The Events of the 10th (2)

“After you attacked the victim, it seems you headed for the forest behind the roof, but could you tell me what happened in detail?”

I posed her the question. Her clear blue eyes blinked a few times, looking at the ceiling as she answered. “I was in a trance at the time.”

“It was the most fulfilling feeling I’d ever experienced in all my life, and I felt as if I could do anything. After the demon lord fell to the other side of the parapet, my body suddenly felt tired, and I wanted to rest. So I headed for the forest.”

A normal person, I thought.

If there was a normal person here, perhaps they would take some actions out of shock.

Fleeing from the scene, or erasing the evidence.

But did Claudia really do absolutely nothing of the sort?

Why? Was the answer that she didn’t think killing the demon lord was a bad thing, more so she thought it was for the good of the world?

It was the first time she was in the outside world. The tension and stimulation caused an excess secretion of adrenaline.

No, was it the opposite? Do people become emotional because of the adrenaline?

… It doesn’t matter, really.

Having killed the demon lord, she had achieved her goal. With her sense of values as the base, she had done the right thing. If she had done something bad, she’d try to hide it, but since she did something good, there was no need to. That’s why without fleeing from the scene, she didn’t even hide any evidence.

And she took some rest.

“I’ve never been to the scene.” With that preface, I asked a question.

“Is there any sort of bridge between the hotel and the forest?”

“There wasn’t anything like that. That hotel’s back was fused right into the cliff face, and just by walking from the roof, I was able to reach the forest on top of the cliff.”

“I see. So you spent the night there, and went down the next morning?”

“… Yes. At the eighth hour of the 11th. Um, I took the hotel’s elevator.”

“Can you prove it?”

I ended up asking, but thinking closely, there was the surveillance camera in the elevator, so if I wanted to prove it, I just needed to check the footage.

But as I left some space for an answer, Claudia stared at the ceiling a while in thought, before answering.

“Um, perhaps the people who rode down with me could verify it.”

“Rode with you?”

.. She was with someone else in the elevator?

Seeing through my question, Claudia’s pale skin turned pink in embarrassment, her body fidgeting as she answered.

“Um, I… didn’t know how to operate an elevator to go downwards, so I rode down with someone else who was on the viewing platform.”

“… O-oh, I see.”

Come to think of it, that had become a point of discussion in the trial. When I was the one who raised the objection, I had completely forgotten.

“I followed behind a white-haired elder man, and a plump elder woman.”

She mumbled to herself with a slight downcast look, so I made sure of it. “Is there no doubt about it?”

“Yes, I can still remember their faces clearly. So if you call for them…”

Probably, with her memory prowess, she remembered them in considerable detail.

But I wasn’t her. It would be next to impossible to find them.

… Though it was a good hint.

“In yesterday’s trial, you saw the footage of the 12th, right?”

“… Yes.”

“Did you see those people in that film?”

In no time at all, Claudia responded. “No.

“They weren’t there,” Claudia said clearly. “I didn’t ride the elevator on the 12th. It was the 11th.”

As she frantically let out her words, I spoke. “Understood… I’ll believe you.

“Thenk you for telling me everything.”

I stood from my seat. Claudia raised her face to look at me. Her muddled blue eyes were begging that I stay here a while longer.

“I’ll trust the testimony you just gave. But the others won’t believe it. There isn’t any evidence, so I need to go look for it. Will you wait for me?”

A strange silence continued a while. She didn’t take her eyes off of me, and I also stared intently at her eyes.

“… Will… you come again?”

“Yes, I’ll come. Until then, anything is fine. Please try to remember something.”

I tried to leave the visiting room, when I suddenly noticed something.

“Come to think of it, about that journal. Why is it over?”


When I turned, I found Claudia had stood, and her hand was on the doorknob. She turned back to me.

“Remember, at the start of the journal entry, you wrote that you would be ending it there, didn’t you?”

“Oh, that. It’s because I don’t have any more pages to write on.”

Claudia closed her eyes.

“The journal at my house… at first, there were lots of blank pages. But as I kept writing in it every day, the white space gradually went away, and that was the final page I had.”

“I’ll buy you a new one. Continue writing.”

… See you soon, I waved my hand to her, and left the room.

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6 Responses to The Events of the 10th (2)

  1. Trash says:

    If I buy Yoraikun a new one, would he continue typing?


  2. Somniens says:

    Thanks for the chapters!!! This has caught my interest, and despite the stressful reading the change of pace is great ^^

    I look forward to future chapters ^^

    Thanks for the translation Yoraikun ^^


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