Visitations (11)

“I won’t.”

I gave her a clean denial.

“I’ve taken quite a liking to this curse. In the first place, it may be nice to call you whatever I want in private, but that would be a hindrance to work, would it not?”
“Would it really? Me and my brother call others however we see fit, and we’ve never been troubled by it.”
“That’s because you’re in the privileged class of the rich.”
“Is that so? Did I have any special privilege?”

I had meant it in sarcasm, but this woman scrunched her brow, and seriously began thinking over it. It seems my sarcasm did not get through.

I let out a sigh.

“You’re definitely a privileged class. A position I’d like to get to someday.”
“Dan. Do you want me to teach you one way to get there?”
“What is it?”
“You need only undo your curse. Don’t think anyone has any value. Do that and voila, everyone becomes equal. Me and you are the same, two people with a value of nil.”

It made my mind turn for a bit, but I wrote it off as idiotic.

“I think I’ve figured out why curses are necessary. Without them, humans turn into animals.”
“Right, as long as humans continue forming their society, the curses will never go away. Even without special talent or unique ability, with the curse of contract, a superior can order his subordinates, and with only the ‘respect your elders’ curse, the students submit to the teacher. By the curse that one must be thankful to their parents, the child lives their whole life in gratitude them.”
“By the way you put it, it’s as if the child is slave to his parents.”
“Ah come to think of it, you don’t have any parents, do you Dan?”
“You say it so tactlessly.”

Of course, I also brought up things hard to speak about with this boss, so it was mutual, I guess.

“The defendant did had parents it seems. Those parents were the descendants of the hero who defeated the demon lord, Roland Rheinland, apparently.”
“Apparently. Meaning there’s no evidence?”

Rather, what’s this about the hero? Or so I wanted to question, but I decided to put that off to later.
Among those who committed crimes, you would occasionally get those who claimed to be the envoy of god, or that they were possessed by the devil.

It’s true the existence of angels and demons have been confirmed. But no human has ever seen god, and most spoken of him is built on books of the past.

Perhaps he exists, perhaps he doesn’t. But what I do know for certain is that when criminals put those words to mouth, it’s mainly to gain acquittal for reasons of insanity.

Of course, we couldn’t seek responsibility from someone without the capacity for it. There are people who are threatened to commit crimes regardless of their own will as well. Those sorts of people should be defended, and it’s a cruel thing to demand responsibility from them.
But on the other side, there were attorneys who’d used that as a tactic to win over an innocent verdict.

It isn’t strange for a pro to use some effective tactic to get their verdict, and I knew that from before I even became a lawyer.

But when I actually see such dealings at the scene, it gives me a bad taste in my mouth.

Perhaps a buildup of those ugly dealings had come to make me hate criminal cases before I even realized it.

“The hero of the ten-year war, Roland Rheinland is the greatest enigma of the century. Don’t you know him?”
“I’m not good with those sorts of things… I do know he defeated the demon lord. But not much of what came after that.
“Right. Truth be told, that’s the greatest mystery. After defeating the demon lord, hero Roland disappeared altogether.”

Boss Natasha raised her black-framed glasses, and continued.

“No one ever saw him again.”

“By no one, you mean no one?”
“Yes, no one. It seems he had a son, but his entire family disappeared together. After that, people proclaiming themselves the descendants of the hero began popping up all over the world.”
“All over, is it? If that’s true, that hero sure got busy.”
“Of course, a majority were lies. Complete nonsense. Swindlers claiming the title for wealth, perhaps.”
“Then the defendant as well?”

I pointed to the photo and spoke.

“Is Claudia Rheinland one of them?”
“That is also under investigation. But look, this country didn’t even take part in the ten year war, right? So we’ve absolutely no documents about the hero.”
“How about genetics?”
“The forensics team is on it. But I’m sure it’ll be impossible. The hero didn’t leave a DNA sample anywhere. However, there was a photo of him back his hometown of Austen. And in it, the holy sword Blutgang was shown.”
“The same shape?”
“Can’t say much to that. It’s true they looked alike, but the photo was old, and it was blurry, so we can’t be certain. And that photo is famous in those lands, they’re making mountains of imitations. If you want a similar sword, you can get your hands on one easily.”

There Boss Natasha leaned forward and spoke.

“But we have proof our sword is the real one.”

“There was a detailed record of the sword in the picture. Where and when it received its blessing, its legend was handed down. And they even detailed its abilities.”
“Abilities? Apart from its curse?”
“Of course, something else. And that was why Claudia Rheinland was arrested as a suspect for murder. The most prominent evidence.”

I waited intently for the next words. Natasha opened her mouth.

“Blutgang is a sham of a sword. That sword is unable to cut any living things, you see. Apart from the demon lord himself.”

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6 Responses to Visitations (11)

  1. sliding touch says:

    Nice Sword.


  2. Fortune says:

    Natasha has raised the romantic interest flag high, but alas Dan cannot see due to the typical blindness that is oh so common among protagonists. Thanks for translating these Yorai!


  3. Aoitenshi says:

    Wait wait wait, her crime is killing the demon lord?!


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