Visitations (8)

“So anyways…”

Wiping her post-shower moist blond hair with a towel, Boss Natasha sat in her chair. Because of the light streaming in behind her, I couldn’t make out her expression.

I had returned all the documents to her desk, taking a seat on the receptions sofa.

“What business do you have with me today?”

The rancid stench was gone. More than that, I could smell something sweet.

“To cut to the chase, please give me work.”
“Work? But we specialize in criminal cases over here. Didn’t you hate those sorts of jobs?”

She said as she touched her lightly pigmented lips with a finger. As always, her forehead wrinkled, and her eyes narrowed, and at a glance, one might think she may be displeased, but I knew.

In most cases where she made that face, she was pleased.

… When she was truly in a bad mood, this woman would go expressionless. More so, that one was scarier.

“I’m fine with anything. I’m just a little troubled with money right now, so if possible, I’d like an easy job where anyone could make a quick buck.”
“Why are your thoughts so NEET-centric? Yeah, a job where you can make a quick buck…”

Boss Natasha’s eye level dropped.

… What was she looking at?

At the end of her glance were the papers I had just returned to her desk.

“Truth be told, I’m juggling two cases right now.”

Natasha spoke.

“The first looks like it’ll take a while, but it will definitely pay out. The other one will end quickly, but it won’t make you any money. I’d like to prioritize the latter.”

Meaning a job that paid, and one that did not.
In my head, I wondered which category the vagrant on the desk fell into.

Now then, what should I do.
To be honest, I don’t really like criminal cases. The payment is never that great, and it’s easy for the matters to drag out. What’s more, this country’s police force were a skilled lot.

Most indictments ended with a certain guilty verdict. There was barely any chance of winning over a not guilty.

To say more, there was also a problem on the client side. Clients with money generally had skilled legal advisors of their own.

So the cases a fresh, connectionless, poor attorney with nothing but the necessities of life gathered together could take were all incidents raised by the penniless paupers.

In the past when I worked under her, I had defended nothing but those moneyless criminals.
I learned at that time. There’s no need to save the weak.

Each and everyone one of them had any number of chances to reform themselves. No, to go even further, they didn’t even have to resort to crime.

Regardless of however many better options were around them, they had sinned only to satisfy their own cravings.

No righteousness. No worth in saving. Even less worth in me saving them. If they wanted to do something so badly, they should do it themselves.

I’m sure that photo girl from who knows where wasn’t much different from the others.

So if possible, I don’t want to take that case.

That appearance, and history. The accused in the photo didn’t look as if she had enough funds to hire a lawyer.

And… I looked at Natasha sitting in the large boss chair.

That woman was a soft soul who found her life’s meaning in helping those sorts.

I’m sure the case she’s currently held up with is the murder incident that uncertain address girl had brought about.
I’m sure that’s the incident that will end soon, but won’t make for any money.

If that’s the case, while it’ll take some time, I’ll just have to take the paying job.
I made up my mind.

“Understood. You have your own work, so I’ll help out with that long-term job.”
“Really? That’s a bit help. Truth be told, my hands are full helping out my brother.”

… Hm? Brother?

I reached into my memory. If I recall correctly, this person’s brother managed the most successful company in the nation.

“Um, could I ask something…”
“Go right ahead.”
“What sort of job are you doing?”
“Hmm… what should I do. It’s client information for argument’s sake, so it’s basic principle not to divulge it, but I doubt it matters. The truth is, and it’s quite an embarrassing tale, you see my brother, he was sued.”
“Look, you know about him, right? My brother’s always been a strange one.”
“And so, one of his strange hobbies is wearing womens’ underwear. He says it helps him calm down.”
“Dan, you haven’t been saying anything but ‘what’ for a while now. Don’t you have anything else to say?”
“I’m giving the appropriate reaction. In what world do you find a first-rate enterprise’s president with those sorts of perversions?”
“That is a misunderstanding.”
“I hope so.”
“Almost all first-rate enterprise presidents are perverts.”
“So that was the misunderstanding!?”
My head was starting to hurt. It’s over for this country.
“Ah, you don’t believe me. I’m telling the truth!”

Puffing up her cheeks, Boss Natasha went on.

“Anyways, that brother is currently being sued for sexual harassment.
“What did he do specifically?”
“Stole a maid’s panties.”
“Don’t say it to me. I’m defending that brother.”
“And he stole them? Why did he steal? If he asked, I’m sure she’d have handed them over. No matter how perverted, he’s still rich. Didn’t he think of paying money for them?”

Well, that would be a problem in itself though.

“In my brothers words, stealing them excites him”
“He’s a genuine pervert.”
“There’s no falsifying the symptoms of perverts. All perverts are genuine.”

Natasha let out a sigh.

“Anyways, I’m busy. I have to go off and hear the situation from Satti.”
“Who’s this Satti?”
“Our maid. She’s been working in our house for over five years. An extremely cute girl, I tell you.”
“And what happened to that Satti?”
“That Satti’s panties were stolen.”

Natasha grieved. “Satti, why did you have to sue him this time around? You’d always laughed it off and forgiven him… you think we can reach a settlement?”

“So he’s not a first-time offender.”
“Of course not. My brother’s always been a pervert. When I was a kid, I had mine stolen a lot. Thinking back, they’re nice memories, you know.”

… Maybe I should be happy I didn’t take up that case.

I spoke to the boss. “Understood. I’ve heard enough. Then could you tell me about the case I’m in charge of?”

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3 Responses to Visitations (8)

  1. Jalil Ahmed says:

    Curious if perversion is inherited or not…..but hell most likely at least one parent will be like that


  2. Aoitenshi says:

    Trying hard to prevent myself from waking my neighbors up.


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