Witness Stand (7) Defense’s Rebuttal

“So the CD’s exterior is protected by magic. No one is able to alter them, you say?”

In regards to my question, the prosecutor answered, “Exactly.”

“But if it’s defense magic, wouldn’t it be possible to dispel it? Did they cast something so strong it could never be undone?”
“The defense magic cast by the security firm isn’t particularly strong. So if you wanted to, you could undo the CD’s defenses with over-the-counter magic cancellers.”

She continued on. “But the proof is in that none of these CDs have had their defensive magics disabled.”

“How can you be so sure? If it’s low-level magic, anyone could have used a canceller to undo it.”
“Have you forgotten, Mr. Lawyer?”

After sending me a single menacing glare, Prosecutor Schaefer’s mouth formed a thin smile.

“All the evidence submitted in today’s trial has been subjected to magic parsing by the magic theory research lab. As a result, they didn’t find any signs of cancelling magic used on any of the CDs. All they found was defense magic.”

The prosecutor let out a sigh. “It’s no longer the era where magic is everything, Mr. Lawyer.”

“If you use magic, it will leave a trace without fail. A clear and vivid one. Those that think to use magic to commit the perfect crime should just crash into the wall of the new era, and get themselves locked up in jail.”

The judge closed his eyes, and gave some deep nods.

I’m sure that judge had sat through a number of perfect crimes through magic.

Establishing proof for a crime committed with magic was exceedingly difficult. No matter how mush hardships they put into capturing an atrocious culprit, that they couldn’t even be prosecuted due to insufficient evidence was the darkness the department of justice had been carrying for many years.

… But magic parsing, eh?

It seems the magic theory lab was quite the powerful weapon to the prosecutors and police.

It’s not like I have an intent to affirm criminals. I think it’s best they get caught, and if they found a useful investigation tool to detect them, I’ll celebrate it.

… Magic parsing is useful. Is there any way I can use it?

“As a result of magic parsing, there was no signs of any magic used on the disks. There’s no mistaking that?”
“You sure are persistent. Isn’t that what I’ve been saying? How about it? Are you still suspecting us of illegal investigation?”

Prosecutor Schaefer looked at the judge. “M’lud, no matter when or where we may be, we make honesty and fairness our motto, using the right investigative means to take criminals in. Illegal investigation? Perish the thought.”

“Hmm,” a part of the judge’s expression looked relieved, as he brushed his tufty white beard and spoke. “That does indeed seem to be the case.”

“I’ll ask just in case, but when was the magic parsing carried out? After the footage was checked? Or before it? ”

The prosecutor went expressionless for a moment, before seemingly sensing my intent, and bursting into a smile.

“Magic parsing was done twice. First, when we retrieved the evidence, and next when we presented them to the court. The results of both analyses were the same. To make sure no one did anything unfair after the parsing took place, the prosecutors always impose a perfect system.”

And for some reason, she stuck out her chest in pride.

… It’s not like I was trying to get you into a trap or anything.

But I’ve learned a few nice things.

Magic parsing, the contradiction in the security cameras, and what intrigued me more than anything, Claudia’s unnatural movements on screen.

“Then let’s look over the security camera footage once more. This time, we have the defendant to check with.”

I looked at Claudia on the witness stand. She wasn’t crying anymore. But her face was red, as she looked over this way with a troubled look on her face.

It somewhat felt as if I was looking at a stray cat that’d lost its way, and had no idea what to do.

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