Visitations (19)

“Anyways…” I asked Cate. “Why are you at the courthouse?”

“What else but to spell out a defendant’s guilt? This is a house of law. It’s not like I do all my work at the prosecutors’ office, Daniel.”

… She has a point there. But…

I looked at my watch to confirm it.

“It isn’t even noon yet. Aren’t you a tad early?”
“I’m talented, unlike a certain someone. My motto is to hand down the hammer of justice faster than anyone.  I wish you were there to see it, the pale faces of the defence and defendant after their thorough defeat!”

Kyaha! She laughed. And I thought, pity be to that attorney.

I had a vague feeling about it when we were in law school, but the woman called Caitlin Schaefer had a habit of thoroughly beating her foes black and blue, it seems.

No matter the argument, she’d pursue victory, and beat the opponent down until they could stand no more.
Even if you rose an objection, she acted as if she had expected it from the very start, crushing all rebuttal with composure.

She was likely seeing two, maybe three hands ahead.

Cate folded her arms, and stared with her merlot eyes. If she stayed silent, I’ll admit she was cute, but she never closed her mouth to begin with.

“And so? Why are you here, Daniel? If you aren’t being indicted, and you haven’t been arrested, then why? Did you come to lick the soles of my shoes?”
“No such intent. I’m the same as you. I’m a lawyer, so I came to prepare for a trial.”

Perhaps it was an unexpected reply, as her eyes blinked a few times in surprise.

“A trial? A civil case? Was there such a trial scheduled?”

Her face in thought, she began stroking her jaw with her thumb and index finger. That was her pose of trying to remember something.

“I just put in the request. And it isn’t civil. It’s a criminal case. I swapped out with a lawyer from the office I used to work at. This time, I’ll be undertaking the defense of a defendant.”
“Where you worked? If I recall, you were working at Holstein’s place, were you?”

That’s a surprise. Back when we were apprenticing, I never told her where I was going to work. Where’d she find that one out?

“Because she’s a famous one,” said Cate, as if she was reading my mind. “Never knew when I’d meet her in court, so I kept an eye on her. But to think she swapped out with Daniel. Looks like tomorrow’s trial will be over quicker than I thought.”

On her words, an ominous sweat began flowing.

“What’s this about tomorrow’s trial?”
“Oh, didn’t you hear? There’s only one litigation Natasha Holstein is currently scheduled to undertake. And the prosecutor in charge of that case is me. Meaning the one you’ll be taking on in court in tomorrow’s trial is me.”

It’s over. That sort of feeling.

“I’ll let you taste the feelings of a loser again, Daniel.”

She said, as she raised a grand laugh and left the scene.

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6 Responses to Visitations (19)

  1. Red says:

    Anyone else here hate the kind of person that Cate is? The person who constantly pursues justice but doesn’t care about another person but themselves and their goals.

    Liked by 2 people

  2. cjgonzales621 says:

    I am a pre-law student, honestly a true attorney like her wouldnt last long, they would be sued for harassment.

    Liked by 2 people

  3. Ikalato says:

    So … Cate is basically Edgeworth from the Ace Attorney series?


  4. Aoitenshi says:

    My moto is
    > my motto

    Even if you rose an objected
    > objection

    I trial?
    > A trial?


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