Opening Statements (6)

“Now then,” said Prosecutor Schaefer, as she took a new CD in hand. “This will be the last one.”

She slotted the disk into the port installed on the prosecution desk.

… So this is the end. What does she plan to show us last?

A new scenery was shown on the air-projecting display. The static changed to a monochrome image, and at the side of the scene was the digital clock display I was becoming accustomed to.

“This is the footage of a camera stationed to survey a passage on the first floor,” explained Prosecutor Schaefer in a mildly business-like tone. “This surveillance camera shows not only the hotel, but a portion of the outside scenery. The point I wish to draw to everyone’s attention is here.”

The courtroom was dim, and the display was the only light source, but there, a new light was added on.
Prosecutor Schaefer turned the remote she held in one hand towards the screen, and from it, a red laser shot out. ‘Twas a laser pointer.

The park was right outside the hall, and as the entire wall was glass, the outside scenery was plainly visible even from inside.

The laser pointer pointed around the center of the screen; a small red dot appeared. As Prosecutor Schaefer moved the remote in spinning motions, the red dot twirled around the screen to match, eventually resting on a large statue in the park’s center.

It was the same statue the boss showed me the other day, the form of the warrior straddling a giant horse was the same as I’d seen it in the photo. Perhaps because of the monochrome, or because this image was filmed at the dead of the night, the impression it gave off was somewhat different to how I remembered it.

… Ah, I see. It’s the snow.

The photo I saw in the boss’ office was taken looking up at it from below, but this footage was straight from a hotel hallway. As the hotel camera was set to tape the corridor, it couldn’t help but be positioned to take in images looking down from above, causing a different impression in the overall atmosphere from the photo.
When taken from above, the state of the ground was easy to see, and the horse’s hooves were completely coated in snow.

The rest of the statue was the same, and looking closely, the warrior’s head and shoulders were covered in it.

… Come to think of it, it was snowing on the 11th. Though I don’t remember clearly.
But by the time this footage was taken, it seems the snow had already stopped as the stars glistened through the clear night sky.

With that much snow piled up outside, I’m sure it was considerably cold. Of course, to a statue without and blood flowing through it, the temperature didn’t matter, and the warrior in the center of the video would always be gallantly raising his swords to the heavens.

“This passageway is…”

The prosecutor paused the footage momentarily, moving her pointed to highlight the passage.

“It’s connected to the hall with the elevators. Meaning right above this park is the scene of the crime, the viewing platform.”

Hearing that, I felt a bad premonition.
Looking at the side of the screen, I saw the digital clock hit 21:27.
27, 28, 29… once it hit 30, it happened.

It was all so sudden I didn’t even have the chance to blink.
A person suddenly appeared at the top of the screen. That figure was falling at an immense speed, colliding straight into the sword the warrior held in the air.

The figure’s arms had been held out, its feet pointed at the ground falling in a cross-like shape. Hitting the sword, one of its arms was severed at the joint.

Once the arm flew off, the figure first turned sideways in the air before doing a rotation. Blood spouted from the severed portion, and as the blood poured out, the body did a spin, making it look as if it were a human firework. But that body now had only one arm, and the other had long fallen to the snow-covered ground.

The white snow was stained a darker shade. If it weren’t monochrome, I’m sure it would be the red of fresh blood.

It wasn’t just the arm that fell to the ground, naturally, the body was also falling by gravity, but by the impact with the sword, the body’s falling point was set off, and after hitting the hedge, it rebounded, and fell onto the other side.

The hedge was cut into a rectangular shape, and its surface was white from the snow, but the one part the body hit lost its coating and looked black on film.

It was much too cruel, too fresh, and a scene somewhat removed from reality.

No one said a word, as silence took up the court. Time alone passed in vain.
Eventually, the court’s lights were lit, my vision turning bright. The air projecting display in the court’s center went transparent form the ceiling lights, but after the prosecution hit a switch, it went out in the blink of an eye.

“That is all. That is how the event transpired. I will now go on to read the written indictment.”

Prosecutor Schaefer wasn’t smiling anymore. The look in her eyes was sharp as she stared at Claudia… no, I’m sure Cate wasn’t even looking at her as a person anymore.

She was treating her as a simple inhuman criminal.

In order to hand down a guilty to the accused, the prosecution started establishing the defendant.

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3 Responses to Opening Statements (6)

  1. BalthasarHohenheim says:

    Wow that Prosecutor is evil. From the Video fotage alone you can see that there is something wrong, but not only does she not care, she even cuts important information out!

    The “victim” enters at 21:17, then starts to do interact with something over the edge of the platform around 21:30. The assault happens at 21:37 with the “victim” dropping some time later (1 or 2 minutes?), followed by his hat jet another a few moment later.
    But the body drops at 21:30!

    The girl has the habit to press “close door” before the floor number and the “victim” just straight presses the floor number. And jet the “girl” in the third CD does straight presses the floor number!
    Not to mention that she apparently spend about 2,5 hours up there after the murder?!
    The timeframe that was skiped on the 2nd CD was the one the girls should have left according to the first CD.

    Liked by 2 people

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