A story is a peculiar thing indeed; the protagonist must always wind up at the eye of the storm, and that’s seen as only natural. For example, in regards to mystery novels, the question of, “Why does the protagonist get drawn onto incidents wherever they go?” has become one that’s most embarrassing for the one asking the question.
But if there are stories where the protagonist can conveniently slip into the midst, then don’t you think it’s fine for there to be a story, where the protagonist conveniently fails to slip in? And like that, this is the fifth volume of this series, bringing it back to its roots.
Well then, thanks to the following.
My editor. I’m always, always in your care. I hope you’ll keep looking after me.
My illustrator Takatsuki Ichi-sama. Thank you for the wonderful illustrations once again. I’ m always waiting hopefully for the moment a new illustration is delivered.
And my greatest thanks to all your readers who tagged along all the way to volume five.
Well then, if the chance arises, let us meet again.

– Nozomi Kota


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1 Response to Postscript

  1. Reaper Phoenix says:

    Thanks 4 the translation!


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