Visitations (17)

The next morning. Good weather. Feeling so-so.

After I finished my breakfast earlier than usual, the first thing I did was go to the bank.

I didn’t want that truant to grip my weaknesses anymore, so I decided to pay his salary.

Because of that, I was starting to see the shallow depths of my account.

… It’s fine. For the court-appointed defense, as long as I take the request I’ll get fifty thousand gold. Then it’s thirty thousand per day after that, so no matter how guilty the client is, as long as I build up logic, nitpick at the slightest details, and grumble whenever I can, if I can drag this thing out to a week, that’s an extra two hundred and ten thousand.
On top of that, if I win the case, that’s a hundred thousand, so…

Before the bank ATM, I thought to myself a moment.

And looked at the bag I held at my side, I thought.

Is her guilt really certain in this incident?

Could it be, really in the realm of slight possibilities here, could it be I actually have a chance at winning this case?

To be quite honest, I’m a hundred percent sure I’ll lose. Based on the situation, I may not be able to raise a single objection.
But if a new fact comes to light in the case, what if I could use it as a trigger to turn everything around?

Victory’s a hundred thousand gold.

… Three hundred sixty thousand in total. No, if I can drag it from a week to ten day, or even a month, I may be able to get even more.

…… What am I thinking about?

This trial is a sure-guilty zero-innocence rigged race. There’s no way I can win.

At soonest, it’ll end in a day. So I’m sure the money I can get is just some easy money that won’d add to a hundred thousand.

Right. When it comes to lawyers those that rake it in are a select few. It isn’t the time for me to mope around here. Anyways, let’s end this job that won’t make for any money, and get back to my main job.

I want a job that can earn me more.

Last night, after returning from the library, I read over the documents countless times. Perhaps there was a faint gleam of hope, and somewhere in those pages lay a factor great enough for me to defend the girl, I thought as I inspected every nook and cranny of every page.

As a result, I thought it really was a well-done case.

Evidence, testimony, and a confession.

They’ve got everything together. On top of that, after the culprit had killed someone, she wasn’t repenting in the slightest, it seems.

… This is no good. If there was any single thing going for her, it was that she was still a minor, and it was her first offense.

But this country’s juvenile law went to twelve, so just because she was eighteen, it wasn’t a basis for a lessened sentence.

“What’s there to do.”

As long as no new facts came out in today’s visitation, the trial’s outcome was already in sight.
As I was thinking such a thing, I found myself standing before the courthouse’s grand doors.

It was a place I knew well, so even if I didn’t pay it any mind, my legs would naturally take me there.

There were two guards at the district court’s gates. After offering them a light greeting, I slipped through the gate, and set foot in the entrance hall.

Proceeding straight down that shimmering white-marble hall, there was a receptions desk. I had to submit a written application to prove I had taken up this trial’s defense.

As it was an incident originally planned for one Natasha Holstein, the reception’s database had the name Natasha recorded as the defense attorney.
As things were, I wouldn’t be able to defend, so I presented Natasha’s letter of introduction to the clerk.

The clerk was an elderly man with a high-strung face. “It will take some time, so could you wait over there? He said as he handed me a numbered ticket.

The clerk took the letter and headed further in. He was likely getting in contact with the support center to confirm whether the duty had really been transferred.

While she had a bit of off places, Boss Natasha’s attitude towards work was one anyone could respect.
I’m sure she had already contacted the support, so I only had to wait for that clerk to confirm it.

It would take some time, so I went and found a vending machine to purchase canned coffee, and as I found a leather-coated sofa that the light was hitting in just the right way, I lowered myself onto it.

Perhaps it was entering its expiry date, as the moment I sat, it let out a grating sound as if it would snap any moment. But it felt relatively nice to sit on.

Come to think of it, how long has it been since I took on a criminal case?

I often helped out when I worked at Boss Natasha’s office. I would always follow behind her, searching out documents on the cases, investigating, and fighting alongside her in courses.

But I’d never directly taken on a case before.

So perhaps this was my first trial.

“If it’s mock trials, I’ve had my share.”

Back when I was in law school, and when I was a legal apprentice. I often took on others in mock trials.

At the time, we made various incidents from real happenings to imaginary ones into mock trials, and a majority of them ended in my victory.

But there was only one opponent I could never win against.

Regardless of how many hundred mock trials I did in my pre-law career, that one who I could never win against once was always walking a step ahead of me.

Whenever she came, there would be the sound of high heels.

Click, click, click… right, right, just like that…?

“Hmmmmmm? Could the one over there possibly be a mister Danial Lockhart?”

For a moment, a chill raced up my spine.

“Aha!? As I thought. It’s Daniel! Been quite a while! What are you doing here? Ah, I’ve got it! You’ve finally been sued for sexual harassment! I always thought your face had an indecent look to it!! You walking sex offender! ”

That person’s condescending tone was one I heard countless times in law school.

The woman’s voice resounded with astounding clarity, and was so ridiculously loud, you could probably hear it no matter where you stood in the courthouse halls.
As if following like thunder after lightning, her clicking high heels continued growing closer to me.

I had stood to my feet before I realized it. And with the same timing, the sound of high heels stopped. She carefully took me in from head to toe, eventually opening her mouth? “Huh? Did you shrink?

That I did not. You’ve just made your heels even higher again, I wanted to retort.

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