December 5th. I’ve been writing this journal for over ten years, but I think I’ll put a stop to it today.

The other day, a letter of unknown sender was delivered to me. Its contents indicated that the demon lord destroyed by the hero over fifty years ago was still alive, and still aiming to overthrow the world.

To be completely honest, I can’t gauge the authenticity of that letter. Having long since lost interest in this world, wishing day after day for nothing but its tranquility, whether this letter is nothing but a prank, or some notice from an insightful one on the swirling plots of the source of all evil, I haven’t the slightest idea.

Thinking back on it all now, I regret that I should’ve looked upon events more objectively.

I lack what a majority of society regards as common sense. Having failed to ever live a life that could be called normal, I haven’t reared that sort of knowledge or judgement.

So I had decided to believe.

That every single passage of this letter from whereabouts unknown was genuine, that a source of evil existed to threaten the peace of the world once more, and that I…

Had enough power to cut it down.

Apparently, in my veins flows the blood of the hero who exterminated the demon from the world once before.

Why had I chosen to move? Perhaps it is the case the late-hero’s blood had roused my body, and perhaps I had moved for a reason completely irrelevant to all of that.

I know nothing about the world, but what I really don’t know is my own feelings at this moment.

Why had I done it, even now I can’t say.

That I’m writing this last entry is because I believe putting it on paper will be useful in getting my thoughts in order.

By no means is it for me to raise memory later, or to obsess on moments passed.

… But I digress.

I’ve only lived a mere eighteen years, but it’s the first time I’ve ever written a journal entry as long as today’s.

I’ve never experienced a moment that moved my heart as much as these past few weeks.

Ah, I see. I finally get it. I was delighted.

In all my life, I had always been educated to kill evil. Solely to defeat the incarnation of evil that may or may not be reborn in the future, I trained my body, swung my sword, and waited for nothing but that moment to come.

I had waited a long, long time. I had stopped mingling with humans, living a lonely life with nature, swinging my sword through the changing seasons as I continued to wait.

It truly was an eternity. Perhaps something called the demon lord no longer existed in this world, and I had become an existence unnecessary to the world. The thought had plagued my mind.

It was the most fearful of thoughts. That no one would ever need me, when I thought I was only to age away and die, I couldn’t stop my shaking bones. I couldn’t sleep at night.

So the moment I received that letter, it was my life’s greatest joy.

This life was finally over. I could go to a new world.

I believed in that alone, and did it.

Right. It’s true, on that night twenty five days ago, I murdered the demon lord.

It seems my lawyer is coming tomorrow. I don’t know what sort of person will be coming, but I intend to divulge everything I saw, everything I heard, and everything I did exactly as I know it.

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3 Responses to ※Journal

  1. Shalom says:

    Cool! I think first


  2. edryc96 says:

    Anybody played Phoenix Wright games here?


  3. drey101 says:

    Hi Yoraikun,

    The link for this is wrong in the index :) It points to :
    rather than to:

    Thanks for translating! :D


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