Here are the answers to some of the questions you might have.

Q: What’s your timezone?
A: GMT -5

Q: Location
A: A Space Ship over Michigan (Lower Peninsula)

Q: Can I donate?
A: No. This will not speed up translations. If you have money to throw at me, go donate to something more worth your time.

Q: Can I marry you?
A: I’m already married to my 2D Waifu.

Q: Can I worship you?
A: If you really, Really want to.

Q: Can I post your Translated Chapters on _______?
A: Yes, I don’t really mind.

Q: Can I use these to translate to another language?
A: Sure, knock yourself out.

Q: Does anyone actually read the FAQ?
A: No.

Q: When and how did you learn Japanese?
A: Well, I had always been a bit of an Otaku, but I moved to Japan for my father’s work during the time span defined by the psychological Critical Period Hypothesis, and took classes there. It was pretty much immersion, as I had to use the language everywhere but in my own house. I learned how to speak just fine, but Kanji was a bit… Oh, it’s not like I don’t know Kanji, it’s just a bit of a struggle.

Q: What does (TL:___) Mean?
A: That’s a translator’s note. I don’t know how to do foot notes. You can ignore it.

Q: When’s the next chapter being released?
A: That’s quite a philosophical question, you see the concept of time in itself is relative to the beholder of said time. What may seem like a second to someone may seem like an hour to another. The moment I release a chapter might be in itself disjointed from the reality you are aware of. It may be in the distant past or the distant future. Perhaps it was already released, and you simply didn’t notice. However regardless of your questions, time will go on, and chapters may or may not be released.

Q: How many years did the 100 Year war last?
A: 115 Years.

Q: Is Bakahou Kill?
A: No, baby. He’s back

Q: Are you a Machine Translator?
A: I don’t consider myself one.

Q: Are you a full pure bred translator?
A: At this point, perhaps you could say I am. But I haven’t done any professional work.

Q: What’s the deal with Kirin, Ouryuu… etc. Weren’t they supposed to be Genbu, Suzaku, Seiryuu,and Byakko?

A: Different series, people. To start with, the Spirit Turtle (Actually Reiki) is not Genbu, and Houou is not Suzaku. The group of monsters in this story is known as the Four Good Omens, and is not the same as the four cardinal spirits. The ones who are based oof of teh Genbu, Suzaku, Seiryuu, and Byakko, are the Demi-Humans of Silt welt with their Genmu, Shusaku, Aotatsu, and Hakuko tribes.

Q: Can you finish/edit this chapter for me?
A: It takes longer for me to do this than it does to actually translate, so I’m against it, however if you really want me to, I won’t reject it immediately.

Q: Why isn’t your work on Baka-Tsuki
A: The simple answer is because I’m lazy. I talked to Onizuka-GTO and have the right/ability to actually post things on the Tate no Yuusha page, but I need to edit and format it first. In that respect, posting it on here for a while speeds things up. For other projects, I’m hosting them myself. If someone wants to post them to BT, be my guest.

Q: What translation software do you use?
A: I don’t use a software to directly translate the Japanese. I am the machine that does the translation in itself. Rikai-kun saves some time, so it’s quite a help.

Q: Where can I find the webnovel?
A: The links are available on the project pages, right above the author’s name.

Q: Where can I find Google Translate?
A: translate.google.com/

Q: Is it easy to read translations on Google Translate?
A: It’s getting better.

Q: Where can I see who is registered for what?
A: I’m pretty sure I’m the sole translator on all my current projects.

Q: What is your release schedule?
A: None right now.

Q: What’s the difference between the Light Novel and the Web Novel for Tny?
A: The Stories are different. Here’s a brief history. The Web Novel was the original. It started releasing in October 2012, and finished with 378 chapters, 3 side stories (Christmas, Valentines and White Day), and an ongoing spin off. The Web Novel is updated by the author daily, so it is almost impossible to reach his pace, and we are approximately matching it. The Light Novel is a different work entirely. It is a publication by MF Books which is based on the Web Novel, with the author’s input. The stories are more fleshed out, and diverge greatly. More characters, events and settings are introduced and Naofumi is less cynical. The story also isn’t even near the point translation is at at the moment. Right now, the stories have reached a point where they are completely different. By the way, the illustrations you occasionally see are all from the Light Novel, so you won’t get any soon unless they advance and rejoin the story. The Manga is based on the Light Novel. Not the Web Novel.

Q: Then what am I reading?
A: The Web Novel. It’s free to translate as it is on the web. My net annual income is $0.00 (I’m a student).

Q: Will you start translating a Light Novel after this?
A: I am currently translating some Light Novels not including images, keeping the images as an incentive to purchase the novels.

Q: Will you start translating the Spear Hero’s story after this?
A: Most Likely not. It’s not integral to the main series. I’m a free translator who don’t need no fixed series.

If you have any more questions, you can comment them

344 Responses to FAQs

  1. ZeroxCent says:

    Poor Yoraikun even after finish the Rising Shield main series and christmas, now mostly all continue asking translate novel that left out by other translator, i wonder how many No been circle around. Now what left for rising shield is only side stories, let Yoraikun do what he does best when he in the zone to translate. I still Thank you for this rising shield stories been translate.


  2. Ethereal says:

    Do you know if anyone else is going to do, or is doing the spear hero story?


  3. Nair says:

    Is there a way to download all the chapters onto my Kindle? I know Hendricksen-sama has arcs up to rebuilding arc part 1, however I haven’t found the rest so far ):


  4. Guitarshot says:



  5. RageEnder says:

    So….. Are you going to update this thing pr what?


  6. I see a win-win. B (still same guy but different account) says:

    How free is a freeman that work for other’s free entertainment?


    • NZPIEFACE says:

      Well depends on how the freeman himself thinks of his situation. If he himself is feeling pressured by the free society and forces himself to translate, he is not technically “free”. But if he does it on his own violation without giving a shit to what we think about the speed, he’s a freeman alright, a true freeman.

      Liked by 1 person

  7. sorry if i mention it again i forgot if i already post it or not
    [Bu ni Mi]
    Bu ni Mi wo Sasagete Hyaku to Yonen. Elf de Yarinaosu Musha Shugyou
    try to read this , , , well i dont know where to read the raw though but for the translate
    i think the translator want to drop this


  8. Wanga says:


    I wanted to get in touch as I am in the process of creating a platform in which translators can increase their popularity and reach a larger audience by sharing their reader base with each other. We are making a platform to benefit translators, they each get to create ‘mini sites’ which will host their content alongside other translators within the same genre. We are not looking to take anything from you and have methods in place to ensure by sharing a readership, each translator will only benefit to the maximum extent. I would like to talk with you more about this in detail.

    Please let me know if you have interest?


  9. Aulia Pratama says:

    I have been reading your work on KnW about 2 months ago maybe? I don’t really remember. I check your site almost daily to read tate no yuusha though. my question is, where’s your work on KnW? why they’re vanished from your web? thanks


  10. watanub says:

    please can someone tell me where i can read the light novel???


  11. im just curious…which Version do you think is better.. .the WN or the LN??/


  12. tirthasumeragi says:

    I notice that you have all of tate no yuusha on Baka-tsuki.
    but as for the other recent projects~ they aren’t there.
    Are you planning on putting them there? (or like a certain other translator, is it too much of a hassle to create a page and maintain it lolz)
    Anyways you said in the FAQ that it’s ok to put it there right?


  13. Zehamas says:

    So, ive noticed a quite a few Grammer/speling/Punctation errors in your Sevens translation. i was wondering if you would be willing to take me as a proof reader?


  14. mattu10599 says:

    Hey yoraikun, can you translate my sister’s diary? She writes in klingon and the person translating dropped the project. Ah, but don’t translate to English, turn it into Arabic. Thanks.


  15. How loyal to the light novel is the manga?


  16. Tony Liu says:

    I was wondering if you could translate two chapters of a web novel for me whenever you could if ur interested :p


  17. Hey Yoraikun, would you like to join our giant group of TLers, editors & plebs on Skype, be spammed by thousands of messages a day and exchange TL gossip?
    ……But seriously, CN translators are taking over the chat and we need more JP translators. Come join~~


  18. skelgon says:

    I don’t know if someone alredy asked this, but is there a way I can download TnY for my E-Reader?


  19. JUST ASKING!! says:

    Is THAT DIO in all of the pics? if so, WHY?


  20. Germ says:

    dunno if i should ask here but…
    what happened to konjiki no wordmaster?
    if i remember right you were part of the team who tled it at blazing translations but there isn’t anything new… no posts in the last two months, not even “we stopped doing this”.
    what happened?


  21. Ice Phantom says:

    Hello there. Is it okay if I make PDFs/ePUBs of “Sevens” and share them on my site?
    I would like your permission before doing so.


  22. . says:

    I didnt know you lived on east coast since the chapter releases are usually well into the night, is each chapter like 2-5 hours (Avg) long to translate?


  23. Raven says:

    YORAIKUN can I ask you to check this page(http://forum.novelupdates.com/threads/if-you%E2%80%99re-a-man-there%E2%80%99s-no-choice-but-be-king-right.2379/) and comment if you have interest to do collaboration with other Translators.


  24. Raven says:

    Please reply so I don’t bother checking.


  25. Raven says:

    The up off comment…
    what do you think about?


  26. Raven says:

    Okay, thank you for the reply.


  27. J says:

    Such good stuff here


  28. Fateborn says:

    Been wondering this for a while, is there Part 3 “on-going” to The Lazy King? If so, will you be translating it after it’s finished?


  29. Aeron says:

    Would you be kind enough to help in Re:Monster translation? They have a wikia and anyone is free to help. So, would you?


  30. Yoraikun,

    Might you be interested in helping out translation for [World Teacher]?

    Granted, it already has two translators, Defiring and Aori, but they’re both preoccupied with real life responsibilities, and translation has come to a halt. I know we should be grateful to even get a chapter every month or so compared to other translations, but World Teacher is the only web novel I currently have an interest in reading after TnY and Mushoku Tensei, and I would be happy to see some progress on it.

    Thank you,



  31. MrMister says:

    Hey YoraiKun are you goin to translate the rest of Tate no Yuusha the Valentines Day and White day sidestories


  32. mattu10599 says:

    Ey yoraikun can u pick up this work? My Latin teacher assigned it yesterday. It’s Caesar’s report on the Gallic wars. I need it done by Thursday. Thanks.

    Liked by 1 person

  33. sorry says:

    sorry its OOT but want to say thank you for your translation for whatever project you did, i’m grateful cause you consistenly giving update


  34. did you planned on translating Re:zero web novel, i’m not talking about the lightnovel just the webnovel


  35. NZPIEFACE says:

    You need to add “What does ‘Inlitify OA’ mean?”


  36. Shent says:

    Yea, please explain the infility oa thing. And also, maybe poe’s law too


  37. RageEnder says:

    So, what is Inlitify OA?


  38. ChinJ says:

    Excuse me, I’d like to ask you for sure that is it alright if I translate Seventh into my country’s language and publish on free website? Thanks for reading this.


  39. rey says:

    Hi yoraikun… not sure if this has been answered already but I would like to ask if there is an epub for the entire rising of the shield hero on this site. i want to keep a copy myself so that I can just reread it whenever I want to since I love this web novel.


  40. Ozimandias says:

    if anybody wants a heads up for buying the LN
    yes, it has some “errors” and typos, and the “Mr. Naofumi” gives me creeps everytime i read it,
    however, the book has 2 extra chapters, one about motoyasu’s party from his point of view, and the other is about rapthalia and the chain of events that endend in her slavery (the feels)

    :v i do actually feel yoraikun’s translation is way better, but the extra chapters and the illustrations are worth the bucks, (gotta love the mate cover)



  41. Starltyz says:

    At 8th question, I lol’d and feel sorry at the same time for this is indeed my first time coming here.

    At 11th question, you’re too deep maybe past where Adelle rolling and found Johnny Deep deep inside. But I like that concept

    Oh and I just tried subscription but I didn’t get any email, do you know why?


  42. Kiokopoka says:

    Can you list all sevens’s arc??
    Just curious…..


  43. Rasyid Mystery says:

    Yoraikun, can i see your reading list or maybe list of your favorite novel? Cuz i like all your translation so far and i think you have a good taste when choosing a series…

    Liked by 1 person

  44. CesarAKG says:

    Still missing the explanation for the name “Inlitify OA”…


  45. bruudwin says:

    the funny Banners on top of the site, what animes\mangas are they taken from and where is the funny face from as well? if anyone knows.

    also i wuv you yoraikun. recently came upon shieldbro so i spent a large majority of my past week into extremely late hours spending all day on your site reading hero of the shield start to finish. saddened that no one around has done the side stories past the christmas arc.


  46. Rinkan says:

    Have you ever used a textbook to study Japanese? Puheez answer me~


  47. Frozen says:

    Hey, Yoraikun. Wanted to ask if you use discord and/or are interested in joining the TL group there. (Kookie’s server)


  48. Felipe says:

    Such a Great faq. Thank you bro


  49. asadlinguist says:

    I read FAQs. Thanks for being so helpful, Yorai-kun! o7


  50. RageEnder says:

    Update this again yorai sama, sevens(th) is done is it not?


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