This is nothing but a translation site. Any work of literature found on this site has only been translated from its original language.

Yes, this is a fan translation site that’s apparently worse than garbage. I do not own any of the rights to any of the characters, names or images. I am not making a penny off of this. I pretty much own nothing. Please don’t sue me.

I am not trying to take away anything from the author, or any companies aiming to profit off of any works, and it is merely a hobby of mine to do this. I like doing it. If I get a call from any of the official-looking guys, I will take a project down without hesitation.

I am not making a cent. I don’t put up Ads. I don’t take donations

Yes, I say this knowing fully well that I have no say in the matter.



88 Responses to Disclaimer

  1. Alex says:

    “Please don’t sue me.” lols xD

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  2. Anonymous says:

    we wish you would make at least a penny off this! You know this site has pretty decent viewership you should consider some non intrusive ads! Would totally turn off ad block when i visit this page! At least makes me feel like i am paying you back somehow

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  3. Anonymous says:

    There really should be a donation button.

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  4. Just A Stray says:

    Do you have any interest in translating another light novel after this one? Because I’m in desperate needs of a group to translate “Tokage no ou”

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  5. Anonymous says:

    “Please dont sue me” straight to the point. You almost killed me.

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  6. BushDrone says:

    Send me your PSN when you get your ps4. I’m currently playing Destiny and Middle-Earth.

    And anyone else, just reply with your PSN down below.


  7. Anon2 says:

    Please take a break before you kill yourself with translations I don’t mind waiting :( Just don’t force yourself to translate for us plebs


  8. Fantasyks says:

    You should spend some more time resting.
    We all like the way you do it, and it’s a real pleasure to have a chapter poping every evening. But don’t you miss RL? have fun, we’ll still enjoy the work you do at your pace.

    PS: you can’t sleep if you want to satisfy our glutony for more chapters !


    • Rokholt says:

      A-#*$*in’-men, I’ve actually been trying to figure out how to translate these novels as well so hopefully I’ll be helping out with translating them in the future. Other readers should help out too :D…so that this teenager can go and experience life for once and maybe get a girlfriend or something (don’t dip in crazy though bro, Yandere is real).

      Btw…Yoraikun…how the hell do you and bakahou make such beautiful artistic sense out of the conjumble that Romajidesu has been spewing at me. You two are like god-tier translators.


      • Yoraikun says:


        Anyways, I’m not using a translator, I am the translator, so I can understand that conjumble.

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        • that guy says:

          Girlfriend? What webpage was that on?????? Seriously tho the rate at which you crank out chapters is ungodly……… do you even sleep?
          I used to wonder the same of the TL group that I did final quality and grammar checks for. Friggen monsters they were, took older series at random that were either complete or still going (none of the major weekly crap that was/is out when they were around like OP, Naruto<-dead, Bleach, Toriko, HSDK<-also dead, Detective Conan, or…… um *come on man you can do this without google or visiting a manga hosting site* Reborn Air Gear, PsyrenD. Gray Man, Ippo) and do a beginning to end retranslation of the whole damn thing. Dudes drove me up the wall, these 3 guys would find an archive of the original raws of good visual quality and roll from there. They plopped a collective total of 117 chapters on my lap in a day.


        • wonder if Mario would make a theories on yoraikun’s daily life, Lol


      • Brbrhu3hu3 says:

        Is It something like this?


      • freeza says:

        girlfriend? is that the legendary item you get when you reach the max level?


        • scowly says:

          Nah. It’s more like a mid-boss that steals your items and gil.

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        • Stranger says:

          It’s that thing that people like to fantasize about until they actually have one and then like to complain about after a month or so. I think it’s similar to martial arts in this aspect… People dream about achieving great things in tournaments all the time however most are unable to take the sheer mass of work it requires to get there. Lots of fun at first until it sets in that it’s bloody hard work.


  9. IchIGoBAnKaI says:

    Hey do you think its possible to use a machine translator without any japanese knowledge? What translators should i be using? Teach me sensei, I wanna learn xD


    • SonodaYuki says:

      The only machine translator that can be trusted are the kinds you find lodged in someone’s head.


    • ensj says:

      I tried to machine translate once…. it’s slow as hell. But if you really want to try it, you should try using Babylon, Google Translate, and several other translators so that you can compare & contrast between different translators. Someone made an app so that you could do this more efficiently. I forgot the app name, though. :T


  10. kamagakure says:

    Still currently studying about the japanese language. Hope I can help in the project before it gets finished. Good Day to you sir and don’t push yourself too hard. :D


  11. “please don’t sue me” oh dear that brings back recent memories, you don’t happen to be the guy that tried to put minecraft on steam were you XD
    Anyway, fantastic work been loving it.


  12. hell5atan says:

    Yoraikun-sama this is the sentence where the benevolent thief first appeared.


    This is how I translate it.

    by the way I’m currently in disguise to visit the hideout of the benevolent thief.

    I used the word benevolent since Gentleman reminds me of a guy wearing a tuxedo with an mask and Cape.


  13. Jack the Novelist says:

    You should add a donation button. Just so that one can send you a few bucks ^^.

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  14. tensaiz says:

    Oh this page is pretty smart… Maybe I should add this too xD
    Anyway thanks for tling tate, the more tlers out there the better~


  15. Anonymous says:

    seriously thanks for the fast translations


  16. Anonymous says:

    i got a question(you probably already read everything
    when will the 7star heroes appear?(light novel and webcomic got differences as i see *the redhaired 7star hero didnt appear*)
    oh and what are the differences between those 2 ?(if you know pls answer)


  17. Recommendations says:

    Hey can any one give me recommendations which are similar to this. I read re monster which is kinda the same so I was hoping for more


    • fones2411 says:

      Read Mondaiji tachi, Moonlight sculptor, Arifureta, Kono Subarashii Sekai ni Shukufuku o!, Ochitekita Ryuuou to Horobiyuku Majo no Kuni (a novel about pubes) , I can give a few more later if you want


      • Toast says:

        Any more?


        • fones2411 says:

          The legend of the legendary heroes, Trinity seven, Mushoku Tensei, Dungeon ni Deai wo Motomeru no wa Machigatteiru no Darou ka, etc


        • krokolono says:

          Ark is also good (Think LMS with a little less paranoia for money. Even though it really is just a little).
          If you dont mind non reincarnation/teleportation novels there is actually quite a bit of good wuxia around. (Chinese novels)
          3 That come quickly to mind: ‘Stellar Transformations’. ‘Coiling Dragon’ (Both from I Eat Tomatoes can be found on spcnet. though its forum format so there is some manual labor to be done when searching for chapters, the fastest is to make an account and just search for the translators most recent posts).

          and a reincarnation one about magic mecha’s (It’s suprisingly good actually) ‘Knights and Magic’ translated by SkyTheWood (Can be found on Baka-Tsuki, where as the spcnet translations can’t be found on Baka-Tsuki.

          also there’s doulou dalu by bluesilvertranslations (They have a wordpress) even though the first 30ish chapters have been really clunkily translated (Machine Translations) the most recent 5 have suddenly improved by leaps and bounds and are perfectly readable (36 chapter on the moment of this post, new chapter every 1~3 days, they do fairly large parts a day and depending on chapter size it gets released).

          That’s all i can think of that has not been named yet.


      • where can i read Kono Subarashii Sekai ni Shukufuku o!

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  18. gilfer says:

    yorai-kun could you tell me where can i read tate no yuusha raw version


  19. uhm, can I ask you something?
    did you ask for permission to translate the novel from the author? if you did, can you tell me how to do so, since I suck at Japanese…..
    and uhm……can I translate your translated version into Vietnamese? pretty please, with sugar and ice cream *puppy’s eyes*


  20. hell5atan says:

    Yoraikun I need to say something about what happened between you and Kyrgyz

    I would like to say that what your doing is a fan translation in sense it’s an illegal translation it doesn’t have to be perfect just readable and enjoyable kinda like a preview before it become official by some copyright by some official English distributors that’s why baka tiki removes licenses novel from their sites so people by the actual book if your translation is perfect then when it gets officially translated and sold the translated book will lose its value and people will just continue to read the fan ttranslation instread of, buying the official translated book what your doing is advertising the existence of this novel profiting then for the official release if it ever gets official your not getting money from this your a fan and sharing then through fab translation this also includes people who translate using machine translation since fan translation(illegal translation) doesn’t need to perfect that’s thejob of the official transistors who pays for licensing rights to translate then officially I hope I get my across


    • chendu says:

      he’s translating the web version so we can avoid any complication brought by the licensing of the LN if I get that right

      I’d like you to remember that the story in the LN greatly deviate from what we’re reading in the web novel too

      for the rest I agree with you, though i Think it would’t harm if baka tiki cooled their rules a little (Like with Mknr ;.. all chapter of all volumes disappeared in the blink of an eye after we learned it was going (is now) licensed … and the first volume is still 6 month from there .. they could have kept the last 3 (to 6 their are 14 volume out) and delete them along with release keeping a wide gap between fan and real translation ) but I deviated from the subject here

      thing is this translation should be legally out of problem ( unless the actual author says the contrary) since his own novel is still online for free in Japanese


      • indekkusulp says:

        >since his own novel is still online for free in Japanese

        That means nothing, you have the same rights when publishing it online for free as when you charge for it.


  21. thadpole says:

    Yoraikun Can I donate for you to build a pc and join the pc master race. If not I will donate to help fund getting you a ps4.


  22. Cass says:

    I really want to donate <3


  23. indekkusulp says:

    >free-domain Syosetsu Web Novel

    All rights are reserved by creator of it as by Article 18 of Terms of Use on Syosetsu, aka standard copyright rules applies to all content on the site except if it’s stated otherwise by the creator.


  24. jojo says:

    Damm i really wanted to know what will happen
    i hope the library have is (probably not)
    cause i dont want to buy the books


  25. triopsate says:

    So Yoraikun isn’t going to give up on translating the webnovel? I think my birthday just came early this year.

    On a slightly more serious note though, well said about that last part. I’ll be willing to throw the downloaded arcs onto file-sharing websites once they’re pulled from baka-tsuki.


  26. Kyle says:

    Hey yoraikun PROness was the guy that insulted your translation last time right? Cuz if so I really think he hates us or something.


  27. josh72ebp says:

    i just got told the light novel got licanced does that mean that the wn cant be translated anymore????


    • kenchan223 says:

      The WN can still be translated, NOT the LN because the LN is the one that’s getting LICENSED. ONLY and ONLY if the author of TnY decides to take down the WN from syosetsu is the only way to stop the fan translation. But then again, it’s up to Baka-Tsuki whether or not they decide to take it down.
      Hopefully WN fan translation version doesn’t get a DMCA <w<

      It's a shame because we are near the end and it vexes me that if the project gets completely taken down whilst near the end, it's like almost finishing a cup of water then throwing the rest away down the drain and we don't get to see the ending not even once. :/

      Also, the LN's such as Accel World, MKNR, Black Bullet, SAO, and Log Horizon were like great treasure troves to me.


      • indekkusulp says:

        >ONLY and ONLY if the author of TnY decides to take down the WN from syosetsu is the only way to stop the fan translation.

        The author or someone on his behalf can send DMCA/C&D/drag Yoraikun to court for the WN even with it available for free on syosetsu.


  28. Falinmer says:

    I think it would also be good to add that if requested by the license holder you will pull it down promptly or something like that, and other guys who can make the epubs should do so and update them regularly so that if you receive the notice they can just put those on torrent to keep it available.


  29. Seven Inch Hazard says:

    “Please don’t sue me”

    Anyway my sentiments is the same with one of the comments I really wish we could somehow get you back with something other than our word of praise and thanks. Maybe if you could give us a PO box hehe… I an not down with stalking guys but if its Yoraikun ill make an exception.


  30. Sinaps says:

    You Should Be alright as long as you add to your disclaimer that you are translating the web novel that the author themselves had put up for free and are not licensed, And that you are not translating the light novels which are the written works that the publishers have a licence for.


  31. Deus Ex Machina says:

    Yoraikun, would you please take up Gifting this Wonderful world with blessings? the translator just went and decided that he won’t do it anymore right after a perfectly timed cliff hanger at volume 2. translator even said that there’s no need to get his permission to translate. If you’re interested, here are the raws https://mega.co.nz/#F!0FE2gISZ!o7YNJoeJsCpfY-ZQQwW3Yw


  32. daniel says:

    You shouldnhelp elysion with isekai if youre finished translating tny


  33. rigiX says:

    There’s only one translator in Kono Subarashii Sekai ni Shukufuku o!

    Its such a good LN though..could you help in translating this one too….
    It has few volumes so even 1-2 volumes could be a great help..Thanks…even if the translation isnt perfect..Id still choose this rather than going overseas and buy it which too much for my pocket and time


  34. Ii says:

    Chihuahua cytoplasm I just li


  35. spicy says:

    If possible can you translate Kaettekite mo Fantasy!?. I just started reading it now and I’m completely hook. Red Dragon Translation doing it but the updates is kinda slow. He is not so active. It has great potential. Please I really really like to read it so much and I’m curious what happens in the following chapters. Here is the link to Red Dragon Translation (https://reddragontranslations.wordpress.com). Please check it if your interested. Original web novel link (http://ncode.syosetu.com/n8514bp/)
    One day, a boy accidentally fell into a dimension hole. What awaited him was a world of so-called sword and magic. Following a two year journey through this new world, he returned home, but not without experiencing disasters, wars and schemes. Upon his return to “Earth”, he found out that it has begun to intertwine with another world, named “Garesuto”. The world of technology in which he grew has been changed into a fantasy one. His parents divorced and he had no friends anymore. This boy with a new and different knowledge and overall ability gained from another world chose to hide it for a variety of reasons. Nevertheless, his actions, accustomed to turmoil and war, are what make him different from his homeworld, the Earth that he knew.
    This story happened because he returned.


  36. Gaway says:

    Your translation is one of the best i have found. We would donate if we could somehow


  37. NZPIEFACE says:

    To be honest, I don’t think you won’t make a cent out of this. By bringing momentary bliss to us readers, you have gained a bit of karma. That karma will eventually build up until it takes the physical form of 1 cent on the ground, which you just happen to see lying there before everyone else, and decide to take it.


  38. gunastreak says:

    you should not refrain people from buying you a glass of beer or slice of pizza. Donation button please.
    and i hope someday you will translate the remaining side story of shield hero. Thank you for your good job.


  39. soumynona S. says:

    Hi, if you have the time.
    I wold appreciate if you could translate the WN
    “Ordinary I and Extraordinary Them”
    I tink the translator ‘Zettai Dame Translations’ has droped this Novel then he has never updatet in this 2 years.

    I thank you in advance.

    ps.: pleas excuse me for my bad english


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