Professor Samantha’s Appraisal (3)

Perhaps as a science, or from experience…

Whatever the case, it seems the researcher known as Samantha Warrick didn’t have a very favorable impression of magic.

… Maybe not magic, but the ones who used it.

She didn’t look like the sort of masochist who’d research what she hates. Very strange indeed, while she was a sort of oddball, as a researcher, no as an investigator, perhaps she had quite the eye.

Maybe it’s best I don’t judge by appearance. My footing will be swept from my under me.

“I understand that a sort of magic was placed on the film camera.”

“Rather than the camera, it was the space it entered.”

Samantha stared at me. Was she glaring, or just sleepy, I was troubled to determine.

“I said it before, but the item you submitted for appraisal, this film camera. The magic was programmed to blow up any item in a specific place that met certain conditions.”

“You can do something that convenient?”

… “Of course you can,” Samantha made a smile with her lips as she answered, and “Quite easily,” she added on.

“It isn’t anything too difficult. Even a magician without proper training can do it if they get the hang of it. I’m not a witch, so I can’t say the specifics, but there seems to be a sort of sixth sense only magicians can understand.”

“Sixth sense… like a sense for the paranormal?”

“Well, something like that. For example, the sense of sight I have…”

Samantha pointed at her own eyes.

“To someone with eyes, it’s easy to understand what sort of thing a sense of sight is. But did you know? Among the lifeforms that live in the darkness, there are organisms that can know their surrounding information without relying on sight.”

“I’ve heard of such deep-sea fish.”

“Explaining the workings of sight to an organism without eyes is an extremely difficult thing to do. A magician’s sixth sense is the same. A magician’s sixth sense incomprehensible to the common man alone is something that never leaves the realm of speculation.”

She took a sigh. But that wasn’t from her fatigue building up, it looked as if she was discouraged by her own ineptitude.

“To return to the topic at hand. The magic that blew up the camera affects a specific place… as I recall, it happened in a house within the Dark Forest, right?”

“Y-yes, that’s right.”

I looked at Jessica. She was nervously raising her hand. How should I put it, it was as if a student that didn’t usually stand out was holding up her hand as if there was just one thing she had to say no matter what.

“I’m surprised you found it. Based on my memory, the people who made it to the heart of the Dark Forest, and came back alive… there are only around 200 of them.”

… That’s surprisingly high.

“But the people who didn’t come back number over ten times that. Well, if it’s only returning alive, I won’t say the hurdles are too high. It’s a place exaggerated as no-man’s land and a special quarantined region, so it’s definitely dangerous, but if you go at it smartly, it’s on a level where it just might work out or not.”

What a throw-it-to-the-air phrasing.

“What were all my troubles for…”

Jessica’s arm lost strength, as she lowered it and hung her head.

“The explosion and X-ray magic were used as a pair.”

Samantha continued on, “Otherwise, I can’t explain why the digital camera was not destroyed.”

“Digital? Ah, come to think of it, you’re right. Why was the film camera destroyed when the digital camera came out intact?”

“Hmm, let’s see. This is just speculation, but the magic placed on that house is thought to have been cast over ten years ago, at the very least.”

Over ten years, eh. That sounds overly abstract. On the contrary, I wanted to hear the basis for why it wasn’t within the last decade.

“The basis for why it wasn’t in the past decade…” Samantha said as if reading my mind, “is because the digital camera was commercialized around ten years ago.”

“The history of film cameras is a long one. If you want to look at film’s invention, that traces back over a hundred years. Alongside the development of the camera, this x-ray magic became popular among magicians for a while, but it was completely out of fashions ten years ago. Because it has absolutely no effect on digital cameras.”

“Why? Ah, because there’s no point even if it’s hit with x-ray.”

“Right. A digital camera stores to its HDD. Even if explosion magic was cast, as long as you used defensive magic on the HDD itself, the data inside would be protected.”

Defensive magic, huh.

“Then couldn’t you use defensive magic on a film camera?”

“In that case, you’d have to cast a magic to protect against x-rays. If you did something like that… you wouldn’t be able to take photos in the first place.”

… I see. You can’t please everyone.

“The photo-interference magic that once displayed a high effect was taken out in one swoop by the introduction of the digital camera. Technology is always stepping forwards, always evolving. Those magicians with nothing on their minds but spiteful harassment will eventually be weeded out, I’m sure.”

… Well that’s interesting in itself, she said, and while it was really hard to grasp, she made a small smile.

She’s dark… for some reason, that’s the sort of impression I had of this professor.

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  1. Croire says:

    > Jessica’s arm lost strange, as she lowered it and hung her head.

    Strange > strength


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