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Art by Gahoku, I take no claim

Art by Gahoku, I take no claim

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1,534 Responses to Inlitify Home

  1. says:

    Hello everyone. I really like this site because Tate no Yussha and Sevens are one of my favourite Novels. I just LIKE the fantasy Setting.
    Another one of mine is Konjiki no Wordmaster. There are a lot of similarities between these three.

    BUT WHY IS KnW so cursed!!!!!??? Why are there so many Translators who gave up on this???


  2. says:

    Yeah but only 1 Chapter every week or worst every 2 weeks and with 691 chapter 470 chapter still needs to translate.
    It would takes ca. 9 YEARS to complete KnW!!!!!

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    • gsenjou says:

      Beggars can’t be choosers, just appreciate that someone’s actually translating it. If you’re that impatient, then learn Japanese and read it yourself. Shouldn’t take any more than 2 years. Much better than 9, eh?


    • arsl31 says:

      Hi. I am the current translator of KnW. I see that you are having problems with my current translation speed, and I truly apologize for that. As what I have said back in my second work (chapter 207 of KnW if I’m not mistaken) I will temporarily do this job until someone who can provide a much faster translation is available. Sadly, no one does a much faster translation nor volunteers for one yet, so the responsibility of translating that good novel still falls on me. As much as you do, I don’t want a good novel like KnW go to go on hiatus, and that’s the reason why I am translating the novel in the firat place. Unfortunately, real life issues are biting me hard, and I am currently in the middle of job hunting, so expect that the curse will hit this one soon. But hey, I’m still not dead yet, so I assure you the updates will go on as long as I can translate.

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      • ergo01 says:

        Its not your fault! i am thankful for your work.
        What i am trying to do is to motivate more people to help or take over your work. Currently i am learning japanese but my knowledge isn t enough to translate. I still need one more year.


  3. ergo01 says:

    For 2 Years i have learned jpanese and soon i am finished.
    Don’t know if i will translate KnW cause i am german and english is not my native language.
    I have no problem with Reading and understanding, but writing is a difficult matter.
    Where can i find the raws of KnW. Want to have a first impression, if i want to translate KnW.

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  4. manthin says:

    Kita! The snow has returned, I have not even noticed that it is December starting today until this snow, LOL


  5. Death to John Snow says:

    Please turn off the snow, it’s really annoying to read with it :S


  6. Kecebong says:

    Well, already 1 years that TnY is finished. And im still searching for valentine and other side story to be transleted :” sad

    And i just pondering, this glass friend that she want to search, is she/he female or male?

    Cause in TnY the translete use “her” to refer her friend
    And yet in glass story, the main character is male?

    Sorry for my bad english, hope someone can explain it to me or i can sleep well 😄

    And yeah i say thx to yoraikun and other translater to translet TnY T_T


  7. marko says:

    reccommend to play magium, it’s for android, the story is quit original


  8. Vostok says:

    Happy New Year Yoraikun!

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  9. Dubzero says:

    MY GOD!!!!! Your cover/banner pictures are so disturbing/disgusting, every time I see them I feel like immediately closing the page. WTF is wrong with their faces?? What is wrong with your sense of art??


  10. Yoraikun follower for life says:

    Hey Yoraikun why do you not have a donation button by now? You’re one of the best translators out there (IMO) so isn’t about time we can give something back?


  11. Yuinyaa says:

    What will your future plans be after finishing translating Sevens?


  12. Continue
    Me, Her, and the Ballistic Weaponry [Antique]
    Yorai-san \o/
    just read the first 4 chapters and i like the plot


  13. midknightcoffee says:

    just a suggestion, but why dont you just do teasers to random series like before, and if you dont feel it, piggyback someone else translation?


  14. ilovecats351 says:

    Hi, Yoraikun would you consider picking up the Golden Wordmaster series again? The last chapter released was a few months ago and no new releases have been posted since then


  15. ignoto82 says:

    bro, just wanted to tell you my mail account ( classify your mail as spam.
    Just an head up for you and all those with the same account


  16. cheryll says:



  17. Volksgeist says:

    It’s been a long time since you’ve done Shieldbro but I just wanted to thank Yoraikun again for doing an awesome job at bringing the series to us. I commissioned a friend to do Naofumi and Raph chibis. Thank you for all your work! You’ve inspired a generation of rejects… I mean heroes. Naofumi Raphtalia
    I didn’t know how big the files would be when embedded. Don’t want to be flagged as someone spamming. hehe… so I’ll just post the links
    thanks to HolyNiwa for the art.


  18. Aurelious says:

    I know this is a bit out of nowhere but is there a way to get the Arc 1 of Wordmaster?
    So far, I’m just finished ch18 but from ch19 and onwards, I have not been able to find a working link that has it and other sites just leads me here where its nowhere to be found or to a different blog site where its currently down…so I’m kinda stuck


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