Investigation (13) Hotel Guard Room

Slipping out of the entrance hall into a side hallway, I saw the same park scenery as before. The passage’s left side was a normal wall, fashioned with landscape paintings ant the like. The right was made of fully-transparent glass, letting one observe every nook and cranny of the park.

There was the security camera on the ceiling, its light flickering as it recorded the uneventful scene.

… Next is the guard room.

I passed through the passage to the elevator hall. When I pressed the button, the light flashed to indicate a higher floor. It moved from the second floor to the first.

… Was someone up there?

The second floor was the guard room. So if I went there, would I be able to meet a security guard?

Then this is my chance. Even more so if that guard was the one to first discover the body.

When the door opened, I found a robotic space. It was an elevator. Nothing more. What was I expecting?

I stepped onto the elevator, looking at the ceiling. There, a security camera of a different model than the hallway’s was fastened.

Unlike the hall’s one that looked like a camera no matter how you look like it, this one was directly embedded into the ceiling, and dome-like in structure. At a single glance, you wouldn’t be able to notice it was a camera.

… Did Claudia not take her hood off in the elevator because she noticed it?

No, was it just coincidence?

It’s just something I have to verify with the girl in question.

I tucked it away in a corner of my mind. Though I’ve no idea if it’ll lead to some sort of evidence to turn the trial around. I took a photo of the elevator’s security camera as well.

… I ended up taking a photo of my photo being taken.

As I thought over such a trivial thing, I felt the futility of it all.

I pressed the button for the second floor. The door automatically closed, and the elevator started moving. With a bump, the elevator rose, and arrived at the second floor.

The door opened. A step forwards, and I found myself in a dimly-lit passage. I could see spaces nearby from the light leaking out of the elevator, but further in, the darkness grew thicker, and it felt as if I had wandered into a cave.

I proceeded down the passage. A sensor on the ceiling picked up my presence, automatically starting up the fluorescent lights. An orange light lit the path.

… Quite the chic design.

Every time I took a step forward, the next sensor would activate, the lights would turn on, and my surroundings would be illuminated. Once I went away, the fluorescent lights would go out.

Light, dark, light, dark, repeat. After about ten meters of that, I finally spotted the guard room marked, ‘No Unauthorized Personnel Allowed’.

I knocked the door twice, before inviting myself in.

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2 Responses to Investigation (13) Hotel Guard Room

  1. Somniens says:

    Yaaaay!! Thanks ^^

    Can’t help but think they’ll be a cliche epic twist in this overall novel xD


  2. Aoitenshi says:

    , I gounf a robotic space
    > found


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