Visitations (5)

Opening the door found me in a office with a calm atmosphere, the opposite of the building’s exterior.

I seemed as if all the walls and corners of the office were made of bookshelves, likely containing records of cases gone by alongside legal documents, and the owner of this office’s personal hobby, the reference books of insects.

Affording a glance further inside, the light diagonally streaming in from the window illuminated a large L-shaped desk.

On the desk were books and forms piled like a mountain, alongside the triangle-folded nameplate marking that area as the boss’s domain.

On the other side of the desk, a woman of unkempt blond hair reaching to her hips and black-rimmed glasses let a wrinkle come to her brow as she scratched her head messily and looked over the documents.

In an instant, a scent to make me wince reached my nose.

… Uwah, she hasn’t bathed again. Judging by the smell, I guess a week?

Entering the office, I closed the door behind me. On the creak it made as it swung shut, the master of the room finally turned an eye to my presence.

At first, she dubiously narrowed her blue eyes and glared at me, but that was simply because this person had terribly bad eyesight.
She didn’t have any ill intent, but because of that look in her eyes, she was often misunderstood.

Eventually, her eyes opened wide.

“Oh, if it isn’t Dan. What’s the matter today? It’s really been a while.”

Or so she raised her voice as she stood from her seat, spreading out her hands grandiosely as she approached, and eventually embracing me with all her strength.

The moment she held me, her full chest hit against mine, but at the same time her face let off a rancid scent the likes of which I’d never smelt before in my entire existence… to summarize, it was heaven and hell. Take your pick.

“Erk, you smell… boss, please keep away.”
“Ah, sorry, sorry. These days I’ve been doing nothing but work, and I haven’t found time to change.”

… It wasn’t on that measly level.

I pinched my nose, as I turned back to look up at the proprietress of this office.

That dazzling blond, and those transparent blue eyes, her pale skin without a single wrinkle, and that chest you could make out across her suit.

As if she had absolutely no interest in trends of fashion, this wasted potential was the one who was once my boss, and the culprit behind the screwy naming of Happyhappy Law Offices. The female lawyer unknown to defeat in the courtroom, the ‘Queen of Innocence’. Also known as Natasha Holstein.

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6 Responses to Visitations (5)

  1. guradugilgida says:

    >Natasha Holstein

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Dat surname~ Only in Japan, me think~

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Croire says:

    > Eventually, his eyes opened wide.

    Eventually, her eyes opened wide.


  4. Hehe, holstein
    Sorry, i cant control myself


  5. Aoitenshi says:

    her full chest hit against mind
    > mine

    And whoa, she’s one gorgeous babe, skilled even.


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