Witness Stand (2) Magic Theory Research Lab Researcher

“It means she’s a strange person.”

I quietly whispered to Claudia. Perhaps catching sight of that, the judge gave an, “Ahem,” clearing his throat before saying, “Defense, please refrain from whispering in court.”

… I made him mad.

“Um, well, I’m sorry.”

Claudia tried shrinking her shoulders as she fidgeted and apologized, but I just let out a deep sigh.

That wasn’t the problem. Right now, what I had to concentrate on was that fully armored Samantha Warrick on the witness stand.

“M’lud. Let us hear testimony from Mrs. Samantha about the means through which the victim was revived.”

Prosecutor Schaefer lightly rubbed her temple. Was she containing her laughter, or was she irritated at Samantha’s odd attire, I was hesitant to decide.

“Hmm, then witness, please give your testimony.”

Samantha who’d been standing in silence flipped the switch on the speaker in front of the stand. For a moment, a metallic Kwwwiin rang out, but it immediately faded away.

“Ah, ahem. Hmm. Roger roger. Can you properly hear my voice?”


“Um, m’lud?”

“Y-yes? Me?”

No matter how strange she looked, wasn’t he just a little bit too distracted? The moment Samantha called out to the judge on her speaker, his body suddenly shook, and his eyes opened wide.

“Ah, no, I just wanted to know if my voice was getting through properly…”

“O-oh, let’s see. Yes, there is no problem. Then witness, please give your testimony.”

“… Yes.”

Because of her full face mask, I couldn’t catch her expression, but for some reason, she looked terribly depressed to me.

“First, about the victim Hal Anderson.”

I could hear a rustling sound from inside her protective gear. Perhaps she was reading documents inside of that. Somehow.

“His revival wasn’t the result of any medical apparatus. He was brought back from death by the power of magic.”

“I see. But as far as I know…” the judge fiddled with his white beard as if trying to remember something as he spoke. “I didn’t think there were any magicians alive who could bring back the dead… am I wrong?”

“No, your memory isn’t mistaken.”

Samantha continued indifferently.

“At present, among the magicians that exist throughout the world, there exists not a single one with the power to revive the dead. That remains constant tracing a hundred years back through history, and there are no historic records of any magician succeeding in such a feat.”

However, Samantha added on.

“There does exist a magic tool that can do it. That would be Death’s Jewels.”

… Death’s Jewels? As I recall…

I revived my memory of my investigations in the library.

In the world war fifty years ago, the Commonwealth of Sadom was invaded. At the time, three national treasures were stolen. The Godragon’s Sword, the Goddess’ Raiment, and…

“A national treasure of Sadom lost in the war fifty years ago, Death’s Jewels. The magic tool that was said to have been made by an ancient magician has an effect of reviving the dead.”

… The victim used it, and came back to life, or so Samantha testified.

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