Investigation (15) Shift Table

By the guard shift table, Andre McHirsh was supposed to be on guard duty November 8th, 9th and 10th.

That aligned right with the day Claudia testified that she came to the hotel.

Claudia arrived on the hotel’s roof November 10th, at nine pm. At that time, she attacked a guard.

If you put this information together logically, the victim should have been this Andre McHirsh.

But the one who was killed was Hal Anderson.

Based on the shift table, Hal Anderson was planned to work the 11th, 12th and 13th.

After that, it went Dominic Lloyd, Andre McHirsh, Hal Anderson, rotating out in that order every three days.

The prosecution claimed Claudia appeared at the hotel on November 11th, stating she killed the victim on that day.

It’s true there were no contradictions there. It was logic without fault. The contradiction was born from Claudia’s testimony.

Who was lying? Or was everyone telling the truth?

And Andre McHirsh. Who was he?

“Um, could I ask you something?” I posed a question to Guard Lloyd. “When exactly in November did Andre McHirsh quit the company?”

“Who knows? If I recall, I heard it was the day before the incident…”

Guard Lloyd touched his unshaven chin, answering as if he was trying to remember something.

… The day before the incident, eh?

“Then would that mean November 10th?”

“Ah, sorry, I made a mistake.”

As if trying his best to recall, Lloyd spoke slowly.

“Right, I remember. It was the 11th. The incident was reported on the 12th, and I heard from my boss he quit the day before that.”

… Because of that, I lost a day of break, he said with a tired expression.

I thought it a bit strange.

By the shift table, Hal Anderson’s shift was until the 13th. If Hal Anderson was killed the 11th as the prosecution claimed, then Lloyd would have lost two days of break, taking up work the 12th, wouldn’t he?

When I put that question to words, Lloyd said, “My boss told me, he wanted me to come starting the 13th. There were people investigating there, so it was fine, he said.”

He traced his memory as he let out his words. Because of that, his sentences were broken piece by piece.

“I don’t know the specifics, but it seems the Public Prosecutors’ Office had made a direct demand for it.”


Why are prosecutors coming out here? A prosecutor’s job was to charge a suspect, and lead them to judgement, wasn’t it?

It’s true that prosecutors had a right to investigate, but that was fundamentally cooperating with the police and providing assistance. It barely ever happened that a prosecutor would intervene with the scene of their own judgement.

… Unless it was an exceptionally special case, a prosecutor would use the evidence the police collected as a base to indict and get a conviction for the culprit. The ones who collected the evidence was the police. The ones who used it were the prosecutors. To the police organization that was strongly territorial, this unwritten rule was an absolute, and a basic law that shouldn’t be violated.

Just what happened. On November 12th. There was some sort of situation that made it so they didn’t want any irrelevant outsiders on the scene.

They were hiding something. But what?

The 12th was the day the report came in. There was only a silent corpse at the scene, and the incident was over.

It’s true the police had an obligation to preserve the scene. But even if they had the power of the state, they couldn’t put a private business completely under their control.

At most, they could make the park and viewing platform off limits. And even that was just in the time slot they were investigating, and as time passed, they’d have to release the place.

The power of the state prosecutors held was only against those who committed illegal activity, and they didn’t have the slightest power against those who did not.

… This wasn’t a dictatorship.

So the prosecutor intervened with the scene? Why?

How puzzling. It’s getting even less comprehensible.

I spotted a door in the corner of the room and asked. “What’s that?”

“Eh? Oh, that’s an elevator.”

“Elevator? Why do you have one in the guard room?”

“That elevator is connected to the monitoring room on the third floor.”

Guard Lloyd pointed upwards. I’m sure his finger was indicating a space beyond the ceiling.

“By monitoring room, you mean the room to watch footage of the surveillance cameras?”

“That’s right.”

I don’t really get it.

“Um, then what about the footage you’re viewing here?”

“Ah, of the footage on the third floor, this is just the important places like the entrance, and roof.”

… This hotel has over a hundred security cameras, so I can’t watch them all at once, said Guard Lloyd, his voice mingled with a sigh.

“In that case, if you go to the third floor, you can see all the footage?”

“Yes, that’s how it is. But the monitoring room is packed full of precision equipment, and there’s little space, so it’s rarely ever used.”

“Hmm, then when is it used?”

“Well let’s see. In emergencies, and when we have to collect the CDs.”

I couldn’t let those last words slide. “Wait a second.”

“The CD exchange is done on the third floor?”

“Yes, that’s right. That’s also part of a security guard’s job.”

I stood from the chair and spoke. “Um, could I go and see the third floor?”

“That’s impossible,” the guard waved his hand dismissively.

“Why’s that?”

“I mean…” Guard Lloyd pointed to his eyes as he spoke. “As long as your eye and fingerprint scans don’t match an authorized personnel, you can’t go to the third floor.”

… As long as that biometric authentication system is in place, no one can go to the third floor, said Lloyd.

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4 Responses to Investigation (15) Shift Table

  1. BalthasarHohenheim says:

    So if the CDs are changed manually and there was only one guard there on that day, how could the prosecutors miss, that the elevator CD was appareantely changed by a ghost at midnight?
    If the guard wa killed without anyone noticing and the CD record only 24 hours, than there should be no footage from the 12th at all!


    • Yoraikun says:

      They’re not manually changed, they’re manually labeled. The CDs automatically changed, but there was no one to take the disk away.


      • BalthasarHohenheim says:

        Ok thank you for the clarification.
        Does that mean the Guard found a stack of 4 CD per camera when he was able to enter the 3rd floor on the 14th (since the door should still have been locked when he came on duty on the 13th) or did someone from the main branch unlock the door with a masterkey on the 12th to find two unnamed CDs per camera (so hundreds of them) for the 10th and 11th?
        Either could lead to an unintentional mixup of 4 CDs (elevator + roof 10th and 11th each).


  2. Aoitenshi says:

    > victim

    quite the company
    > quit

    he quite the day
    > quit


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