The Dragon Knight’s Path


by Mishima Yomu
Illustrations by Luna



  • The Young Man, the Blacksmith, and the Shadow
  • The Young Man and the Dark Elf(?)
  • The Upperclassman and the Older Woman
  • Fiance vs. Fiance
  • The Young Man and the Black Shadow

17 Responses to Dragoon

  1. Yoraikun, could you give a summary of this?

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  2. PoH says:

    Summary from NovelUpdates.com

    “Rudel Arses” the first born of one of the ‘Three Lords’ of the Courtois Kingdom is from a corrupted family but at 5 years old he saw a dragon in the sky and his dark future as a villian changed. He was considered an idiot but was that true? how would his efort to became a dragoon change the kingdom?

    His family and servant dont care about him and his half sister “Lena” and only ignored them ,only looking and doting on the second child “Chlust”and his other sister from the same mother “Erselica ”

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  3. novi says:

    How many chapter this WN?


  4. moneng85 says:

    Thanks Yoraikun for this series, expecting a lot from your recommendation!


  5. Mr.Lapras says:

    I really like this series so far. Hoping to see more. Thank you for translating this Yoraikun. Much good.

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  6. hellwhisper says:

    Where’s the picture from? The description of character appearence are a bit different from novel.
    The novel said that the elf had green hair. Is it differet elf or difference of LN and WN version?


  7. ib_xii says:

    Hi, thanks for translating this novel.
    I just wanted to say that you forgot to put the link of chapter 26 here


  8. NullApostle says:

    I’d rather you do Ballistic Weaponry. Sci-fi is so rarely translated, and this is just an inferior version of Sevens. YMMV.


    • Catbag says:

      Are you serious, this is nothing like Sevens and don’t compare the two like that. Dragoon is pretty enjoyable to read.


  9. Not that my seal of approval is worth much but this certainly has it. A one word summary of this is “earnest”. It is to the point and “pure” in how it captures the reader. Yet it still has some level of depth in the human interactions.


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