Negotiations (3)

“Hey, Mr Lawyer.”

For some reason, Claudia was calling me a mister.

“What’s bizznes?”

“Business is business. It means my evil schemes.”

Claudia puckered her lips, and made a doubtful face. Perhaps my jokes had gone a bit too far.

“That was a figure of speech. It’s not like I’m actually going to do anything evil. I’ll be doing things that are to both of our benefits.”

“… But I can’t do anything. I don’t know anything. My head isn’t as good as yours, and like that person…”

Claudia averted her eyes, and shut her mouth.

… That person?

“I’m not as eloquent as her.”

… Ah, you mean Cate. Come to think of it, she beat us black and blue in court.

“I won’t be… any use.”

When she had finally regained her spirit, Claudia made a depressing face once more.

“It’s not like you have to force yourself.”

If possible, I’d like her to, but perhaps it’s best I don’t ask too much of her. I continued on.

“If you have to margin to take extenuating circumstance into consideration, I’ll use it as a weapon to defend, and if there’s a problem with the prosecution, taking a stab at it is my job.”

“Does that person… make any mistakes?”

“She doesn’t. It’s the system making the mistakes. That female prosecutor is an irritating one with a twisted spirit, but she does her prosecutor job properly. She’ll submit the most trivial piece of evidence if she finds it, and even if there’s an evidence or testimony that will be a huge minus to the prosecution’s case, she’ll take it up front. She doesn’t run or hide, and she doesn’t intentionally conceal anything. Even if there’s a disadvantageous evidence or testimony, that female prosecutor won’t hide it, and if the other side objects, she’ll properly listen to them.”

… There aren’t many people that can do that. Yet why are they all such unpleasant folks, I wonder. Or so I complained, in lament.

“But I… don’t think I like that person.”

As she behaved nervously, I  whispered a secret to her.
“neither do I.”

Hiding, and speaking ill of people behind their backs was somewhat embarrassing.
It felt as if I had returned to my childhood, but seeing Claudia awkwardly raise an embarrassed laugh, I felt it might not be bad to go back to being a kid.

“I have to thank her for that,” I went on.

“It’s because Cate submitted all evidence at the scene, that we were able to find this thread to a turnabout.”

“Turnabout, is it?”

I put a pause on my words, taking a careful look at her.

The sharp look in her eyes, maybe because she had calmed down, had become a calm look.

The wrinkle on her forehead was gone, and an overall mild impression had begun emanating from her.

As she used her blue eyes to look at me in wonder, I finally got to the main matter at hand.

“There’s no mistaking that night, right?”

I pushed through with force. Her spine stiffened, as she lent an ear to my words.

“There’s no mistaking that you headed for the scene, the hotel, on November 10th, right?”

“There’s no mistake.”

She said it clearly. Her tone without the slightest hesitation made me finally come to the conclusion I trust her.

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