“Hmm. Then the case with that swindler called Tsuchimikado’s been resolved.”

At Kagurai-senpai’s words, I nodded a yes.
The ComClub room after school, we were the only ones there today. I watered the flowers Kurisu-chan had brought in, while Kagurai-senpai played dating sims.
Three days had gone by since that sudden evening shower.
Tsuchimikado-san said, “You totally saved my life there. I’ll never forget this debt as long as I live.” “No, I don’t care about that, just give me back my money. The remaining thirty thousand yen.” “… Ah, yeah, well, in due time my boy, in due time.” So while we had a verbal promise, I had no idea when specifically I’d be getting it back.
Kikyouin-san insisted, “If you don’t properly pay back his money, I’ll tattle to the main branch about this incident,” to hammer in the point, so I’m sure it’ll work out.
Not just about me, Kikyouin-san and Tsuchimikado-san talked about various things, thought I didn’t hear the specifics, but,

“He’s going on another journey, apparently. Doesn’t look like he’s a bad guy at heart, so perhaps it’ll be fine?”

She told me, so, well, I’m sure it’ll work out.

“So what happened with Kikyouin-san? She hasn’t been to school these past few days.”
“She’s said she was going to visit a grave with her little sister.”

The sisters were going together to visit a grave in the Tochigi prefecture. I don’t know who it belonged to. Now that you mention it, I think the fair gold-pelted jewel-faced nine-tailed fox—Tamamo no Mae turned into the Sesshouseki somewhere in Tochigi, but I doubt that has anything to do with the Kikyouin sisters.

“Hmm. Now that’s troubling. It’s about right time I got applications from all members so I can make this a proper club, but if she’s not attending classes…
“Ah, we’re fine in that regard.”
I took a single paper from my pocket. Unable to hold in my laughter, I couldn’t help but curl my lips into a grin.

“This was entrusted to me.”

The paper was a club application. On it, ‘Kikyouin Yuzuki’ was written in penmanship so fine it simply oozed the prestige of her heritage. She finally decided she would join our ranks.

“Hahaha. I see, that’s a pleasant surprise.”

Kagurai-senpai gave a grand laugh.

“But for Kikyouin-san to entrust her application to you. It’s a pleasant feeling just to imagine what a sight it must have been . I’m sure her face was bright red as she said, ‘I-it can’t be helped, can it’ or something, right?”
“No, she had it express mailed to my house.”
“Payment upon delivery.”
“… You really are hated.”

No, there’s no way that can be true. I’m sure she was just too embarrassed to say it to my face. Yeah. I’m sure. Definitely…
… But she still hasn’t unblocked me…

“Well, I definitely wanted to see Kikyouin-san’s tsundere reactions, but I guess I’ll just have to place my hopes on the future.”
“Right, I’m sure there will be plenty of opportunities to come.”

With a satisfied nod, Kagurai-senpai reached her hand to the desk beside her.

“Kikyouin’s become an official member, so let’s put up this picture with pride.”

What she produced from the depths of the desk drawer was the photo of the five of us we took once upon a time.
She put it in a frame and set it up by the window.
Oh. That’s kinda nice.

“We gathered numbers solely to secure this club room, but I’m sure we’re all here from some twist of fate. We’re stuck together anyway, I guess we should do some club-like things from time to time.”
“That’s right. I’ve got high hopes, president.”

We exchanged a look and laughed.

Our photo was in a proper frame, so a light gust of wind wasn’t going to knock it down. It wouldn’t drift down to the ground like a scene out of a dating sim opening, but even so, I thought it had a nice charm to it.


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