Witness Stand (6) Prosecution’s Rebuttal

“First, about the CDs we prepared this time around, these are the victim’s employer, a security dispatch firm’s standard medium for preserving records.”

Prosecutor Schaefer took out the previous CDs, holding them up high two per hand. The gallery’s eyes gathered on those four disks, but no matter how you looked at them, they were nothing but normal compact disks.

They didn’t look to be anything special. And that would mean…

“From what I can see, they’re exactly what you could find on the market. Even an amateur could easily edit and burn to one.”

In regards to my cynicism, the prosecutor clicked her tongue. The judge was making a doubtful face, but she paid it absolutely no mind.

“This is why amateurs are troublesome.” The prosecutor left the fact she was an amateur herself on the shelves.

She had always been bad with machines. I’d like to divulge her misdeeds of law school, but now wasn’t the time, so I decided to put it off to later.

As much as she hated magic, she wasn’t loved by machines. When you think about it, she was living a calamity of a life, that girl.

“First off, this CD isn’t available commercially. It’s a made-to-order of the security firm. Once the recording starts on one of these disks, until the end of recording, it is impossible to even lay a hand on it. You can’t stop it in the middle of recording, and it’s impossible to overwrite any data recorded on it.”

I put my question do mouth. “Then what happens in case of emergency?”

“For example, an accident, or calamity, or some sudden event that makes it impossible to record, what happens to the CD then”
“In any sudden accident that causes recording to become impossible, for example, the camera is destroyed, or the power goes out making operation impossible, the record is considered complete.  You will never be able to store a new recording on that CD.”

“But,” I continued on, “And this is just an amateur’s thoughts, but as long as you manage to change the permissions on it, won’t anyone be able to alter it?”

“You really are an amateur,” said the prosecutor in a belittling expression.

… And so are yooou. Why are you suddenly acting like an expert?

“Any modification on this CD is impossible. That is because a defensive magic has been cast onto it. I doubt you’d understand if I explained it, so why not test it out?”

Prosecutor Schaefer took a new CD different from the evidence pieces, walked around the prosecution desk, and stood at the center of the courtroom.

She dropped the CD in her hands to the color. After letting out a single clang, it reflected light from the floor as it fell to its side.

… What is she trying to do?

To answer my question, Prosecutor Schaefer raised her right knee. Because of that, her skirt came with it, and her pale thigh was exposed.

On the sudden occurrence, the court sketch artist open his eyes as far as they went, without stopping his brush, wholeheartedly creating something on his canvas.

… I’m sure he was drawing Kate’s bare leg. Really, someone fire that guy.

The female prosecutor lowered her foot, smashing the CD with all her might. Her sharp heal stabbed in, and I heard a dull thud of impact.

By the way, from her student days, Cate had a habit of fashioning metal into her heels. For anti-molester defense, apparently.
Combating molesters is fine and all, but regardless of the few times she was taken in for inflicting bodily harm, that she still continued wearing them could either be called daring or barbaric. Take your pick.

She stepped on the CD as if it were her mortal foe, again and again. But for some reason, without being able to inflict a single scratch to it, it continued sparkling and reflecting light as it had been doing for a while now.

“Everyone, this is the power of magic.” Cate elegantly spread her hands, and turned to the gallery.

Whoooh! Some words of admiration rose, but let me say it clearly. Most of them were watching the girl’s shapely legs that appeared whenever she lifted her heels. They could care less about the magic.

When she dropped the CD, all she had to do was let it go from her hands. But picking it up was a separate issue.

In a skirt that short, how did she plan on retrieving it? I had a somewhat bad premonition.

On the excited sidelong glances of the men in the gallery, Cate promptly made her way to the prosecution desk, and spoke without care. “Eugene, retrieve it.”

“Yes ma’am,” replied prosecutorial assistant Eugene, as he went to retrieve it like a faithful dog. He did bend down with his backside in the air to retrieve it, but the men of the gallery weren’t particularly surprised by that, and for some reason, they seemed disappointed.

I ignored them entirely, calling Eugene over. ”Could you show that to me?”

“Eh?” Eugene raised a voice of surprise, but as the prosecutor said, “Very well. Look at it all you want, Mr.. Lawyer,” he hurriedly came over to me, said, “Um, here,” and blushed for some reason as he handed me the CD.

… What? I looked at it closely as I held it in hand, but besides its glittering lustre, no matter what angle you looked at it, it was a normal CD. Around the size of my palm, and besides the round hole in its center, its lack of characteristics was its greatest characteristic.

“If you want, you can keep it.”

… There are still some in stock, the prosecutor said, and continued on.

“As long as magic is protecting it, that disk won’t accept any sort of interference from the outside. If you try to forcefully edit its contents, it will be guarded by magic. As long as the magic still protects them, no one would ever be able to alter the footage stored on these CDs.”

… Any further complaints, Mr. Lawyer? She tied it all together.

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