Visitations (6)

Visitations (6)

“It really has been a while.”

Boss Natasha sat in the receptions sofa, beckoning me to sit in the sofa opposite.

As I sat on the leather-coated sofa, I heard a rustling sound from my feet, and as doubt rose in my mind, I heard a, ‘Oh, are you curious?’ as Natasha reached across the table with a face full of curiosity.

Boss Natasha’s face alone was terribly in order. If you cut out some photos and lined them up, her beauty was enough for anyone to fall at first sight.

But unlike the photos, a raw odor wafted around the real Natasha, so most men would let out a groan before they could set eyes on her.
I bent backwards, doing my best not to groan.

“Oh, Dan. Why are you pinching your nose?”
“… Because I just farted.”
“Oh, how vulgar.

Even like this, I had manners. It wasn’t by much, but I couldn’t bring myself to tell my old superior that she smelled.
But seeing her join me in pinching her nose with a troubled look on her face, I got the urge to punch something.

“So what is in that insect cage?”
I pointed at the contained under the sofa. Even now, something was rummaging through it.
“Ah, that’s, you see. It’s something my father sent me just the other day. Had I ever told you what sort of work my father was doing?”
“Yes, if I recall, he had a job in trade or such.”

This person held many things beside a good face and education. Even if her law office went into the red, her family had enough assets for me to put the word ‘extremely’ before ‘wealthy’.
She herself held a number of estates, and her businessman brother was the proprietor of the most successful enterprise in this country.
She had a majority of everything that would make people jealous. Looking at Boss Natasha’s social standing alone, I’m sure many would be envious.
Truly… no really, why does she smell so bad? As a daughter of a good family, didn’t she ever learn to wash her body once a day?

“It’s you see, a roach father found in the jungles of the country he’s working in.”
“Throw it away at once.”
“N-no. Perhaps it’s a rare species that’s yet to have been documented.”
“It’s fine. If it’s those guys, they can make it as strays in this town.
“Urrgh, as always, you say some heartless things… if you didn’t have that part of you, you’d be quite the cute boy, Dan.”

… Shut it. Daggit, do we have any insecticide?

I looked around the room, but to the bug fancier slash attorney Natasha, that such a weapon didn’t exist in her office was a fact I learned painfully well back when I was working here.

Returning to the matter at hand. Anyways, it didn’t seem talks were proceeding at all, so I carried the cockroach-ridden bug cage to another room. Because I recalled how she had suddenly burst into tears when I melted down her treasured slug with salt.
Nothing good will come of throwing it out. And…

… When this person cries, she’s really loud.

While I was at it, I drove the boss to the shower room, and ordered her to wash her body. I’m sure if she washed a bit, that raw stench would go away.

I opened the window and flipped the exhaust fan’s switch. A roaring sound began to come from the ceiling.

From the shower room, I could hear Boss Natasha’s shrill singing voice alongside the sound of running water.

“… I guess I should clean.

I knew where the broom and dust cloth were kept. Back when I worked here as well, these misc tasks weren’t part of my job description, but the office was helplessly dirty, so I had done some thorough cleans of my own.

The book shelves and window frames, I polished the room down to its corners, and after wringing out the dust cloth again, I approached her desk to find the documents she had been reading lain out.

When I took them in hand, a single photo fell out of the papers.

With some childish innocence still remaining, it reflected a single young girl.

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  1. Aoitenshi says:

    Eeh, I’m confused whether the guy is capable as a lawyer or not.


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