The second morning of training camp.
I woke up to the sound of girls whispering amongst themselves.

“Then we were sealed inside that looping virtual world without knowing it, and you resolved the matter? … I can’t believe it.”

That was Orino-san’s voice. Kurisu-chan followed on.

“And you’re telling us we regained only the memories of the first day we experienced in reality and forgot all the other looping first days from the virtual world. How peculiar. So anyways… was there one of those things sticking on Kagoshima-senpai’s head stuck to the rest of us as well?”

Kagurai-senpai chimed in.

“Today is the second day of training camp, following on from the first day before the loop began; Kikyouin’s reverse-pandification is more proof than anything.”
“Enough about that!”

Even Kikyouin-san’s voice.

“… Come to think of it, my staff still reeks of watermelon… that staffs fire element, so you can’t wash it with water… really, what am I going to do about this…”
“Ah, Kagurai-senpai. Kagoshima-kun’s about to get up.”
“What? This is bad, I haven’t removed his patch yet.”

I abruptly lifted my body. In my half-asleep head, I absentmindedly gazed at the girls in their pajamas, before reeling back in surprise.

“Uwah! What are you people doing!?”

When I asked, everyone left their troubled eyes to wander. Kagurai-senpai opened her mouth.

“Ummm, r-right. The truth is, we thought we’d give you a bit of a shocker when you opened your eyes. But you got up right before we could prepare it.”
“Eh? Are you for real!? Then I’m sorry for waking up!”
“… That’s where you apologize? That’s a wonderful need to please you’ve got there.”

Ah, I see. Then that thing Kagurai-senpai frantically hid, that patch with a number of fine wires running from it was in preparation for the surprise, surely.
My eyes suddenly—met with Kagurai-senpai’s.

“Good morning, Kagoshima.”
“Good morning.”
“It’s the second day of camp.”
“That it is.”
“It’s not the first day anymore.”
“I know.”
“Are you fully awake?”
“Yes. I get the feeling I had quite a long dream, but I’m up and ready now.”
“What sort of dream was it?”
“I’ve forgotten.”
“I see.”
“But I think it was a fun dream.”

I see, she nodded and gave a small laugh.
I might be imagining things, but today, she looked even more mature than she did yesterday. A bit more sensual, and a bit more beautiful.
Well, there’s no way a human can change so much in a day, so it was surely my imagination.

“Alright. Everyone’s awake. Now let’s hurry and play. Time is of the essence.”

And like that.
Our second day of training camp began.


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