No, just notice already.
This work that started with such sentiment is already on its sixth volume.
time-wise, I guess it’s been around a year. I don’t know if that’s a long or short time, but personally speaking, that year went by in the blink of an eye.
This piece was my, Nozomi Kouta’s debut work as an author, and winner of the rookie of the year award. Meaning it was a story I hadn’t even considered for continued publication, and turning it into a series was a considerable hassle… actually, not really.
Honestly speaking even before it placed, I was thinking I want to do this, I want to do that, so I managed to make it a series without too many hardships.
I arbitrarily went and wrote a second volume before it was even greenlit and all…
Well of course, it’s not like everything went according to my initial plan, but I somehow managed to have it reach the point I was aiming for.
By the way, I have four whole pages for this postscript. I asked my editor to make this time a little on the longer side, but… when I actually get to writing it, I have nothing to say, and now I’m in a right pickle, aren’t I.
That being the case, I’m going to borrow this space to divulge some background information on the main cast like you’d find in a fan book. Don’t take it the wrong way, I’m just doing what I want to.
This contains some spoilers for the main story, so do take caution.

① Kurisu Crimson Kuria.
A witch. Imagined as the child of a father who fell into a template summoning fantasy. Upon nearing the conclusion, I get the feeling she also became an exhibitionist character. I’m happy if someone noticed, but Kurisu’s mark is a six pointed star, while Kikyouin’s is five pointed.

② Kagurai Monyumi.
Time traveler from the future. Personally, she’s the character I have the highest penchant for. The reason being, it is no exaggeration to say the fact this piece was completed was largely thanks to Kagurai.
By the initial plan, the heroines that appeared were supposed to be a psychic, a magician and an onmyouji. And yet, while I could think up gags for them, I couldn’t make a coherent story- was the situation I fell into. Yet one day, the idea of a future person struck like lightning, and as a chain of events from that, the material of travelling into the main character’s childhood, and the ‘fist f*ck’ gag came in a flash. From there, it all went so fast, and with the flip of a wrist, my contest submission piece, the first volume was completed.

③ Kikyouin Yuzuki.
An Onmyouji. For the aforementioned reason, her part started from volume 2.  A combo with the nine-tailed fox Tamane. Has absolutely no romantic affection for the main character. All the girls who came out in the first volume were sweet on the protagonist, so how about I put out a bit of a harsher person, I thought, and she became far harsher than I expected… well, nothing we can do about it, I mean, it’s diaper play after all.

④ Orino Shiori.
A psychic… or so it seems—was her character. The truth is, her design has her ‘wearing black tights under her uniform’. It was something that was decided right from the rough draft, and yet, there was never a chance to see them in the illustrations, and this volume, when they finally appeared, it wasn’t actually her…

⑤ Shinose Kai.
The Last boss—as he is, yet another protagonist. I think the main story is Kagoshima Akira’s story, but I get the feeling it’s simultaneously Shinose Kai’s. He wears his kinagashi left-side forward, but as the main character lacks the ability to notice this mistake, I had a dilemma of not being able to include it as a point in the story.

⑥ Kagoshima Akira.
The Protagonist—and yet, as far as he goes, a side character. The densest man in light novel history, apparently. He does not react to malice or ill intent, and will corner the heroines through thick and thin, a brute in a sense. There were various things in the end of this volume, but I arbitrarily believe Kagoshima will continue to live in a Kagoshima way.

That is all. There are other things I want to write about, but let’s just end things here.
Well then, my thanks to the following.
My presiding editor who gave all sorts of advice for this work. I don’t think  I’d ever be able to write this work on my own power. I am truly thankful.
The illustrater Takatsuki Ichi-sama. Thank you for all the wonderful illustrations each and every time. The illustrations you send me always become the driving force behind my pen.
And the greatest thanks to all you readers who read all the way to volume six. The reason I could continue this work so far was solely thanks to you.
Well then, if the chance arises, let’s meet again.

– Nozomi Kouta



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2 Responses to Postscript

  1. Yep, the last boss has gone to travel the world in the Japanese desert with his former henchman turned dere girlfriend.


  2. Kita says:

    muahaha elisabeth mon


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