Magic Theory Lab (1)

It’s rarely the case the relationship between attorney and police is severed. Even as a civil attorney, the police often became trouble.

When I was working for Boss Natasha, she was often in charge of criminal cases, and I frequently had to go make discernment requests to the forensics lab.

And after going independent from her office, making myself out to specialize in civil cases, that relationship did not end. More than that, when I got around to civil cases, my relation with forensics became even deeper.

I mean, the crime lab could do everything from blood analysis to sperma tests; from judging car crashes, to analyzing security camera feed. They’d even confirm the authenticity of wills, they’d do a wide variety of discernments.

Even if they were civil proceedings, the essence of the trial didn’t differ much from criminal cases. Both of them were worlds were evidence did the talking. Whereas in criminal cases, the police would gather evidence, in civil cases, I had to investigate it all myself, so there was actually more to do.

The forensics lab was a department of the police, running on our taxes. Meaning it was a public service. Naturally, whether it be attorney or civilian, anyone could make an authentication request.

To make such a request, you either had to mail, call, or go to their window and make an appointment beforehand.

Once a suitable appraiser for the request was determined, you just had to pay thee request fee. With such a trivial thing, the country would uses the finest of analysis equipment, and you could obtain information with exceedingly high validity as evidence.

I explained the above to the one dozing off next to me on the leather-covered sofa of police headquarters.

Jessica let out a yawn, “So basically, Zzzz… ggah.”

“Don’t sleep.”

I pinched her nose. Perhaps unable to breath, her face turned pink, and she started making a face of anguish, eventually crying, “Ith hurths!” and opening her eyes.

… I’m glad she bit her tongue there.

I sent an insincere smile to the detectives and police officers hurrying to and fro the tidy corridor, as I lightly pat my chest.

“Oy, keep it down.”

“Whose fault do you think that is!? I couldn’t breathe there!”

“Then stay awake. Whose sake do you think I’m explaining things for?”

Jessica rubbed her bloodshot eyes. “I mean, I was bored,” she said dispirited.

“And you have business with the magic theory lab, right? Why are you telling the extended tale of the forensics lab?”

“I mean, I’ve never used this place before. It’s my first time, so I don’t know the standard.”

… Well, I’m sure they’re something similar.

As we were randomly discussing such a thing. “Is there a Lockhart here?”

As if not quite used to letting out words, I was called by an overly husky voice.

Looking in its direction, I saw a woman who looked as researcher-ish as could be.

There were some black spots on her worn white lab coat, and she wore leather shoes leagues away from any brand name.

It wasn’t to Jessica’s level, but the black hair that reached her shoulders was rife with bedhead, yet regardless of that, there were large bags under her eyes implying an actual lack of sleep.

Her pigment was pale, a person whose face was so thinned down she wore a skeletal air.

“Um…” in a voice I couldn’t feel any life from, the skeleton woman went on. “Could it be I said something rude? Rather, you’re Lockhart the lawyer, right? I’m not very good at dealing with people, so perhaps I might unknowingly say something rude, but I don’t have any particular ill will, so please pay it no mind.”

“Ah, no I should be the one apologizing. I dazed out for a moment there.”

I hurriedly stood from the sofa, handing over my business card. With her pale fingers, the labcoat woman took the card and said, “Ah, you’re Lockhart the lawyer after all. That’s good, I thought I was mistaken for a minute there.”

“Ha ha ha hah, hah, hah… I’m sleepy,” she raised an eerie laugh, letting out a sigh at the end.

“Um, are you in bad health?”

“No, that’s not it. Please pay it no mind. It’s just from the moment I was born, this body has never done any exercise. So even the slightest things are just really a pain. Do you think they’ll develop artificial muscle anytime soon? The human body really is inconvenient, don’t you think?”

“Eh, um, I dream they will someday.”
As Jessica hesitated on the sudden swing of topic, she still managed to inferred the mood, and give a response

“Ah, I forgot.”

On those words, Jessica’s tactfulness was blown away into the abyss where it disappeared in the mist.

“I’m a chief researcher of the magic theory lab. My name’s Samantha Warrick. I thank you for making a request to us on this occasion. I don’t really understand lip service, so I’d like to get to the main topic at once… hah, hah, the air here is thin. Anyways, let’s go to the lab.”

Professor Samantha made a clattering creepy smile, her movements looking terribly shaky and painful. Without blinking her eyes once, the skeletal woman looked between me and Jessica, before turning back and walking off.

… Is she telling us to follow?

To be honest, I’d rather not be with someone like that. Looking to my side, Jessica’s face was convulsing, and it looked as if she was regretting having come here.

I let out a sigh. “Let’s go,” I said, as I followed behind Samantha.

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  1. Chronos5884 says:

    What is with this lady…. what?


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