Another Epilogue: ‘Only God Knows’


Come to think of it, I never did return that five hundred yen coin to Kai. On the way home from school, I made for the Inari Shrine.

“I wasn’t in any hurry.”
“We can’t be having that. Dad told me I have to be firm when borrowing and lending money.”

And from there, our time passed laid-back as ever. I nonchalantly explained the incident I’d been dragged into. I thought Kai would be interested in the details like only a Kai would.
He listened in with joy.

“Good work, Akira.”
“Yeah? I didn’t do anything.”
“I just kinda, you know. Just kinda wanted to say it.”

He narrowed his eyes and gave a gentle smile. Bitter and sweet, it was Kai’s usual smile.
He was the same childhood friend as always.
My precious friend.
Shinose Kai.
From then on, we started reading books side by side.
I read a big and thick Corocoro, while he read a small, thin paperback novel.

“Akira, which one of Doraemon’s tools would you want most?”

Kai said after a while. His eyes were focused on the Doraemon special feature page my Corocoro was open to.

“Hmm.. let’s see. Well, when you’re at my level, you’d have to go far back and say the Helitanbo, I guess. Ah, Helitanbo is the name they gave the Take Copter when it was first serialized.”
“… At your level? What level is that?”

I lightly shrugged my shoulders, so Kai continued on.
His eyes trailed off somewhere far away.

“There are a lot of people who answer, ‘The What-if Box is the best!’ aren’t there?”
“Yeah, there are.”
“Those people don’t understand a thing.”

Kai slowly closed his eyes.
His mouth only slightly curved into a self-chastising smile.

“They don’t know anything about the futility, the pointless, the despair of making the world however you want it…”

As he opened his eyes, Kai gazed at the sky. Perhaps he was gazing somewhere far higher than that. It looked that way to me. The way I saw it, I still didn’t know anything.
I didn’t know who really Kai was.
But there was one thing that was certain.
Shinose Kai was Kagoshima Akira’s childhood friend, and a precious acquaintance.
At the very least, I saw it that way.
I believed Kai thought the same.
I believed like crazy.

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16 Responses to Another Epilogue: ‘Only God Knows’

  1. Adfgdcggf says:

    Huh. I thought Kai would have more of an active role in the climax given how unsubtle the hints of “btw he’s a zashiki warashi he keeps dropping in overly specific references and metaphors ffs” were.

    Wasn’t sure it was going to be a more sinister “you didn’t actually know this dude he’s screwing with your memories and retroactively inserting himself into your past full skinwalker like” or a more optimistic “there’s no difference between species when there’s friendship” but I figured at least Tamane would be like “yo what’s the deal with you and this seemingly disproportionately strong, probably head honcho zashiki warashi” with Akira obliviously being all “oh u, Tama, I have no idea what you’re on about”

    Seems like his role was primarily to be a red herring/expository infodump for this volume’s gimmick/theme of onmyouji. Hope we see more of him.


  2. Reaper Phoenix says:

    Thanks 4 the chapter!

    I wonder what happened to his real childhood friends.


  3. DarkWolf907 says:

    Thanks for volume 2


  4. zekkendo says:

    So, it seems like people have been speculating about whether or not Kai was a Zashiki Warashi, and what he did to Akira’s friends, Daiki and Yoshiko.

    Rather, I am pretty sure (at this point) that Daiki and Yoshiko were the zashiki warashis. Wikipedia says they sometimes appearas a pair (boy and girl). While most times zashiki warashi are a symbol of prosperity, sometimes zashiki warashi are the results of infanticide by stone mortar (may be why the parents were able to buy the house for cheap) and actually bring bad luck (dad’s “business” not doing well until they moved overseas). Also, zws are only visible to children, so it’s not too much of a stretch that Akira cannot “see” them in his memories anymore. So, it’s quite possible that Daiki and Yoshiko are still there, just invisible to the majority of the cast (unless Kikyouin purified them already)


  5. I didn’t know who -really Kai was
    -Kai really was

    Thanks for the chapter


  6. habib1100 says:

    Thanks for doing this ending as well!😄


  7. WarStriker32 says:

    There is another epilogue that goes between this and the previous one


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