Witness Stand (14) Calling a Witness

… Only one?

The female prosecution’s phrasing was full of implication. So I couldn’t go about not pursuing it.

“The prosecution has claimed that there was no trace of the security footage being modified from the outside. Sure enough, I’m convinced no third party would be able to change or fabricate. The stored footage or time stamp, but there’s plenty of room for falsification of the date.”

I took my eyes off of the female prosecutor who wouldn’t say another word, and pleaded to the judge.

“If the date is only written on when the recorded CDs are stored in a case, there’s no need for any special magic. Anyone could have altered the date.”

And I said at the end.

“The defense requests to summon a witness. There’s a need for us to hear the testimony of all the hotel’s security from the day of the crime- the 10th and 11th – and the 12th .”

“Hm, summoning witnesses, is it?” The judge made a stern expression, touching his white beard. “As long as there is a problem with the evidence, it’s true there is a need to examine their opinions, but Prosecutor Schaefer? Is there anything you wish to add?”

For some reason, Prosecutor Schaefer wouldn’t say a single room. That was contrarily ominous, and I had lost track of whether I was truly cornering Cate or now.

… No, there’s no doubt it’s a terrible truth for the prosecution.

But would that really be something convenient for me?

Sensing my question, the prosecutor finally opened her heavy mouth towards the judge.

“M’lud, the prosecution accepts the defense’s request.”

… What?
Her expression was one as if her hesitation had finally cleared up. Cate lost power in her shoulders, and after letting out a deep breath, she raised her head, and spoke.

“We will summon all hotel security present on the day of the crime. If we hear their testimony, I’m sure M’lud will be satisfied… with the defendant’s guilt.”

The moment she uttered those last words, the hair of my body stood on end.

What was she talking about?

The evidence up to not was plenty to put me at the advantage, yet she still had something?

“Originally, I had planned to call one as a witness for this trial, but he declined the summons, so I wasn’t able to get his testimony. Of course, at the time, there wasn’t any special reason to call him, so there was no helping it.”

Prosecutor Schaefer carried on with a regretful face. But it was starting to stink terribly, terrible of bad acting.

“However, now that a need has come for us to investigate the evidence, the witness has an obligation to come to court. If summoned as a witness, they won’t be able to decline. It looks like I can finally invite him to the court.”

… Mr. Lawyer, thank you for going out of your way to summon a witness, said Prosecutor Schaefer with an especially bright smile.

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3 Responses to Witness Stand (14) Calling a Witness

  1. Who the witness might be ? Ahaha this is fun.


  2. Aoitenshi says:

    he declined the summos
    > summons


  3. Aoitenshi says:

    Here I thought mentioning about the CD order would already spell the end of things.


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