The Dragon Knight’s Path


by Mishima Yomu
Illustrations by Luna


66 Responses to Dragoon

  1. Yoraikun, could you give a summary of this?

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    • Jackal says:



    • Starltyz says:

      Things happens I guess


    • Let me ruin your impression:
      The dating sim world is buggy with a minor character suddenly go against his design. With this, he rise to prominence and topple the self-aware protagonist to get to MC status. Despite the self-correcting measure the World employed to deal with this abnormality, our minor character still become a harem master with a dense head.

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      • Neko MK2 says:

        He not dense, with main interest he unable to take steps forward since they status to fall apart and second main interest just like that
        MC just straight minded idiot but he not dense since he aware of his feeling


      • DiegoDeveze says:

        I thought this wasn’t harem. Was I wrong?


        • J-Kitty says:

          Nah it’s totally a harem. But, it’s done in a fashion where it’s not “all about” the harem. There are several girls in the story that like our MC but, it’s more about his journey to becoming a Dragoon. With some intense “fluffiness” action XD


        • DiegoDeveze says:

          Really? I mean, I’m all for that. I like my harem as a side dish, and not the focus, lest it devolves into waifu wars that tend to leave most people unsatisfied. This is exactly how I like harems: there, but not taking the spotlight. It’s all about execution in the end, though.


  2. PoH says:

    Summary from NovelUpdates.com

    “Rudel Arses” the first born of one of the ‘Three Lords’ of the Courtois Kingdom is from a corrupted family but at 5 years old he saw a dragon in the sky and his dark future as a villian changed. He was considered an idiot but was that true? how would his efort to became a dragoon change the kingdom?

    His family and servant dont care about him and his half sister “Lena” and only ignored them ,only looking and doting on the second child “Chlust”and his other sister from the same mother “Erselica ”

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  3. novi says:

    How many chapter this WN?


  4. moneng85 says:

    Thanks Yoraikun for this series, expecting a lot from your recommendation!


  5. Mr.Lapras says:

    I really like this series so far. Hoping to see more. Thank you for translating this Yoraikun. Much good.

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  6. hellwhisper says:

    Where’s the picture from? The description of character appearence are a bit different from novel.
    The novel said that the elf had green hair. Is it differet elf or difference of LN and WN version?


  7. ib_xii says:

    Hi, thanks for translating this novel.
    I just wanted to say that you forgot to put the link of chapter 26 here


  8. NullApostle says:

    I’d rather you do Ballistic Weaponry. Sci-fi is so rarely translated, and this is just an inferior version of Sevens. YMMV.


  9. Not that my seal of approval is worth much but this certainly has it. A one word summary of this is “earnest”. It is to the point and “pure” in how it captures the reader. Yet it still has some level of depth in the human interactions.


  10. VesperOz says:

    Omg, this is actually pretty darn good. Thank you for translating it~!


  11. HuckleMyBerries says:

    seems pretty interesting. Sevens was a great read the past year or two so Im sure i’ll enjoy this one too


  12. Vostok says:

    Just checked the raw, didn’t expect that this WN was written back in 2012 and just finished at 2016 :O
    Meanwhile Sevens was written in 2014 and finished at 2015 (excluding extra chapter)….

    Sooo he kind of procrastinate on Dragoon by writing Sevens? lol

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  13. Mhaj58 says:

    I need illustrations


  14. Lagraser says:

    No no…you guys,

    They must find the Legend Dragon….the strongest and final boss of the labyrinth

    The Legend Dragon might have been reborn in Rudel’s world, give him a chance to show his greatness….if he’s paired with Rudel, he might be able to redeem his honor. Besides, there are no ‘ancestors’ here hahaha


  15. blahto says:

    does this have an animesuki forum?


  16. aswger says:

    The order from chapter 37 to 52 is messed up, Some chapters even missing.
    Please fix them, Thanks


  17. chikauzo says:

    does extra separate arcs?


  18. blahto says:

    The End of School Life and a New Problem Child
    -I’m going to take a guess that the new problem child will be Lena xD


  19. hindinn says:

    I relly find the titles of each chapter amusing because of its pattern.
    “A and B”
    “B and C”
    “C and D”
    And so on….

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  20. anon says:

    Going to bookmark this just because you are the translator !


  21. haniba says:

    i guess that ‘Extra: songstress Epilogue’ is the last chapter? that sum up to 144 chap and you said that it’s have 167 chap that mean the other 23 chap is after story?

    or it’s the final arc before extra?

    just want to see the ‘fluff fluff land’


  22. The title reminds me of a game…


  23. happinezz001 says:

    hey does any one have the pdf for this series


  24. Yanke Gate says:

    no have illustration ??


  25. Yanke Gate says:

    no have illustration ?? of the LN version?


  26. sotenisaze says:

    a splendid read, this WN gives a slice of life vibe without boring the readers, excellent pick by the people and yoraikun


  27. hey, yoraikun, i just wanna ask, did you, umm, -may God forgive me for uttering this word-, dropped dragoon?


  28. Cookie says:

    Is yorai still working on this?


  29. Francisco Javier Varilla Coraza says:

    Dragoon return


  30. batterito says:

    Noooo why was this series dropped 10+ chapters before completion Yoraikun


  31. Barkon says:

    Aw, please don’t drop it when it’s almost finished :(


  32. Sotenisaze says:

    Haha when i decided to see dragoon, I suddenly saw it under dropped haha, that was a good joke yoraikun, will be waiting for the next chapter


  33. RageEnder says:

    Can’t you end it at an epilogue? Why’dcha drop it after releasing 2 chapters of a new arc…. Whyyyyyy…. :'(


  34. santoryuun says:

    Why was it dropped?


  35. xkei1215x says:

    So? Who did Rudel end up with? Is it a harem ending with Izumi,Millia,Fina,Sophia,Enora,Cattleya,Lilim,some far a way princess(raw),etc. (i forgot the other girls name)? If possible i want it to be like that. I mean there’s a lot of girls who likes him yet he will only choose one? I will feel sorry for Millia who likes him since the beginning of the STORY. And what’s more he’s a Duke so having multiple wives isn’t a problem.


  36. Caccucocau says:

    May 2018, still waiting for a comeback


  37. Lê Khuê Nhật Anh says:

    can you continue to translate this novel?


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