Witness Stand (10) The Accused

“After defeating the demon lord… I was so tired…”

All those in the court lent an ear to her words. The inquisitive looks from the gallery were strongest, and behind her, as she stood on the stand, they held a pressure as if they’d pierce her through.

But even so, she continued in her tottering tone. “I… spent the night there.”

“… What?”

Crap. I actually said that out loud. But while I don’t mean to defend myself, I don’t think that sort of reaction was unreasonable, to be honest.
Claudia’s words had caused quite the inexpressibly dubious atmosphere to shroud the court.

… Bang! A desk was harshly banged upon. Naturally, it was Prosecutor Schaefer.

She was looking down with her shoulders shaking, but it didn’t seem that she was laughing. It I had to say…

“What are you talking about? You mean to say you spent a carefree night at the murder scene?”

… If I had to say, the female prosecutor had completely snapped.

“N-no. I was, um… not there, somewhere further in…”

Overpowered by Prosecutor Schaefer, Claudia’s already-small voice became even harder to hear.

… Even so, what is the meaning of this, I wonder.

I recalled the footage at the viewing platform. I don’t think that was the sort of place Claudia could spend a night.

But Claudia had been living a life where camping was only natural, so perhaps the place didn’t really matter?

No, that’s wrong. That isn’t it. To she who lived a life naturally camping within a forest of monsters, the viewing platform wasn’t the proper place for her to sleep.

A place where she could best ensure her safety should be the easiest place for her to feel at ease.

On the female prosecutor’s voice comprised of rage, I saw Claudia keep the sword on her person, embracing it tightly with both hands. It looked like my conjecture wasn’t wrong.

Within Claudia’s cowering motions, she occasionally sent imploring glances my way.

I don’t think I can pacify this prosecutor. I’ve got to defend her statement somehow, or her testimony will have been for nothing.

But how?

A place she could easily feel at ease. Such a place… wasn’t there only one?

I remembered my conversation with the boss the other day. The hotel that became the crime scene was…

“There is a cliff behind the hotel that became the scene of the crime,” I said to Prosecutor Schaefer, and went on.

“Westminster Hotel is a tourist hotel merged in with the cliff. So it has an entrance both on the ground floor, and on the roof. Did you know that?”

“And what are you trying to say by that?”

I swiftly responded to her query.

“There is a forest that stretches out on top of the cliff. Isn’t it likely that the defendant crossed from the roof to the clifftop, and camped the night out there?”

“Hoh. That sure is a strange hotel.”

The judge raised a hysteric voice, before going on.

“Hm, then let us ask the defendant. Did you move from the hotel’s roof to the clifftop, and spend the night in the forest over there?”

After hearing it to the end, Claudia gave a nod.

“Hmm, so you did,” Prosecutor Schaefer crossed her arms, her manner of speech becoming rougher.

It seems she was irritated. She undid her arms, and hit the table before speaking.

“And so? Just what is the defense trying to prove with that testimony?”

“Of course, that would be the existence of the third party. From that testimony, it should be more than clear that a third party was caught on that security camera.”

… We’ve just proven that.

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2 Responses to Witness Stand (10) The Accused

  1. anzw312 says:

    So i went from reading sabre no yuusha no narigari to Ace Attorney : This time its fantasy. But the story is really good and engaging so no problem there i guess. If the defense wins then that’s a major boost to his rep so his firm would flourish so ganbatte!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Isnt this leading defendant/witness?


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