The Truth (2)

“On the night of the 10th, Hal Anderson was attacked by the defendant, and fell from the roof. But Hal Anderson didn’t fall into the park, he fell into the veranda of the floor below. That is what the defense claims.”

… Does the prosecution have any objections? I added on.

Prosecutor Schaefer only formed a grin on her lips, plainly answering, “No objections.”

“Hold it, that’s where you should be objecting!”

The demon lord who’d been calm and composed to that point was flustered. With his forceful stare, he intimidated the female prosecutor, but Prosecutor Schaefer made a scoffing gesture as she offered the word, “silence.”

“I don’t really care either way. As long as the culprit is caught, judged, given the maximum amount of pain, and yields to their sentence, I really don’t care. It’s not like I’m going to press the defendant for your sake or anything. I believe the law is always right, but I myself am not. If I know I’m wrong, I’ll gracefully step down.”

“W-what’s with that!?”

Right now, it felt as if he was trying to take out his anger on something. But as he’d already destroyed the witness stand, there was nothing left for him to break. The demon lord could only send a look of something exceeding malice towards the prosecution.

“Ahem. Ehm, then defense. Could you continue on?”

The judge urged me on. It seems he didn’t really want to be entangled with that demon lord.

“Ah, um, yes. Then next I’d like to explain who exactly it was that fell.”

It was a strange sight.

At the start, everyone in the court was our… no Claudia’s enemy. But I wonder how it was now. When they were all banding together to label Claudia as evil, the situation was gradually beginning to change.

… I can… win?

I began embracing such hope. Admonishing my fickle heard, I continued onwards.

“On the 10th, Hal Anderson did not die. Then who was the individual we witnessed falling into the park? Naturally, that would have to be the other security guard, Andre McHirsh.”

… Andre McHirsh was the victim in this case, I proclaimed.

“On the night of the 10th, Hal Anderson managed to avoid major damage from the defendant’s blow, and on the next day he killed Andre McHirsh. There’s a possibility it was even on that same day.”

“Hmm, and why is that?”

The judge gazed at me full of interest.

“That is… because Andre McHirsh himself was a demon lord as well. This is just speculation, but Andre McHirsh and Hal Anderson had put up a plan to murder the hero from the start. But that was just the outer plan, and Andre McHirsh had a different objective entirely. It was his plan to kill the demon lord.”

… Andre wanted to kill the other demon lord, I said.

“The one who delivered the letter to the defendant’s house should be Andre. And the one who wrote up its contents would be the man himself. He gave instructions in the letter for the defendant to come on the 10th, and proposed to Hal Anderson he would be murdering the hero on the 11th.”

“Then that’s quite the shrewd criminal plan.”

Prosecutor Schaefer sneered.

“That’s right. By Andre McHirsh’s plan, Hal would probably have a safe mindset thinking no one was coming that day, and suffer a surprise attack from the hero, or so was planned. But that’s not how it went down. The demon lord made a narrow escape, and succeeded in running to the floor below. On the other hand, the defendant herself misunderstood that she had killed the demon lord as well, and left. By Andre’s plan, he had to be away from the scene on the 10th to create an alibi, but the possibility he chose a time at his own discretion and eventually returned is high. He needed to see if his plan had succeeded or not, after all. So without much time passing since the defendant attacked the demon lord, Andre McHirsh reached the scene.”

“I see, and that’s where they met. His other self who should have died.”

Schaefer happily said my conclusion before me. For some reason I felt as if she had made off with the good part, and it was’t too satisfying.

“Yes, well, that’s how it would have to be. Andre thought Hal had already died, so perhaps he had let his guard down. There, the still-alive Hal Anderson got back at him.”

After expressing that claim, I spoke to the judge.

“The defense claims this. After the victim murdered the true culprit, on the 11th around nine pm, timing it with when the defendant had attacked him on the 10th, he dropped the body off the hotel veranda. Why did he do such a thing? The answer is simple. In order to falsify the surveillance camera date. On November 12th, in the early morning, the police received a report and hurried to the scene, retrieving the security camera footage within the day.”

… But here, a single problem comes up.

“In order to collect the hotel’s surveillance footage, you need to ride the elevator in the guard room, and go to the third floor monitoring room. The only one who can go to the third floor is the guard who has a shift on that day. Even if you’re a guard, if it isn’t your shift, you can’t go up. Even for twins. As long as the iris scan of the biometric system was in place, it wouldn’t let any outsider through. Meaning on the day of the incident, the only person who could enter the monitoring room on the day of the incident was… the culprit.”

Without any hesitation, I glared at the demon lord and declared.

“You are the culprit behind this case.”

I indicted the true culprit. But no one was surprised when I said it.

At some point, everyone in the court had begun to suspect it. I had only explained it and nothing more.

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1 Response to The Truth (2)

  1. Somniens says:


    And so it all unravels!!!!

    Twists and turns!! All exposed!!


    Now to the future!!!

    Thanks for the speedy translation Yoraikun ^^


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