Flowers for the Forest Beasts


Mori no Majyuu ni Hanataba wo
By Kimito Kogi


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4 Responses to Flowers for the Forest Beasts

  1. Yoraikun says:

    There is supposed to be a rose symbol before each chapter, but Google Chrome converts the Unicode into an emoji no matter how hard I try to force it, so I had to settle for images. 🔥🌹︎ 🔥🌹︎ 🔥🌹︎ 🔥

    Why in blazes would someone want these cartoony piles of horsedroppings over the classy rose or fire unicode characters elludes me.

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  2. Woaahhh Thanks for your hard works,
    i hope you can often update Short story like this

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  3. MFadzly says:

    thx for the short novel. i wish there would be more like this novel. the feel bus is strong and steady especially when nearing the ending.


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