Visitations (15)

I heard most of the necessary information from Boss Natasha.

There were still a lot of points I didn’t understand, but it didn’t seem like I could ask any more, so after talking for over an hour on the comedian everyone was loving these days, and the strange business the boss’ brother was sticking his hands into- something I didn’t care for in the slightest- I made my way out of Happyhappy Law Offices.

It was already dark outside. The sun was sinking below the high-rising mountain range, the streetlights beginning to light up the way.

The brush of the wind made me unintentionally shudder. I thought of returning to my office, but remembering there wouldn’t be anyone there, I decided to go to the library.

The library was just barely still open.

The path from Boss Natasha’s office to the library was a short one, and after thirty minutes of walking, I was able to spot its temple-like construction.

As I approached its entrance, the automatic doors slid open, a lukewarm wind advancing from within. I immediately entered the hall, lending an ear to the sound of the door shutting behind me.

I dropped by the library with a frequency of a few times per year. I’d been using it since my student days, so our relationship was over ten-years-worth, but regardless of time, the library was always as it was.

If I had to say one point that had changed, there used to be a middle-aged librarian here, but the one organizing the bookshelf- no matter how I looked at her- was a girl in her teens.

“Excuse me.”
“Yes, do you need anything?”

After forcefully shoving the books onto the shelf, the librarian turned to me with an innocent look on her face. Wearing a checkered apron over a white polo shirt, at her chest was the silver badge only official library personnel could wear.

With her hair tied back, there were freckles on her face, and she looked quite young.

“I’m searching for books on modern history. Do you know where they’re kept?”
“You’re looking for history books? That would be the south side of the second floor. Do you want me to guide you?”
“No, I’m fine. I know the place.”

There was a stack of books under her arm, and she looked busy, so I gave a polite refusal.

After a light nod, I headed for the second floor.


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