Daybreak (1)

When I returned from the magic theory lab, the clock had already run passed nine.

I had the feeling I came part of the way with Jessica, but she disappeared at some point, and I hadn’t see her since.

… But I guess that’s fine.

Lying over the bed in my dim room, I closed my eyelids.

My vision was shrouded in darkness, I couldn’t see anything.

November 10th, 11th, 12th

Westminster Hotel…

A guard attacked on the roof…

A guard who fell into the park…

A crime-scene rife with inadequacies…

The structure of the guard room…

And the missing security guard…

Of course, I did look into the individual known as Andre McHirsh.

No one knows where he went after quitting the security. I tried calling the emergency contact number he submitted to the security company.

But it didn’t connect.

After that incident, the third guard disappeared.

One dead, one gone.

So I can’t tell. Just who was Claudia supposed to attack?

By the guard shift table, the person who was supposed to patrol on the 10th was Andre McHirsh.

I claimed in the last trial that the security camera footage’s dating was off. If my theory was true, then Claudia appeared in the hotel on the 10th and not the 11th.

Then who she attacked should have been Andre McHirsh, right?

Why did the 11th’s guard Hal Anderson die?

Something was strange.

I had seen the security camera footage. From what I could see, the one attacked was definitely Hal, not Andre.

So was Hal instead of Andre actually on guard duty that day?

Why did they do such a thing? Were the two of them acquaintances? No, even if they were, why would they go out of their way to switch?

If they switched up the planned shifts beforehand, wouldn’t they need the permission of the security company they belonged to?

To manage the guardroom’s surveillance footage, one would have to ride the  strictly-secured elevator, and go to the third floor.

Even if they were registered guards, those who weren’t registered for the day’s shift couldn’t go to the third floor.

Meaning… if they wanted to swap shifts, they’d have to call the security company, and get permission so they’d be able to use the elevator.

But the security company hadn’t given such permission.

Then should I think there was no shift change after all?


… Good grief, my head’s a mess.

There were things I didn’t know. In the end, who delivered Claudia the letter?

The most suspicious one was the resident of those ruins in the black forest.

There had to have been someone there before. If I had to suspect someone, that resident was the most suspicious at present.

But while the suspicious individual was dubious, they weren’t anything beyond that.

The only thing I learned was that the resident hadn’t approached the ruins in the last ten years.

If he had come any more recently, he should’ve set up magic for not just film, but digital cameras as well.

And the greatest mystery of the ruins was…

I took the crystal ball out of my bag. With that glimmering amber ball in my hands, I tried holding it up to the light.

What is this? Does Cate know?

“… Huh? I’m missing one.”

I’m sure there were two crystal balls, but where did the other one go?

… Not that it matters. I don’t need two of the same thing. She did say to bring it to the trial, but she never told me I needed both of them.

And there were three crystal balls originally. We were already missing one from the start.

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1 Response to Daybreak (1)

  1. Aoitenshi says:

    I guess he’ll find the other one at a nearby pawn shop. (since it’s supposed to be expensive)


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