Witness Stand (1) The Truth is?

“The truth?”

“That’s right. At that time, at that place, what exactly happened? I’m saying I’ll present you the truthful reality”

To the demon lord who made a broad grin as if he were belittling everyone, the prosecutor reacted. “… You really are a pain, you know that?”

… It seems she was irritated.

“Hahaha, don’t be like that, Ms. Prosecutor. I do feel sorry for doing the police’s work for them, but as long as I’m standing in a court of law, I can’t tell a lie. I’ve got to say the truth.”

He sure says it shamelessly.

… Whap! The gavel sounded, and the judge spoke. “Hmm, then shall we hear out your testimony?”

“It’s not as if I’m going to say anything particularly complicated.”

The demon lord’s expression tightened, letting his eyes glitter as he testified.

“It’s true I died and revived once before. But that wasn’t last month. It’s a tale of fifty years ago. I don’t have Death’s Jewel or anything like that with me now. So revival is impossible, and if I suffer a fatal wound, perhaps I’ll die.”

… Though my body’s always been close to invulnerable, the demon lord grumbled.

“When I revived, I’d lost a majority of power I had in my previous life. Well, even so, I’m still capable of killing everyone present here, mind you. But why don’t I do that? The truth is I’m quite content with my current lifestyle.”

“We don’t need your speech.”

I killed my emotions, and let out a voice as level as possible.

“I could care less about a demon lord’s private life. Won’t you keep it to whatever’s relevant to the case?”

“Oh, my apologies. Ever since my revival, I’ve never had an opportunity to divulge my truth to anyone, you see. I was so happy I ended up breaking into demon lord talk.”

With a witty tone, the demon lord went on.

“But I’d appreciate you don’t call it irrelevant. It’s relevant as anything. It’s just a pain to explain.”

“Hmm, how do you figure?”

When the judge made a gesture, the demon lord narrowed his eyes as he answered. “In the first place, who died?”

“I didn’t revive. In that case, who did the right arm at the scene belong to?”

“… Hnm?”

On the demon lord’s statement, the court froze over a moment. Claudia scrunched her brow, and put more power into the hand gripping her sword.

“Fifty years ago, I didn’t just steal one thing from the Commonwealth of Sadom. It was Death’s Jewels, the Goddess’ Raiment, and the Godragon’s Sword.”

… There nothing in the world the Godragon’s Sword can’t cut, said the demon lord.

“Any living thing in the world, that sword is capable of cutting it. Yet at the same time, there are only ever two thing in the world its blade can actually interact with. The master of the sword, and the foe they have determined their enemy. It can’t cut anything else.”

The demon lord pointed. At the end of his fingertip was the holy sword in Claudia’s hand.

“The identity of that sword is one of the national treasure I stole from the Commonwealth of Sadom, the Godragon’s Sword. My younger brother Roland Rheinland used that blade to kill me.”

“… What?”

I unintentionally raised a hysteric voice. But everyone in the court was the same, wimply basking the demon lord in their blank stares from start to finish.

“Oy, oy, what’s with that reaction? I’m saying something quite important here.”

“W-wait a second.”

“What? If it’s a trifling question, I’ll kill you.”

“The hero was your brother?”

“That’s right. Did I fail to mention it?”

You sure did.

At the end of the grinning demon lord’s eyes was Claudia.

… The hero was the demon lord’s brother?

Then Claudia is… the demon lord’s relative?

Without a single blink, Claudia fixatedly observed the man. Not a tremor of her body, or a single word from her mouth. She silently listened.

“Good grief, it was just the worst. To think my little brother would betray me. He’d always been garbage without a scrap of talent in his body, but I never thought he’s be that foolish.”

… You think idiocy can be cured with death? The demon lord continued.

“I haven’t the slightest idea.”

The one to cut off his loquacity was Prosecutor Schaefer.

“You’ve been going yip yap yip yap for a while now. It’s my job, so I forced myself to put up with that unnerving voice of yours, but to be honest, I’m at my limit. We can’t keep your idle banter company any longer. I haven’t the slightest bit of interest in a demon lord’s tear-jerking soap opera.”

“Oy, oy, it’s not like I’m telling this story to get you all in a sentimental mood. But I may have kept the side show on for too long. Got it, I’ve got it, I’ll tell you. You listening? Then listen well. The truth is, fifty years ago when I died and revived, a bit of a small miracle happened. It was outside of my expectations.”

… Death’s Jewel revived me as I was born, the demon lord said as a preface.

“Fifty years ago, once I died, I was given life once more as if I was zero years of age. Ah, don’t worry, even if I was zero, I still had my memory and consciousness, so I was able to make it by myself. Slight as it may be, I could use a bit of magic. But that wasn’t the problem. I was surprised. Death’s Jewel properly activated, and revived me. But what surprised me more than anything was the other baby beside me.”

… I was revived, in the exact state I was born.

“We were twins. So when I died and was revived, I was reborn the same way, as twins. You get it? Why do you think the right arm found at the scene had the same DNA as me? The answer is simple. It’s because my identical little brother who had the same DNA as me was killed.”

… How unfortunate, little girl. The one you killed was your grandfather, said the demon lord to the hero.

Claudia raised a scream.

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3 Responses to Witness Stand (1) The Truth is?

  1. burningice53 says:

    Well then. This is what a Demon Lord is like then?


  2. Somniens says:

    Hmm grandfather…
    So our demon lord popped some kids out? Or seeded them at least,

    Thanks for the speedy translation Yoraikun ^^


  3. termt says:

    Aaalright then. What the heck.


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