The world is boring.

Put a little softer, it is ordinary, and to put it softer than that, peaceful. No scary incidents or outrageous miracles; it did little more than turn its course. Contrary to finding it dull, I accepted that was the way things should be.

Back when I was a child, I dreamed of becoming an ally of justice and saving the world, but now that I was seventeen years old, I no longer even considered it. No matter how I wished for such a thing, the world wouldn’t change. The world was at peace.
No matter how you pray for it, the interesting, thrilling events from the worlds of manga and anime simply don’t happen. There are plenty of other things to think about. The next test, or a girl in your class, or how it’s about time you stopped buying Corocoro Comics every month. They’re terribly plain and trivial things, but life’s made up of repeating through them.

Life isn’t dramatic.
Takasugi Shinsaku once mentioned, “The mind to bring interest to an otherwise uninteresting world”, but if you’ll let me have my say, “An otherwise uninteresting world is also interesting”.
The world is just right with this level of boredom.
That is the conclusion to the results of my, Kagoshima Akira’s seventeen years of lived experience.
It’s not like anything’s ever going to happen.
I mean.
Witches from other worlds,
and cyber soldiers paying a visit from the future,
and psychics fighting under the instruction of research institutions
don’t exist, after all.

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8 Responses to Prologue

  1. surpremeof12 says:

    How relatable the prologue is XD

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  2. DiggyDawg says:

    And with that, the flag has been raised…

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  3. Ryuu Lion says:

    Time to read this. Looks interesting.

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  4. Reaper Phoenix says:

    Thanks 4 the chapter!

    All of them are going to appear won’t they!


  5. I lost track of how many Flags he raised.
    Well we got the basics of who’s gonna form the harem
    Thanks for the chapter


  6. habib1100 says:

    Thanks for doing this prologue!😊


  7. WTF wuzzat? says:

    ok, let’s begin!


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