hundred years. Monica who had watched the … Continue reading

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Intermission: The Start of Everything

Her brother’s existence was in the way. No matter what he was put up to, no matter what trouble he ran in to, her brother that would pull it all off with a smile… Lyle Walt was a hindrance. The … Continue reading

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Intermission: The Emperor Who Couldn’t Run Away Miranda Arc

As Lyle headed for his room in his office, he found Miranda and the Valkyries doing construction work under her instruction. “Oy, what are you doing to my room!?” As he frantically confirmed the door to his room, he noticed … Continue reading

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