Charging the Hero

Maou Dakedo Yuushano Koto Kokuso Suru Kotoni Shitakara
By Kawasaki Moe







43 Responses to Charging the Hero

  1. Will this story continue to be translated?


  2. guradugilgida says:

    This… a hero charged for the crime of murdering demon lord…?


  3. Viableduckling3 says:

    Why would you do this to me giving me something else to obsess over I despise(love) you. This is the worst(best) thing you could have ever done to me.

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  4. I am waiting for sevens chapter this past few days :( but thanks anyways!! :D


  5. Hahahahah “accidentally” translated 52 chapters. Amazing hahahah

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  6. jheno13 says:

    Is this in novelupdates?

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    • FickledPickle says:

      Doesnt seem like it. I cant find the title or the author in novelupdate/mangaupdate so its probably a new up and coming author or something


  7. canaria23 says:

    lol, is it short chapters to be translated till 50?


  8. sliding touch says:

    Why i feel like que has twintails ?

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  9. Dragon_ANGL says:

    This seems quite interesting…but why am I getting the feeling that the prosecutor is a magi herself?


  10. Glaze says:

    Yoraikun could you please finish translating volume 15 of sevens before translating more of this? Thanks.


  11. Mr.Lyle fan says:

    Interesting story, read all of the translated chapters today,
    but there seems to be something wrong, with Negotiations-1 link, missing page.
    PS. Thanks for all of your translations!


  12. cjgonzales621 says:

    I have a theory on the trick, and the crime, but i can’t be sure.


  13. novi says:

    the chapter about 1/3 length than Sevens
    btw yora.. is this the right LN cover of this WN?


  14. So, since I’m in my exam weeks right now, I don’t have the time to start this series right away, but I’d still like to at least know what it’s about. So, could you please tell me a short summary or synopsis?

    (I personally archives my favorites pretty intensively, and I’m wondering whether to put this in the section for series I’m really looking forward to read(priority section), in the section for those to read when I feel like it/have enough time, or nowhere at all if I’m not interested. If I just don’t know at all what the series is about, I’ll just end up saving this page in the section where I put the multitude of “maybe one day” series. Which mean I’ll just end up forgetting about it.)


  15. Mr.Lyle fan says:

    Im enjoying reading this after reading tales great Mr.Lyles achievements.
    Thanks for the translations, and please do translate the whole story :)


  16. Random Dude says:

    Can someone post this on novelupdate, that’s where most the average reader are, this story can’t be find by novel search website.


  17. burningice53 says:

    Yorai how do you even find these stories? Also, are you going to resume Sevens now?


  18. kray says:

    Thanks as always. You finished this darn quick.


  19. BalthasarHohenheim says:

    Thanks for the read Yoraikun.

    But that countrys foreign policy somehow annoys me. It really feels like Beim.

    1. They are neutral not because of international treaties but because of their own selfish ideals. From the way it was desribed, they don’t have any non-aggression-pacts, nor a powerful military. They simply ignore the other countrys and trust in the fact, that their geographical position makes it a royal pain in the arse to invade them. They are even the only Nation not part of that worlds version of the United Nations.

    2. They trade with everyone and try to play economical superpower with purely their own benefit in mind. Well this one would be fine without the other points.

    3. If someone commits a crime in another country and then flees to them (or even worse if one of their citizens commits a crime abroad) they don’t care. This means, that they are the perfect haven for organized crime. It wouldn’t be weird if a dozen or more syndicates had their headquartes there.
    Given all this the other countrys must be fairly pissed at them, even if they don’t show it.

    Hell, during no point of this ordeal did they realize, that all the other countrys in the world could have declared war on them, if they had played things wrong. If the other countrys had heard, that the hero got a death sentence for killing the demon lord, while the demon lord himself is still alive, then they would naturally do everything to save their only way to defeat demon lord for good.

    I’m sure that this country will burn some day.
    (Btw the real word counterpart of Grimbeld, namely the Swiss, has proper treaties with other countrys and a decent military.)


    • alfharobby says:

      and switzerland is near the peak of that mountain and it doesn’t worth it to conquer or invade them since switzerland mainly export agrarian, processed food and dairy product unlike other africa and asia country where they have uranium, aluminium, oil etcetera.


  20. Mr.Lyle fan says:

    Nice story, thanks for the translations!
    I do enjoy this kind of shorter stories in between of great Mr.Lyles adventures!
    Thanks for sharing this story to us leeches, Ive been reading your translations ever since you bega translating shield hero.


  21. tettra says:

    this is awesome, it feels like i’m reading on a story of a certain barbed-head blue suit lawyer starting his journey as terror of the court.

    thanks for your translation!!1


  22. Jalil Ahmed says:

    Added this to NovelUpdates
    Made sure to use macros to reduce the workload


    • Yoraikun says:

      Oy, are you able to alter the description? It seems you’ve translated that completely wrong. The proper translation of the Japanese Synopsis would be

      Fifty years have passed since the demon lord’s defeat.
      Working as a lawyer in a country that honors law, justice, and order, Daniel Lockhart became the court-appointed attorney for the defendant of a certain incident.
      The girl who proclaims herself the descendant of the hero has been arrested for murder charges.


  23. God Ginrai says:

    Has anyone made epubs for this?


  24. Starltyz says:

    The duck? I’ll make sure to check on your project page every now and then.
    Fried duck is delicious.


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