Visitations (7)

I took the photo in hand and inspected it.

At first glance, I thought her a beauty, but observing closer, I found her eyes were sunk in, her skin was rugged, her black hair unevenly cut, and seeing all parts of her gruff appearance, rather than a young girl, it held the impact as if I was looking straight at a wild beast.

… Who is this?

A name was written on the documents that came with the picture.

Defendant: Claudia Rheinland, Age 18(?), Occupation Unknown, Residence Unknown,

Charge: Murder

“Murder? Did she kill someone?”

I inspected the photo again. The girl’s sharp eyes as if attempting to make an enemy of the entire world, were staring at me.

… I really wouldn’t like to get this girl to hate me.

Even so, I thought.
Her cold looks and unknown address. No matter how you looked at her, she was a vagrant.

The nation of Grimbeld was surrounded by treacherous mountains, an existence like a solitary island in the middle of land.
Because of that solid wall of nature, there hadn’t been a war that could be called a war in the past hundred years.

Of course, if you trace history further back, this country surrounded by other great powers was easy to make the spark for war. It seems vicious fights of blood for blood had unfolded here.

The reason Grimbeld didn’t intervene in war was to avoid that situation from repeating. While it was called a land of peace, it’s true identity lay out the condition of not supporting any other country to take distance from war; a den of cowardice.

But because of that, there was no war, and we’d developed all the way to be players in the global economy.

Even in that ten-year war, when not only the major powers, the other surrounding nations formed an alliance to participate, Grimbeld alone didn’t lift a hand, for by not allying with anyone, this country was one that had earned the peace of neutrality.

In exchange, this country had become an exceedingly convenient environment for criminals and anti-socials.

By not allying with anyone, even if something happened, we wouldn’t cooperate with anyone. Even if a criminal came in from abroad, not only would this country refuse to help out with the search, they wouldn’t even concede any relevant information.

The criminals that fled to this country that hated the slightest contact with others, as long as they didn’t commit a crime in these land, they would likely never be arrested or punished.

Otherwise assertive in economic transactions and cultural exchanges, Grimbeld was constantly aiming to hold neutrality in law and politics, in regards to foreign involvement, refusing no matter the case.

To wish for a peaceful country, they had chosen the path of solitude. That was the sort of land we were in.

So at times, these troublesome folks came out.

These vagrants of unknown residence and occupation. No matter how great their sins of the past, even if they were the demon lord, this country would be the one to write off their sins and let them live a new life.

I won’t say everyone immigrating to this country was like that, but when you take into account how approximately fifty percent of this country’s criminals are immigrants, you have to nod your head.

Coming all the way to another country only to rack up crimes again. The environment didn’t matter. In the end of it all, what one find’s happiness changes their personality, and as long as they don’t put in the effort, nothing will come of it.

At the very least, that’s how I see it. That’s how I’d lived up to now, and why no matter the terrible situation ahead of me, I wouldn’t continue moving forward.


“Whoo! My first shower in a while felt nice!”

The one who opened the door, her voice intermingles with a fiery hum was Boss Natasha. Her blond hair was lightly moist, with steam spreading up from her head.

“Boss, what sort of attire is that?”
“Eh? Is it strange?”

I inspected her clothing.

The towel around her shoulders hung loosely, hiding her pale chest.
But nothing else.

The droplets of water made their way down to the base of her back, eventually meeting shorts of pink cloth and red ribbons.

Perhaps because the shorts were too small, or because her proportions were needlessly extravagant, it clenched tight on her form.

“This is a workplace, you know.”
“A valid point, but I’m the only one here.”
“I’m here. Look, quickly go and change.”

I lobbed the change of clothes I had prepared beforehand at her.
From the start, she always left the shower like that, so I always had a change prepared.

It had startled me at first, but I was already used to it.

“What a pain. Dan, I’m changing, so could you…”
“Just get dressed already.”

I kicked her into the dressing room and closed the door. From within, I could hear a groan of, ‘I might awaken to something’ but ignored it.

Looking on her from the side, she looked like an exceptional idiotic person. That’s surely how she looked, but this genuine eccentric female attorney; for some reason I could never abandon her.

I looked at the photo on the desk again.

I’d seen time and again how she saved people like these at their times of crises.

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  1. Dragnor425 says:

    “From within, I could hear a groan of, ‘I might awaken to something’ but ignored it.”

    Ay lmao

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    t0 help
    > to help… (this one was quite tricky)

    spreading up form her head
    > from

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