Visitations (3)

It’s true I was having some difficulties.

It was my first experience managing a business, and I had anticipated it wouldn’t go well from the start, and that I would likely have a rough patch of failure.

But even so, I ran it. Since I didn’t have a record yet, I assertively took on small jobs, and troublesome requests.

I couldn’t quite get it to take an upward turn, and red numbers were swelling bigger than the black ones.

And the morning of that day. The door to that office once full of hope opened up to a tidy room where, let alone hope, there wasn’t even a scrap of paper or speck of dust.

I immediately used my cell to contact the clerk.

Brrrriiiiiinnnggg… it didn’t connect on the first try.

After obstinately calling a number of times, I heard a sleepy voice.

‘Yeah~, hello. Who am I talking to?’
“Hello hello, it’s me.”
‘Ah, yep, got it. It’s a Mr. Me. Could you be one of those swindlers all the rage these days?’
“No, way off. And wait, am I not your boss?”
‘I know that. I have caller ID. More importantly, what do you need? So early in the morning?’
“No, rather than needs, come to think of it, why aren’t you at work today?”
‘Wait, didn’t I tell you? I quit yesterday.’
“Eh? What’s this? First I’m hearing of it.”
‘You must be mistaken. Try taking off your shoes for a bit.’
‘Because I wrote ‘I quit’ in your shoes with permanent marker.’
“Oh, is that so. I never noticed. Really sorry for that.”
‘As long as you understand. Well, I’m sleepy, so I’m hanging up.’

Click. The call cut off.

I took off my shoes. Sure enough, it was written.

‘Dear Boss. I quit♥.

P.S; Your shoes smell, please go die.’

I called again. Once, twice, on the third ring, I heard a sleepy voice again.

‘What is it?’
“What is it? That’s my line! What the hell is this!?”
‘Please don’t be so noisy in the morning. As it is, I had to write my letter of resignation into those smelly shoes of yours.’
“Well I’m sorry they smell!! I’ll be careful from here on! And wait, you’re that, aren’t you. I only hired you the month before last. Why are you quitting already?”
‘Eh~ I mean boss. You haven’t paid my last month’s salary yet, have you? I’m not a volunteer, so I’d be troubled if you don’t pay what you owe me.’
“Well, okay, I can’t deny that.”
‘In the first place, this is that. A breach of the labor standards act. Are you listening? Is that something a lawyer should do? If you don’t pay up quickly, I really will take action.’
“Um, well, truly sorry.”
‘I’m counting on you.’
“Yeah. I’ll pay up at once. Anyways, there’s something else I wanted to ask, but what happened to the fixtures that were here? The place was completely empty when I came in this morning.”
“If that’s what you’re taking about, I pawned them off. If you don’t get them back soon, they’ll flow away, so you’d best be careful.”
“For reals? Say that first.”
‘My apologies. Well then, is that everything?’
“Yeah, really sorry for waking you up.”

… Snap. The line was violently cut.

“I see, so they were pawned…”

I stood at the window, and roared.

“Don’t just go and sell off my stuuuuuuuuuuuffffffff!!”

… I never should’ve hired that truant.

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1 Response to Visitations (3)

  1. Chronos5884 says:

    Waow… she pawned off the boss’s stuff? wtf?


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