Visitations (13)

There were two white teacups lined on the table. With supple gestures, Boss Natasha tilted the pot, letting a brown liquid unevenly seep into one of the cup.

I watched it all in suspense. In contrast to her years, Boss Natasha had quite the klutzy nature. I surmise those teacups were just purchased recently.

Back when I worked at this office, this person had a habit of destroying anything ceramic. She dropped them so frequently that I bought her some wooden tableware that wouldn’t shatter on impact, but perhaps her natural absentmindedness had already misplaced them.


I sent a cold glare at her, as she carefully tried to put the cups right to the very brink with a serious look on her face.

“Please don’t play around.”

“I’m always serious.”

Especially when it’s not called for.

The moment the liquid was at a point where it would either overflow or not, I snatched the teapot from her, and poured the other cup.

“Ah, it could still take some more.”
“What could? I’m not taking any of that.”

I ignored her low groan as I put the cup to my mouth. I took a sip. And I muttered. ‘Godawful.’

“What is this supposed to be?”
“Hmm? Who knows? It’s an unidentified something my father sent over three months ago. The truth is, no one knows what is it.”
“Why did you serve something so suspicious!?”
“I mean, the last time I ate something father sent over, I got terrible food poisoning. I don’t want to go through that again. So before I drank it, I wanted someone to taste test it for poison…”
“The hell are you saying!? And wait, poison!? This is poisonous!?”
“As I was telling you, I don’t know. You’re taste testing so we can figure that out, right?”
“I see, it’s just as you say! Did you think that’s how I was going to respond!?”
“Ekh, the old Dan would’ve laughed it off and forgiven me. Hasn’t your personality grown a bit harsher since you went independent?”
“On the other hand, your absentmindedness has gained more traction.”

After we spent a bit of time exchanging sarcasm, my stomach suddenly began to hurt. I had to lock myself in the bathroom for an hour.


Skipping forward some, there were two glasses of tap water on the table between us.

Let’s get back to the main topic. I’ll let the food-poisoning incident wash away alongside my bowels. I really am still angry, but today I had come to speak of work.

I decided to sum up the previous points of conversation.

“So pretty much, there are two pieces of evidence that led the police to arrest Claudia Rheinland. There was no one besides her who could use the murder weapon. And that sword can’t cut any lifeform but the demon lord. Is that how it is?”
“Yes. I’m glad you’re so quick on the uptake.”
“Shut it. I’m quite irritated right now. Next time you say something strange, I really will hit you.”

I thought I had said it threateningly, but Boss Natasha said something like, ‘Eh? Why! When I’m so cute? Hmph.’ And other annoying things, so it seems that it didn’t have an effect.

I sighed. And I remonstrated myself… calm down. This person is just enjoying watching other peoples’ reactions.

“But isn’t that strange?”
“You think? I’m sure I’m cute no matter what I do, but…”
“I’m not talking about you. If we’re to trust everything we know about Claudia Rheinland, then the only one in the world she’s capable of murdering is the demon lord. The demon lord already perished, didn’t he?”
“Doesn’t that depend on how you define demon lord?”

Natasha drank down her cup of water. I came to a strange realization that even a rich girl drank tap water.

“It’s not like the demon lord was something that just appeared out of nowhere someday. He had family and relatives. The demon lord’s bloodline still remains, meaning he has descendants.”
“Meaning Blutgang is a sword that can murder the demon lord, and those close to him?”
“The possibility is high. In all actuality, demon lord is just a title. If hypothetically, a new demon lord was crowned somewhere in the world, then the question becomes whether the holy sword could kill them or not.”

I thought. What’s a demon lord in the first place??

“If we were to use the dictionary definition, then the demon lord would be the one who governs those of demonic nature.”

Natasha continued. “There are also those born with a strange sort of talent or wit, those that used violence and authority to oppress others have been classified as demon lords as well. The one defeated fifty years ago used his inhuman charisma to lead an army of evil, invading countries all over the world. Apparently.”

Well well, that’s quite a villain, or so I thought in a nook of my heart.

“Okay, I understand that the definition of demon lord is quite an abstract thing. So the police are thinking that it isn’t just the demon lord of the ten-year war fifty years ago, the sword can murder demon lords in the overly broad sense of the term?”
“So it seems.”
“But if that’s the case, how can you distinguish human and demon lord? From my point of view, you’re plenty a demon lord yourself, but from another person’s eyes, you’re just a peculiar woman.”
“Right. That’s precisely the problem. When I wield this beautiful face and captivating body, why is it that everyone treats me as an oddball? It’s unthinkable.”

I was surprised… so she was aware she was an oddball.

“What part of that should I latch onto? That’s not the point at hand. I’m saying, how does the holy sword distinguish that the person it’s about to cut down is a demon lord?”
“About that, the suspect said something. It seems the sword can make out their blood.”
“Blood, eh?

Boss Natasha explained. “Right. Blutgang can’t cut anything. Even if you touch the edge, it will pass through as if there was nothing there at all. However, it’s not as if that blade merely passes through the body without meaning.”

“Blutgang remembers the taste of the demon lord’s blood. It cuts people with that same taste in their veins. That’s why the police believe it should be able to cut his family and relatives.”
“Then the victim in this incident…”

I hesitated to say the rest… “Was the demon lord’s descendent?”


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